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Halle’s Bookshelf Enlightened

Essential tools and practical guidance to assist in your transformation.

The Red Goddess Bookshelf

Tools for more joy, enlightenment, and grounding.


How To Feel Beautiful Inside and Out

The art of being perfectly you. 

Think of it as your flight attendant on a new trip through life – fasten your seatbelt, put on your own oxygen mask, and get ready for some subtle shifts that will change everything and make you a whole lot happier along the way.

100 Ways to Be In Joy

How can you invite more joy into your life?

This beautiful book answers that question with 100 stunning full-color digital paintings, alongside matching suggestions introducing effective ways to  invite and experience lasting joy now, and for the rest of your life.

Red Goddess Rising

Halle’s Personal & Spiritual Travel Memoir

Growing up an atheist, my debilitating fear of death was a shrouded secret.

When I was invited on a tour of Egypt, I agreed without knowing what I was getting myself into. What followed was beyond my wildest expectations, triggering a deeper understanding of self I didn’t even know could exist, and kindling my own spiritual path.

QUIZ: Are You Living in Joy?

I regularly ask clients “What are 3 ways you could bring more joy in your life?” Often, they can’t think of even one.

That’s why I created this simple guide to measuring your Joy Quotient – your capacity for Joy is unlimited and this simple JoyQ assessment is designed to bring you closer to yourself and the Joy you are.


Work with Me

One-on-one and group transformational coaching for women who want to go deeper and reach higher. Are you ready to break through old patterns and financial barriers to finally live your most vibrant, fulfilled life? 

Transformational Tours & Retreats

Looking to make a BIG shift this year? How about an experience that’s part luxury vacation AND transformation? With destinations including Egypt, Bali, the Riviera Maya, and more, you can leave the planning and details to us while you go deeper into the culture and spirituality of these magical places.


Do you want to take control of your financial future?

As a woman, it’s important to understand how money works and how to grow your wealth. The Top 10 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Money is a guide that will help you create powerful personal truths about your ability to own, hold, and grow your wealth.

This guide is not your standard list of money advice – it’s tailored specifically to women and the unique challenges we face in the world of finance. Learn about the legacy that’s been holding you back and say hello to financial freedom – download The Top 10 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Money now!