Transformational Coaching that will Unleash the Goddess Within You
Over the years, I’ve discovered what is most effective for clients when it comes to coaching.
Using intuition, insight and mindset development I craft tailored programmes and tools based on what YOU need.
No matter the form or style, I’ll always guide you to discover your most authentic and joyous self.
I have the greatest confidence you’ll find a program that exceeds expectations and garners exceptional results.
Growth for every area of LIFE:
Reclaiming You
Online 10-Week Program

The Key to Unlocking YOUR Personal Happiness Code.

Who would you be if life hadn’t gotten in the way?

Over the course of this ten-week transformational journey, you’ll uncover practical lessons and resources to strip away the labels, bring joy back into your life, and become the “you” that you’re meant to be.

Your Goddess Unleashed
One-on-One Private Coaching

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to YOUR transformation

One-on-One Private Coaching, is the most effective, transformational and in-depth customized program to take command of your life.

Watch yourself shift to your true self, where you will shine bright, exude confidence, and be able to clarify and realize your dreams.

Your Goddess Knows
One Year Exclusive Program

A year-long journey in revealing YOUR Goddess Energy, season by season.

Month by month, week by week, you’ll join the safe and dedicated group space you’ve been searching for – unlocking the inner peace, clarity, and confidence you’ve always desired.

This group is a sacred vessel for the powerful trifecta of springboard mindset tools, vital business coaching and delicious community support.

Weekly Group Coaching and Business Strategy

Live Coaching and Powerful Solutions for YOUR Personal Realtor Business.

Having spent over a decade in real estate, this specialized program will give you the perfect combination of practical strategy, powerful mindset tools and a healthy dose of tough love – to set you up for realtor success!

Take charge and get active on your toughest real estate challenges, your most powerful goals, and your wildest dreams.

Real Results from Real Clients
Alice Abbotsford
Franchisee Owner

“If you are feeling stuck and don’t know why – Halle can help you find out why and help illuminate the path to where your greatest joy lies.

She is a true gift to the world and I have the utmost respect and love for her. She has wisdom beyond her years and authentically shares it with you in a way that is transformational to your life.”

Heather Poduska
Brand Strategist

“What we did in just a few sessions blew my mind and completely transformed my life and business. I was finally able to tap into and trust my intuition and feel calm and confident about making new decisions

Halle also gave me extremely smart and creative ideas about how to make my business model more lucrative and perfectly suited to leverage my strengths. As a result, I now feel happy and completely in my zone.”

Coco Blake
Business Strategist

“Halle helped me navigate a difficult time with a new degree of clarity, focus, determination and tenacity. I experienced a number of challenges and emerged with a new level of emotional strength.

I eagerly looked forward to my calls with Halle, and she was even available “in the moment” when an unexpected situation presented itself. Time with Halle is a rare gift I can highly recommend giving yourself!”

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