Unlimited Wealth.

Unleash limitless wealth in every aspect of your life: Embrace a boundless existence where restrictions vanish.

From the outside, your life looks pretty darn great.

You’ve built a highly successful, 6 or 7+ business, and experienced the excitement of meeting, and exceeding, the many goals you’ve set. On the surface, it seems like you’ve got it all together (people tell you that all the time). In reality…

Your outer and inner worlds don’t align.

You know your full potential hasn’t been reached. You have even bigger goals in your vision, yet you’re constantly bumping up against barriers that keep you from feeling like you’ve made it. You may even feel a disconnect…

Which may not become obvious until self-sabotage,, and overwhelm show up as procrastination, numbing out with wine and Netflix, chronic pain, or exhaustion.

You’ve also heard the sound of a small inner voice whispering “There is MORE than this; I don’t want to feel this way anymore. I know in my heart that I’m being called to something GREATER, but I don’t know how to get there.”

You crave a more vibrant, connected, meaningful life filled with love, freedom and even greater financial success (7-figures and beyond, here you come!)

As a transformational coach, my job (actually, my passion and life’s work!) is to guide you back to your authentic self. To help you release past trauma, old patterns, and excuses. To teach you to hear your true inner voice again so you can experience the freedom, joy, and money that comes when your inner and outer worlds are in alignment.

Real Results from Real Clients

“If you are feeling stuck and don’t know why – Halle can help you find out why and help illuminate the path to where your greatest joy lies.

She is a true gift to the world and I have the utmost respect and love for her. She has wisdom beyond her years and authentically shares it with you in a way that is transformational to your life.”

Alice Abbotsford

Franchisee Owner

“Halle helped me navigate a difficult time with a new degree of clarity, focus, determination, and tenacity. I experienced a number of challenges and emerged with a new level of emotional strength.

I eagerly looked forward to my calls with Halle, and she was even available “in the moment” when an unexpected situation presented itself.

Time with Halle is a rare gift I can highly recommend giving yourself!”

Coco Blake

Business Strategist

“What we did in just a few sessions blew my mind and completely transformed my life and business. I was finally able to tap into and trust my intuition and feel calm and confident about making new decisions.

Halle also gave me extremely smart and creative ideas about how to make my business model more lucrative and perfectly suited to leverage my strengths. As a result, I now feel happy and completely in my zone.”

Heather Poduska

Brand Strategist

Imagine the freedom that comes from finally breaking through your 7-figure glass ceiling.

By removing obstacles, shedding what does not serve you, and understanding what does, my clients have closed old wounds, found more joy, made more money, enjoyed more adventure, found new careers, improved their relationships, traveled the world, and accomplished their heart’s desires.

And more than anything else…

They’ve awakened to their higher selves.

When you learn to embrace your wealthy self…


You attract more of what you want into your life - more joy, purpose, love, meaning, and money!


You move through your day with more clarity, feeling centered and grounded.


Energy that felt stagnant or blocked now flows with ease.


You feel radiant as you rediscover your original self and fall back in love with life!

The work I did with Halle was a GAME-CHANGER.

When we started working together I had almost given up on shifting a pesky mindset glitch/safety pattern that was negatively affecting my money, relationships, visibility. I had tried everything under the sun and it wasn’t budging.

After working together its GONE, a permanent shift, doesn’t-even-cross-my-mind. DONE.

Now I have so much more time and energy freed up for my mission. 

I make decisions quickly, I’m a better leader to my team and clients and my money is better than ever.

Plus, she was fiercely loving in holding a vision of my highest self and work that up-leveled my global impact a thousandfold.

Halle, I’m so appreciative of the peace of mind that permeates my being from our work together!

Danielle Rama Hoffman

Owner & 7-Figure Spiritual Leader, DivineTransmissions.com

I own my power and want to help you own yours.

My greatest joy is in answering the calling to set the world alight with fires of possibility.

It is women that I am called to work with. I awaken your highest self. I help you align with what is possible. I am your alarm clock, waking you up to a better life. A life where you stop living inside of the narrow confines dictated by society.

I know in my soul we’re here to walk hand-in-hand with our divine selves. When we work together, you’ll experience immeasurable growth and confidence as you finally move past the old stories and own your power…your wealthiest self.

Growth for every area of life.

Business, Personal & Spiritual

Unleashed Potential

Overcome limiting beliefs and transform your financial story within 3 months, propelling you towards unprecedented levels of wealth and success in all aspects of your life.

Empowered Leadership

Rise to a new level of personal and professional leadership in 3 months, harnessing newfound confidence, determination, and clarity, that inspires and motivates those around you.

Healing Transformation

Experience significant reduction in trauma-triggered responses within 3 months, liberating you to approach your life and business with renewed vitality and optimism.

Women with Wealthy Energy

Hear from more women just like you who have broken through old barriers and unleashed the New Energy of Money.

How does it work?

Once we get you signed up and scheduled, your Welcome Resource packet will arrive, which will give you a deep grounding into the tools we will be using, and an overview of some of the support you will get.

We get together for 3 weeks in a row for a full hour, followed by an integration week. Then we rinse and repeat that structure during your program.

Our first call will give you clarity.  If you are in pain, even if it’s long-buried, our first call will give you  relief.  Often you will feel your power returning, like a plug that is finally making contact. We will create a sacred space for your fastest and easiest growth, for the clearing out of your old stories, beliefs, and fears.  We will work with your Big Beautiful Brain to have it be part of your healing. This means, resistance falls away and we can get you zooming down your superhighway instead of throwing boulders on your own path.

Don’t know what you need? That’s ok! With very little backstory (your secrets are safe – I don’t need you to relive any pain to heal it) we can achieve powerful success, often in many more areas than the one you want to heal or grow right now!

Ready to get started?

Put on your rose-colored glasses and live on planet YOU.

What if you lived in a world where you made all the rules? It’s your planet…planet YOU.

On planet YOU, you are the best future version of yourself. The one that already has everything you desire. You have all of the money, relationships, freedom, time, energy, and confidence that you want. You even have that new vacation home (or two) and your dream partner to share it with.

In my world, putting on your “rose-colored glasses” means seeing (and acting) as your future self. Not simply reacting to what’s happening now, but creating your future with the vision of who you WANT to be.

Grab your glasses and make future you a reality.


Do you want to take control of your financial future?

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