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There is a larger collective oath of lack for women – a lack of power, a lack of money, a lack of voice, a lack of freedom, a lack of the capacity to expand, and more. For centuries, women have suffered an oath of lack. Despite the progress in human society, that oath of lack is still ingrained like a collective consciousness of women lacking rights to be seen and empowered. In this episode, Danielle Hoffman discusses what the oath of lack means now and how crucial it is for women to break it collectively. Danielle is a channel, a founder of the Ascended Mastery Lineage of Thoth, a legacy-work coach, and a leader of the evolution of consciousness. Tune in and learn how to realize the collective oath of lack for women and contribute to building a society full of women that breaks it.

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Women & Money: Breaking The Oath Of Lack With Danielle Hoffman

I am off the chain excited about this episode. I am with my dear friend, longtime friend, Danielle Hoffman. She is an amazing human being and has done so much with 6-figure, 7-figure and 8-figure women. Danielle is also a channel. If you don’t know what that is, we’re going to talk about it during the episode. I am excited to have channeling on the show for the first time. I’m grateful.

Welcome to this episode. I am buzzing to have my dear friend and colleague, Halle Eavelyn. Halle is an incredible abundance and wealth and mindset coach. Welcome, Halle. I’m happy to be here and playing with you.

This is going to be so much fun. I feel like we’re sharing this episode. I want to talk a little bit about channeling and channeling in general.

That’s a great place to start. As I was tuning in, I was going, “What is this breaking the oath of lack? It feels like a conversation that’s been going on for a long time. It dovetails beautifully with your question about channeling because I feel like the guides have been talking for a long time about lack of consciousness, separation consciousness and the larger context of what we’re up to.

The way that I would describe channeling is connecting to higher wisdom or also known as guides or ascended masters. We can even channel our higher self to be accessing blocks of consciousness and transmitting that through words. Yet the words are placeholders for the wisdom that’s coming through. That’s succinctly how I would describe channeling. It also is a ton of fun, feels great and amplifies the whole field.

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I always told people it’s like you’re tuning into a radio station but the person doing the channeling is the radio tuner. It’s like you’re getting this frequency. I’ve worked with a lot of people who channel. One of the things that I’ve gotten to do in my coaching practice over the years is to help people get started channeling, not you, but I have helped half a dozen people get started channeling. People will show up at my coaching sessions and be like, “I think. I want. I don’t understand.” I’m like, “Let’s do this.” They’re shocked because they can get there. It’s interesting because I feel like not all of us have the same frequencies for that.

I’ve never been able to channel the way that you can. Yet when I do my work, I can always hear what the other person’s soul, for lack of a better word, higher self, is telling them because they’re telling me at the same time, which is sometimes stuff that other person can’t hear isn’t tuned into or isn’t listening for but I can always hear it. As far as channeling my inner guidance, both or any of the other guides that are out there, I’ve never been able to do any of that. I’m always in awe when I get to be in your presence and get to be in the presence of all of the guides. I always feel like it shifts my work. I end up upleveling. I love that too.

What you shared is essential because I feel like we all are channeling in our unique ways and it is based on alignment, our free will, conscious choice and understanding how it works for us. You hear and you’re decoding in a sense non-physical energy or that which is happening nonverbally of the client and then transmitting it. To me, that’s a form of channeling. What we’re talking about, the distinction here is perhaps a source and what that radio station is tuned into. I don’t channel people that have crossed over. That’s not my thing. I love this analogy that you brought forward. A radio station has got to groove and focus. There are certain songs that I play and not others. That’s true for everyone.

I feel like we’re buzzing. Everyone’s up for a huge buzz here. When I was tuning into our meeting for this show, I was almost feeling like this is a conversation that I’d been having for a long time. It’s an opportunity for us to have it together and have it with each of you who are joining us here, which is that conversation about wealth and women and being able to transcend, transform and go beyond that collective oath of lack. Halle, as we’re diving in here, how does that feel like a place to start? We’ve got money, women and breaking this oath of lack. It’s a lot of stuff we’ve got in there.

It all goes together beautifully. It’s fascinating to me how women have this long legacy of lack and that it is built in. I’m going to use the #MeToo Movement as an analogy for this. There’s a new movie coming out called She Said, which is about the Harvey Weinstein case and how that cracked the #MeToo Movement open. The questions that they’re asking are not like, “How did this guy get away with this for so long?” It’s, “How did the system get away with this for so long when the system is broken?”

While we can agree that there are many systems in our world, healthcare, education and insurance as pretty broken examples, I feel like the inequity between men and women and what women settle for and believe are where their rights stop is the most broken because it’s fundamental to 51% of the world’s population. I have a hard time settling for that. I’m at an age and in a period that’s complete crap and I’m done with it. We all need to be done with it.

The work that you are doing in the world, the work I’m doing in the world, the work that women are being called to do in general is shifting that narrative for the first time. Just as the #MeToo Movement reached a pinnacle what Malcolm Gladwell calls the tipping point and then broke wide open and all of a sudden women went, “It’s not okay for him to grab my ass. It is not okay for me to get paid less. It is not okay for that man to get that job instead of me. It is not okay for me to make less money in my life over my lifetime than Amanda is for doing the same work.”

“It’s not okay for my thoughts, my feelings and my ideas to be valued less than it is for the same man in the same place.” That’s where we’re at. We are starting to have that conversation in a big way. The more we have it, the more we’re going to get permission, which we give ourselves first to take our power back and start shifting this consciousness back to the matriarchy.

I feel like you weaved in beautifully under the umbrella of lack that we’re talking about when we’re talking about breaking the oath of lack, that there’s this collective oath and that the lack is connected to what we have been taught, bought or perceived in the collective consciousness of a lack of having rights, a lack of our sovereign rights as women to be seen, have the right to have our own money, be empowered and decide what our focus is and what we’re going after.

I remember you were at one of my global conferences and you were talking about how the early ‘70s was the first-time women had the right to have their bank account without a spouse, a brother or someone signing for it. I was born in 1970. It touched me in a meaningful, deep way. That’s not that long ago. If we look at where I am envisioning 50 years from now, if we could send a wink to our future women self of where we’re headed, there’s a different conversation that’s happening.

I certainly hope so. The work that we have ahead of us is to break this legacy for people who believe in past lives, this translates pretty easily. “In your past lives, you had no opportunity, because it was a different time, to be who you are because you were constantly being tamped down. Your money, property and physical rights over your body were being taken away from you.” For those people who believe in past lives, this is fairly straightforward. You didn’t have the right in your past lifetimes because it was a different time to your money, property and sovereign rights over even your body, as to whether you have that latter one anyway.

If you are not a past life person and you don’t believe in that, the reality is your ancestors, your grandmother and in many cases, as Danielle was pointing out in the early ‘70s, it was 1973 before Ruth Bader Ginsburg got the Supreme Court to agree that women had the right to have their mortgages, bank accounts and credit cards that weren’t co-signed with their husbands or fathers.

Now we’ve got that story coming down from mom, grandma, great grandma and every fricking single generation before that we don’t have and can’t have. It doesn’t belong to us. If it does belong to us, it can be taken away like that. That’s a heavy burden. We, women, are getting permission to release that burden.

It’s like the message is coming to us from far away, like light-years away. It is beaming toward us. It hasn’t quite reached the internal process yet. Danielle, when you’re talking about that oath and awareness that you and I came to about the fact that there is a collective oath that we as women have made that collective oath, it’s our business, yours and mine, all of the women reading this. It’s time to break it because it is a collective oath. The more of us that get together and willing to participate in the breaking of that oath, the faster it’s going to happen.

I love that we are addressing like women this larger subject because it’s in a lot of my work over the years with working with the guides and the spiritual community, spiritual women or conscious women. That can be a subset. There may be a familiarity with those past life oaths that you’re talking about, those vows of poverty or either we can have a connection with the source, God is a great spirit, all that there is the divine. We can have a connection with our family and have that vow where we disavow material wealth, community or loved ones. Yet there’s a much larger conversation that we’re having here when we say women who may be in corporate, Black women or just women. It covers this larger collective.

As you’re tuning into this show and to me, if you’re here, you’re a part of this larger conversation. It’s in response to your asking and your calling. You may have a unique access point to your way of going, “I’m a spiritual woman. I’m a Black woman.” I live in France. I’m an immigrant woman by some definition. Yet there is that larger collective oath of lack. We widen the definition as well of a lack of power, money, voice, freedom and the capacity to expand.

If we boil this down into individual things, there can also be what gets to happen when women have money. That’s where it might be interesting to flip when we look at what gets to happen when women are even more empowered and pooling, having, circulating and receiving more money. That’s amazing in many different ways on what gets to happen there.

YGA 39 Danielle Hoffman | Oath Of Lack

Oath Of Lack: What gets to happen when women are even more empowered and pooling, having, circulating, and receiving more money?


This is one of my favorite statistics. For every dollar that a woman earns, 80% to 90% goes back into the local community that she is in. That’s her family and her village. When a man earns a dollar, 30% to 40% goes back. That statistic to me is everything. I hardly have an episode where I don’t talk about this. When the Dalai Lama said the world would be saved by Western women, he didn’t mean women. He meant actual you and actual me. That is the place that I’ve gotten to of this is what’s starting to happen.

As you’re a master mindset coach and I work a lot with energetics, one of the things that I love and inspired us to partner together and we have this workshop as well that we’re co-creating about the secret codes of wealthy women, is that combination of mindset and energetics because it requires both of those plus some ways for money to flow to us and inspired action. Those pathways, the physical plane things need to be there.

Yet that combination of the mindset and the energetics together. When you’re asking about channeling, one of the things that I love about channeling is that it also is speaking to our totality, our wholeness in the sense that it’s not just speaking to the mind alone, the emotions alone or the body alone, recognizing that we are energy. All of it at its face is energy. For those that may be new to mindset or energetics, I know that may be an introductory question but I do feel like it’s helpful. Why is this combination of the two of us coming together magical?

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I wasn’t even aware of it until I was at the global conference that you did. Here I am doing my regular mindset work with people. Energetically, I could feel that it was more powerful than it had ever been before. I could feel an upleveling of my process as I was working with you because the guides are there. I’m the one talking but their presence and energy are there. They were amplifying what I was doing every moment as they are amplifying the energetics of this conversation. If you’re reading, you’re reading our words but understand that you’re reading the energy on a different level.

For example, if you use a tuning fork, when the tuning fork strikes, you hear a sound, which you can also feel if you’re using the tuning fork of vibration. The vibration is felt in a different part of your body than the sound. Sound is vibration. It’s being translated through your ear and the pieces of the organ that is the ear. There is a distinction between where the vibration itself is felt in your body and where the ear translates its vibration into sound.

By that same token, when we are talking, our ears are hearing. That vibration is being translated beautifully. There is a vibration as if a tuning fork was being struck that is being received in a different part of your body. I never thought about it that way before but that analogy is perfect because it’s accurate as far as the fact that we’re feeling it in that different spot. I would love to ask that you channel something specific, whatever you would like or whomever you would like. I know that whomever it is that wants to come through is going to have a beautiful message for the readers of our show.

Take a moment to connect and invite each of you to connect to your inner knowing, your free will, your conscious choice and amplifying your desire when it comes to the subject of women in money and breaking the oath of lack, what would contribute to you at this moment. Dear ones, this is The Council of Light with the emerald ray moving more into the forefront of this divine transmission. We are a particular Council of Light that has stepped forward with The Council of Light book and manifested the deepest desires of your soul, whose higher purpose is to amplify the energy of joy and therefore health, wealth and happiness. Although this conversation is about women and money, it is also about the wider conversation of wealth. Health is one of the greatest wealth as is often said.

The emerald ray is a particular ray that amplifies your unique signature energy. We also call it you ray. You may have heard of the emerald tablets as above so below, as within so without. That is what this conversation is also about. As the question of why mindset and energy coming together is magic is because the within, the without, the above and the below are all connected. The emerald ray and you may connect to the color emerald, then we’ve also chosen that purposely. Depending on what country you live in and what your currency is, it may be in the color green, although it may not, depending on where you live. Yet money can be associated with the color green and there is an amplification of you being you. This is the leading wave message that we’re spiraling into.

As a woman, being you and reclaiming your birthright of wealth is also a recognition that something different is required. We know that for a while, there has been that amplification of having as much money or more money as the male population. It had men pretzeling into being and playing in that same way, using a lot of effort and hard work, which in some ways can be true as both here, Halle and Danielle, have a lot of masculine energy just as each of you has masculine and feminine energy. Yet, what we’re speaking about is what is authentic for you. If that’s authentic for you, then beautiful. Yet, if that is an outfit that you’re putting on and it’s not your unique signature energy, then it’s not going to be a vibrational match to be calling in more money.

That is our opening message. It has about five things within it. Joy is a key to breaking this oath for the joy, fun and expansion of it. As you have more joy, which is a feminine principle to expanding wealth, it increases your health, wealth and happiness. The emerald ray that you can call upon, the color green, is also about aligning your mindset and energy and amplifying your unique signature energy for when you are you, then that which is optimal for you can find you.

YGA 39 Danielle Hoffman | Oath Of Lack

Oath Of Lack: Joy is key to breaking this oath – for the joy of it, the fun of it, and the expansion of it. As you have more joy, it increases your health, wealth, and happiness.


We speak about this a lot. We know that it can seem like something you’ve heard many times. Be you. How could you not be you? Yet, we mean really be you. A part of being you is also in alignment with your birthright of wealth and abundance. That’s where we would open the conversation. If there’s a question or a back-and-forth you want to explore, we are happy to continue to stay at the forefront.

Thank you so much. I do want to ask a question. Time and space, as we know, are illusions. I understand that. For a lot of the people reading, they may never have even heard that before. This is at least a 3,000-year legacy that women have of lack. How long does it have to take? Is it going to take 3,000 years? How fast could it shift? That’s a good question to get people exploring what’s possible.

What we sense underneath the question is simultaneously recognizing that let’s say someone has a target. For a long time, Danielle wanted to own her home free and clear. That was a target that she had for a while. Let’s say that was a 1-to-3-year target at the time. What she began to recognize was what was happening and what she was up to at the moment. In the next 90 days, in the next 6 months, it wasn’t lined up if we used the archery and pulled back the bow. That lining up to the center of that target of 1 to 3 years, the 2 weeks from now, as you experience linear time was not lined up with that 1 to 3 years.

If the target, the larger vision, is that there is more life and abundance for all, including men, women and every being on the planet Earth and beyond, then it’s a little bit like how quick is someone choosing to get there? One of the beautiful books, A Wrinkle in Time, is also the idea rather it being a line, it can be bent over time and there can be this shorter path.

Tesseract is my favorite part of that book. I love that.

What we would highlight there and we know that’s a bigger question and we’re not going to say it is this amount of time or that amount of time. Let’s say someone’s doing a triathlon and there is a general range for a triathlon to happen within. Yet there’s going to be a range within that range. Some will reach the target earlier than others. We know you’re speaking about the collective consciousness and the larger, like everyone.

Yet some are going to get there faster than others. The main thing that we would bring forward and then we would ask you that similar question as you spoke about time and space and what time and space have to do with this is that it can take as long as you’re choosing for it to take. Unless you’re focused on the now connecting those bookends, it’s going to take a lot longer.

Help me understand this. I’m visualizing the tesseract. I’m going to describe it for people who are reading so you have a beginning point and an endpoint. What L’Engle shows in the book is the ant walking across a tightrope between the two points. Instead, you can bring the two points together and the ant can simply walk from point A to point B with no distance between them.

That is what she describes as a tesseract in the book. As you were talking, I was almost in tears about it because I realized that was the first spiritual moment that I had in my life. It probably happened when I was 9, maybe at the most 10 years old. I remember studying. It was the first time I’d ever seen a drawing in a book that was a novel.

She drew it, which at the time, I can only imagine how expensive that was in a published book that was printed in mass printing. It was important that it was described visually in the book. I remember seeing that, studying the drawing over and over again and asking the question, “Is this physically possible? Could you go from point A to point B?” As she was describing, it collapsed time. It took me from that moment to come full circle. I realized that that moment was probably the first moment that led to eventually my spiritual awakening because that was important. It’s true.

The question that I had in a book of science fiction is, “Is this true?” The answer is yes. I know enough about quantum physics to know it’s true. How we collapse time, which we can do when we understand the concept. Thank you for that incredibly important moment and for forgetting to close the circle. Let’s go back to the tesseract itself.

We have these two points. We can collapse them when we choose to but it’s making, as I call it, the definite decision to bring those points together. To do so, we have to get out of the way. The ant has to believe that the ant can go from point A to point B without walking the long distance in between. Is there anything else that needs to happen other than the belief and us deciding that that is the way that it is?

That’s moving more into the forefront of this divine transmission, joining The Council of Light that’s present as well. As we’re speaking about point A, which is where you are and point B, which is where you want to be and then folding that linear line into a wrinkle into the tesseract so that A and B are lined up on top of each other and there’s a door in between them, what is the door? The door is the belief, the mindset, as you’re speaking about. It is that choice because it is free will and a conscious choice. There is also vibrational proximity. This is the energetic part of as above so below, as within so without.

If point A is fraught and prolific with lack, doubt and fear and I have this long-term experience of being a woman in lack, then that isn’t a key to unlock the door to B, which is overflowing abundance, energy, time, wealth and circulation. Those things need to be aligned and matched up. As you brought in quantum physics, the quantum entanglements and the field of infinite possibilities, that possibility already exists. It’s lining up with it. The analogy we often use is if you order something online, let’s say you order something on Amazon, put in your address and place your order, you pay for it and it’s on its way. This is also your signature energy being strong.

At the last minute, you move and don’t update your address. Oftentimes, what we see is that the belief may be there. One little wobble is there and the doorway doesn’t get traversed or walked through because then the signature energy goes invisible or there can be that fear that then tamps it down. When you have all the way through, your actualization is going from point A to point B. It doesn’t mean that you won’t wobble or that doesn’t exist. Yet, if you don’t change your address at the last minute, it becomes from a probability to being much more inevitable.

What we sense is also one of the higher purposes of this particular show and the extended workshop that we’re doing together around the secret codes of wealthy women is to also have that collapsing in time. There’s an inevitability. You’re going to reach your targets. Yet, when you do it together in a community of women and you have these shortcuts to be able to access it, things unfold much more quickly. We are starting to step aside.

YGA 39 Danielle Hoffman | Oath Of Lack

Oath Of Lack: You’re going to reach your targets. But things unfold much more quickly when you do it together in a community of women and have these shortcuts to access it.


Before we do, we would invite each of you to connect to the color emerald and notice if there has been a misalignment between your point A and your point B, which may mean that you want to own your house in 1 to 3 years, yet you’re not doing anything about it, you’re not taking the action now or lining up your arrow with that bullseye, whatever the example is for you to be sending the emerald color and amplifying the emerald ray being you. As always, we are delighted to co-create and are extending our appreciation and acknowledgment for your contribution to the evolution and consciousness. All is light and love and we are all.

Thank you. I was struck when the collective first spoke about the emerald color that it’s also the color of the heart chakra. When we amplify love, we are amplifying that emerald green and then the reminder to everyone that money is just energy. As we’re amplifying, it can be the color of love and money, that emerald green, because it is an amplification of energy.

As we receive vibrations at different levels, we perceive colors on different levels as well. It’s an awareness that color matches love and money and that there is no difference between love and money. I feel like that’s very hard for a lot of us to hear because money can be used to manipulate, as a power tool and to show love or withdraw love.

That’s the crap that we have gotten into, the muck that doesn’t belong. When you finish mucking out the stable, everything’s clear and we have our fresh bed of straws to lie down and we can become aware, that color is the color of love and money. With that money being energy, there is no difference. When we send out and receive from a place of wealth, power, sharing and giving back, like we were talking about that 80% to 90% that women are recirculating into their local community, that’s empowering in every regard. There is no place where that’s the story of greed, lack or not being able to receive.

Remember, the flow of money is not in and out. That’s a line. The flow of money is a circle. That’s why it’s called circulation. As you allow the money to flow out, you are inviting the money back in. That is what is creating the circle. That’s a very powerful image. I never spend money. I circulate money. That was a big energetic shift for me. When we want to get out of lack, knowing that as I share this with the world so it comes back to me tenfold, a hundredfold, a thousandfold, that’s a tip and a tool that you can use to collapse time as far as I want to have my house paid off in the next three years.

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It’s also a tool that you can use to expand your money container instead of collapsing it. If your money container is super full but it’s a thimble, that’s not as useful as if your money container is the size of an oil tanker and it’s half full as we circulate out so we bring it back. I wanted to share that with everybody. Danielle, do you have anything else that you want to let all these beautiful people know?

I love that they used that book because that was my favorite book growing up. It was amazing. What you shared about the energy that we come from feels like it ties it all together of that as within so without. If we’re coming from that circulation of creating abundance through love and empowerment and knowing that that birthright of wealth is a given and birthright, then that also lines up more. It keeps exponentially expanding.

To me, the time is now. If you’re tuning in here, you’re a part of this larger conversation and transformation. We each have the opportunity to be women who are pooling, circulating and receiving wealth to expand consciousness and what’s unfolding on the Earth star. That’s what I would share. I also would invite those of you that are called to check out The Secret Codes of Wealthy Women, the workshop that Halle, the guides and I are up to.

We’re creating it in a way that we’re running it live. Yet, if you’re reading this at a later date, we’re infusing into the workshop the energy that you receive and the full benefits of it and if you’re feeling called to go deeper and line up your energy and your mindset in this way to have a different experience. I love that question we were talking about that what if we met again and had another women and money podcast? We had implemented this.

Those of you also are called to join us as well for the workshop. You had taken the workshop and that made all the difference. I own my home free and clear now. At some point, that was a difference between the desire and then actualizing the desire. I’m inviting those of you who want to come to play. Play big and check it out to join us. Halle, how about you? Any last words?

I always think that the thing to say to every woman is it’s not too late. You’re still right on time. If you are reading this, it’s because you are being called now. Your only job is to say yes, to say yes to more, more allowing and receiving more. If you are called to join us for The Secret Codes of Wealthy Women, know that that is a huge amplification that will happen quickly. The workshop is 3 hours a day for 3 days. Yet, the guides were clear with us in one of our planning sessions that you’re getting a 72-hour container of shifting and amplifying energetically.

The reason Danielle and I are doing this workshop together at all was that when we did that global conference, I was on for two hours. I got finished and was sweating. The energy uplevel was so big that I had to turn on the fan. I could feel all of this energy moving through my body. That’s how I can tell that there’s that shift.

I don’t even remember what I said for two hours because it was that powerful. It was flowing through me. Afterwards, we talked about that alignment. We were both like, “Yes, we have to do something bigger together.” This is what has come out of that co-creation. We’ve been planning this since March 2022. It’s been going on for a long time. I feel like there is such power in the work that we do when we are together. It’s that thing where wherever two or more are gathered together. It’s greater than each of us can be individually.

We’re getting the guides amplifying everything that we’re doing. That’s going to create that 72-hour container of joy and release. The more women that come, the more women are going to be released from that lack of oath. We’re going to be doing it collectively. Energetically, the intention is to create that for the world. The women in the workshop are going to be the conductors of the energy to amplify to the world to allow women to release that oath collectively.

That is active work that we will be doing in the live version of the workshop. If you are going to get a recording later, you will be able to get that as well because energetically, there’s no time and space. We are going to be encoding that into the recorded materials as well. I want everybody to know that because of the power that is contained there. I’m juiced about it. It’s going to be amazing. That’s everything I wanted to share.

Thank you. Hallelujah. That’s how I felt. I was buzzing on all cylinders. We’re calling it a workshop but I feel like it’s what we do in our one-on-one sessions. I know working one on one with me and the guides is a rare opportunity. I see this as 3 days or 9 hours or however you want to say it of that completion of those old beliefs, energetics, mindsets, past lives, all of it and the installing. I love your work and mastery as well of installing the now what.

If you’re drawn to this, you’ve already been doing a lot of work on yourself so you may be going, “Is this going to be another thing?” No, it’s not another thing. What’s different about it is that yes, we will be completing the old energies. Yet, it’s also the calibrating, installing and embodying of the all is well, now what aspect of it. We can talk forever. It’s feeling like a great place to complete. Thank you all for reading. We’ll see those of you that are aligned in The Secret Codes of Wealthy Women.

Thank you, Danielle, so much for being on this episode. I am looking forward to our workshop together, The Secret Codes of Wealthy Women. I encourage every one of you to check it out. It’s going to be so powerful.


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