Women In Crypto Global is the biggest group of its kind today. Goddess of Crypto host, Halle Eavelyn, welcomes its founder, Jules Taubman in an incredible conversation on women and investing. Jules shares how she creates a safe space for women to come in and discuss crypto, including conversations on why investing right now is a great idea along with investment strategies women can use throughout their crypto journey. Join in the conversation by listening to this episode to learn more – you don’t want to miss this one.

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Women In Crypto Global & Being A Single Mom With Jules Taubman

I am so excited to be here with my guest, Jules Taubman. She is the Founder of Women In Crypto Global. I am proud to say that I was around subscriber 3,000 to her Women In Crypto Facebook group, which is about to hit around 10,000 subscribers. I am so excited for whoever becomes that lucky 10,000 subscribers because it means she will have made the right choice to be in the new energy of money.

Jules, welcome to the show.

Thank you so much for having me on. I am super excited. You have been with us in our group on Facebook for a while. If you were in around 3,000, you probably came in around November-ish 2021.

I think even before then, maybe October 2021. It has been a minute.

It has been growing into a lovely place. It is continuously growing every single day, and I love it. Thank you for being part of my journey with me.

It has been beautiful to watch you grow and blossom. I want to know what drew you to being in crypto in the first place and then what made you decide that you wanted to create a platform for women.

I talk about this every single day, and I love to because it reminds me of my why. The why is the reason why most of us do everything and all the actions we take. I am a single mom and I wanted him to have every opportunity ever. No matter if I had it or I did not have it, I still wanted to make sure he could have everything he wanted.

My goal to get to your point is generational wealth, being able to make sure that he is set. As a family, he and I can do whatever we want as he is growing up. That is important to me to be able to take those summer trips with him, take him to Disneyland, do all the traveling we want, and not have to worry about it with financial freedom. You put that into university, and he manifests it. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer than other times.

Sometimes you arrive at some hiccups to where you have to pivot. That was why I got into crypto in general because I was able to understand that the gains were a little quicker than you can get in any other place, depending upon the amount you want to invest in. There is a space for everybody to be able to make some money in that space.

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It is so important that women understand that there is a space for everybody here. History has told us that we, as women, did not even have the right to have, invest, and own our own money. Time has passed. It was always, what is his is his and what is mine is his. You were expected to have his associates with you and not just your son.

I love hearing that you have identified that, and you saw that you could, even if you just had a little bit that you could make more. The reason I have this whole thing about the new energy of money is that the energy of money itself has sped up. It is giving us a chance to be able to be in this new way of showing up around money. At the same time, it is no coincidence, either from a spiritual perspective, that women are being given more of a say in their own ability to earn and making their own choices around earning. The key to what you are talking about is the idea that digital currency is a way to do this faster than you can do it anywhere else.

I have done it all. I come from a very strong sales background where if I did not kill, I did not eat. I learned to kill and be a killer. You could ask my network. You have to fight for what you want, which basically leads me to why I created the group Women In Crypto. I started my crypto journey back in 2018 and stablecoins were all I knew. The top stablecoins were the only access that I had to crypto on various centralized exchanges, so I dipped my toe in. I was like, “This is cool.”

It was late 2019 before the COVID shut down the world. I started learning about the MeanCoin, Altcoins, whatever you want to call them, and that the gains on those were exceptional if you were able to understand when to get it or what type of project you gravitate towards. I do believe that where you put your energy, you are going to get the most out of it.

If I believe in this project, my energy will go to that, and I am going to see a return on that. My returns have to be realistic. There are short-term and long-term goals. There are different goals for different projects that I am involved in, so I was involved in a project that will rename nameless. I am not that kind of gal. I do not kiss and tell, even on the bad ones.

I experienced a lot of misogyny within that space, being one of the very few women that were within the community that was speaking inside their Telegram, for instance. I received a lot of misogyny and things that I did not ask for, were not relevant to my gender, and the way I look like I am smart or anything like that.

None of it is relative when it comes to crypto, Web3, or anything to do with the future of digital currency. The beauty of it is that you can be whoever you want. There is a level of that in there. I never hid my gender in the space. It turned out that in that specific project, I got wrecked. It was a bad situation. I went to the CEO of the project and I said, “This is what has happened.” He said, “I am sorry that happened, but there are a lot more holders than you. I cannot do anything about it.” I was like, “Okay.”

There were no other gals to speak to in that project about it, so I went on to Facebook that day when it happened. I opened a page and started Women In Crypto. I called it Women In Cryptocurrency because Women In Crypto had been taken and I had no idea that it was going to turn into what it was. As I have cultivated the room and I made it a very tight-knit place where it is very safe, the girls have told their friends. That is how it grows. To date, it is the biggest Women In Crypto group on the planet with only 10,000 members, which is unbelievable because that right there shows how many legs it has to grow.

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Women In Crypto Global: Women in Crypto is coming up to its one-year anniversary.


We are very protective of our space inside Women In Crypto. My moderators follow the rules loosely about who can come in. There are certain things that a member has to agree to and divulge personally to enter the space. If we did not do the vetting of every single profile that we would have on there, we would have about 50,000 members right now. The number is somewhere around 35,000 members that we declined to join the room. It is quality over quantity. If you have been in any other rooms on any platform, the scammers and the spams run rampant. You can attest to this because you are in our space. There is very little of that that goes on in the room.

If there is, I will flag it immediately, but so do you guys. I reported one comment that I could tell was spam, but it was subtle spam. I reported it to the admins and it was gone within an hour. You guys are on it. That is great because there are other Facebook groups that I am also a member of that are women crypto groups and Women In Crypto is the only one that I recommend because it is the only one that I have seen and know there is an admin. There is somebody to live there if there is somebody who wants to talk to you. This is something that you guys care about.

A girl came into the group and said, “Hi. I am brand new to the NFT space. I want to know how to mint an NFT in an easy way because I am an artist.” She does not know anything, and I can tell, but the other women in the group are going to show her, teach her, and be there for her. There are other women who come in that are on my level of expertise in crypto because I tend to be more of a generalist. My idea is to evangelize the space to women. I am not your girl to teach you to charge.

I am not the expert. I say that every day. I do not claim to be the expert in crypto. I have been in this space long enough and I know what I do. I have private conversations with people that are in my network in real life and with family about certain things. I do not want people to miss the boat on certain things so having a conversion with my sister, mom, and girlfriends, but I never ever claimed to be the end-all-be-all knowing when to buy and sell.

I have experience in chart reading and technical analysis. I have a past with trading. I understand how it works, but it would be beyond me and not my position to tell 9,000 women that they should go buy X. That is not my style. As you can tell, I do not have a shill room. My room is not a place where people can come and they can shill their projects.

Shill is a word that we have not used. I have not heard anybody else use it. To shill something is basically to pitch it, but you are pitching it because there is some personal interest in it. I have seen that a lot with different sites. Jules is right. That is not what is going on inside of the Women In Crypto space. I do not think that there is anything necessarily wrong with shilling in the sense of if you believe in a project, talk about the project, but there is a difference between shilling a project that you believe in and shilling a project because you are getting paid to promote it.

To that end, when you talk about you would not be the one to go in and tell 9,000 women what to buy. What I see, especially on crypto Twitter, are people who are talking to people about what to buy all the time, even at one of the most well-known women in the space, Cathie Wood with her Ark fund. Ark is down 75% from its all-time high.

The last time she posted, people in the comments were like, “You took my life savings.” I am like, “Take some personal responsibility. Nobody took anything from you. Cathie has a fund and she believes in it. She has put her own money into it, so you would believe in it. Congratulations, get involved. If you do not believe in it, do not get involved, then do your own research.”

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I love the inside of the Women In Crypto space, which I would say is a safe space for women to be in. Women are always there in a very supportive way. When people tell you stuff, they are going to tell you, “Take this seriously. Do the work. Make sure that you are doing your own research.” That is very important.

On top of that, when you are getting into somebody who tells you about a project or any investment or crypto, it is important to have an entrance strategy and exit strategy. When people are saying, “You made me. I did this because of this,” or they are selling because there are big red candles and they are scared, those types of things, if that is not part of my exit strategy, then I am holding you. If it is dipped, I won’t take a loss. I will wait patiently personally, but that is how I am. I am very unemotional when it comes to my investment strategies, and I have had to be because I have been through all of it.

What works for me is holding and looking at projects that I am passionate about because they fit the narrative of my portfolio and my investment strategy. It is something that I do not veer off from very often. The exception to that is NFTs because they are new and I want to understand them. I have not taken a loss on an NFT yet, but I have not mastered all the ins and outs and the nuances around it. I am learning as well as everybody else is.

I do a ton of giveaways in our group. I give out NFTs all the time and presale whitelist spots to NFT projects. I gave out a plot of virtual land a few weeks ago with a TCG World, of which Women In Crypto is the biggest project supporter. That is our very first partner in this space. I am extremely bullish on it. Everybody in our group knows that. I feel like I talk about it all the time. To me, I am a huge fan, and they are huge supporters of what we are doing. It is not just what I am doing. We are all doing the same thing. They want to see women in the space.

I do talk about things that are great, but I do not shill. I have a post that goes off every single Friday schedule. It is called Free Post Friday. If you have a project that you want to talk about that I am not going to put my stamp of approval on and I do not know the whole ins and outs, I did offer this one post every single Friday that you can go and you can talk about whatever you want, but you have to follow the rules. I hesitated to do that, but I got some pushback from people who were like, “How do we ever talk about what we are doing if you decline every post about a project?” I then came up with a solution.

Until it is nonproductive, I will keep it up. Once it turns into a spot where we are moving away from the narrative of positive investing and a positive and safe space, then I will remove it. Right now, so far so good. I do not think enough of the gals take advantage of it for as many posts that I declined weekly about people wanting to post their projects. They are not reading the rules of the group that basically say, “You can post on Friday whatever you want inside that thread.” Every Friday at 7:00 AM Pacific Standard Time, it goes off.

I will start remembering to post the show’s episodes there for everybody.

You should. I do that for you guys. Something I have said, DYOR, Do Your Own Research, this thread is not indicative of me saying anything about these projects, but it is a place for people to go and do that.

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Women In Crypto Global: Teach yourself to find a way to create an opportunity for your life.


I do not think that there are enough women in crypto, for sure. I interviewed Nat Brunell of Coin Stories. She thinks that there are 15% women in the space. I said, “Looking around my eyeballs at the Bitcoin conference and doing a little squinty idiot savant thing, I also thought about 15% of the attendees were women.” We know that the funding in the space for women is so low. We are up to 3% of all VC funding for women, which is insane. There are men walking around going, “I want to fund women’s projects.” There are people who want to give us money, but a lot of times, there is a mindset thing.

This is interesting because I am first and foremost a Transformational Wealth Coach, and about 2/3 of what I do is mindset work. What I see so often is if women do not feel like they are 100% in alignment with the job opportunity, they are not going to go for it. The guy will be like, “I might qualify for that. Let me go ahead and put my resume in.” The woman who would be 80% to 90% qualified is feeling like, “I am not 100% qualified. I should not try.”

That trickles down when it comes to us looking for funding or sponsorship for our projects, but I want everybody to know Jules and the Women In Crypto group are a great resource for this. There is so much stuff that is around that is available to us as resources. There is a lot of misogyny in the space. There is a real bro culture when it comes to crypto, and yet, all of the women that I have encountered tend to be very nurturing, desiring to help, and want to create a sisterhood of crypto because we are not alone.

At the Bitcoin conference, they had this thing for women-only whales. Only the women who were paying the $5,000 ticket to do that far advanced, like the Cathie Woods of the world or whatever. They had a Women in Bitcoin Coffee. I am part of this big Bitcoin group in Miami. The next thing I knew, we were all having our coffee right outside of the place. The women would come up and they would be like, “I did not know I needed to have a whale path.” We were like, “Come over here and join our coffee.”

That is the energy that I find. We all wrote to them and said, “Next time, there are not enough women. Have the coffee for all the women because we guarantee you had more coffee than women there.” I feel like that is the space that I see us coming into a lot like women, “How can we make this work for us? How can we make this work for each other?” I see that happen in your space all the time. If a woman maybe says something that is a little snippy, there is another woman to say, “We are all here to love each other and be kind.” In crypto Twitter, I see this energy with the women, “Let’s be kind and support each other.” I know you have found that throughout your experience.

This will sound very mother of me, but I am okay to be the protective mama bear of that group because it is my baby. When I see unproductive conversations happening within our space and inside our group, I ask them to take it off the chat. I say, “Take this to the DM. If you need to have a conversation and you want to argue and disagree, and you need to do that, then take it out of here. I am not going to tell you that you cannot have a conversation. What I am going to tell you is nothing you say is going to change this person’s outlook or is going to make somebody feel bad about what they believe in or what their investment strategy is. Who are you to come in and say anything to anybody about that?”

That is not what I am about so I protect those conversations at all costs. I have deleted 100 post threads because I got to it a little later or somebody messaged me and said, “Can you look at this? This is getting snippy. That has happened so few, and far between that, I cannot even count on one hand how many times it has happened because the conversations are different than a group that has predominantly a male demographic. It is a different conversation. It is not when Lambo. It is when student loans.

For a reason, in crypto, they have changed the spelling of everything. Friends is now FRENS and when is WEN, and when Lambo means when will I be able to buy my Lamborghini and it has been shortened to, “WEN Lambo?” That is a perfect example of the encapsulated bro culture when it comes to crypto. You are saying that when it is with the women, it is not when Lambo, it is when student loan. That is everything and that one sentence.

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I have taken several polls in our group. In fact, I am going to be taking a couple of polls coming up to get an idea of what is happening in there because Women In Crypto is coming up to our one-year anniversary. Beside myself, I cannot even believe that. The conversations and paradigm shifts that have happened in that space are totally different than anything I have been a part of in the space in the past few years. The conversations, as I said, it is not when Lambo. It is when family vacation or when Toyota Corolla. It is different.

There are a lot of single moms, working mothers, and married women. There are lots of every type of woman you could imagine in there, but everybody has the same goal. From what I understand, when people reach out to me directly, the conversation is not when Lambo. It is more realistic. That is something that I hold onto so deeply because I am a single mom and I get it. When Lambo is never a situation for me, I was always looking for a place to say when student loans and things of that nature.

Now, this whole space that I created has evolved into this lovely space of women talking about what could be, how to get there, and supporting each other. We are very low in the market and a lot of the conversations in the group are, “Hang on, gals. We are going to make it. We need to get through. You have to hold and we will get through this low. What goes down must come up.” Halle, you can attest to this.

Does that mean you shouldn’t take profit on the way up? That is not for me to decide, but I do not like to leave money on the table personally. I have to be patient on certain things, but other things, I also know that I do want to go up with the market. I have different goals for different projects that I am part of. Everybody has to have their strategy for their portfolio, whether that is their stock or crypto portfolio, whatever that looks like. You have to have a plan.

It is okay to have multiple plans and amendments to your plan, but it is also important to stay the course because you created that course for yourself that you think is going to be the right way, but those amendments can be made if you need to. Changing the trajectory of your entire portfolio because of a down market like now is when the transference of wealth happens. This is when people make a lot of money in the down market. If you can understand what that means, it is not financial advice but you have the ability to learn a lot right now. Now is a great time to educate because the market is so low. There are great projects to enter at low enter at entry positions. It is lovely.

Which translates, as far as I am concerned, from a female perspective, “Ladies, if the market is on sale, buy.” We appreciate a good sale more than we appreciate a good Lambo. As a result, we are now able to come in and say, “Now is a great time to buy.” In the past, it has been rallying. I am still waiting for it to go back down again. That is me. That is what is going to happen. By the time you read this episode, things may have changed for everybody. It is so important that we come at it from the mindset of, “What is your plan?”

One of the good and basic pieces of investment advice I ever heard was, “Plan your work. Work your plan.” That is about business, not about stocks. I was all excited about Aave Coin when it came out. If that crypto is above this amount, I am not going to invest in it because the real returns are found with the ones that are 0.0000000003. That is a better investment because chances are, even if it gets to 1000th of a penny or whatever, you are making so much of a return compared to Bitcoin. Going from $30,000 to $70,000 sounds incredible, but that is only doubling and a little bit over double. You can make a lot at the bottom end. It was hard for me to let a point go, watch it, and go up to $25 or $27.

Now, it is back down to $8 again. I am like, “Isn’t that interesting? If you deviate, you are deviating for a reason, not just because.” I was able to say, “That is okay. I am not missing out because that would only be a 4X and that is okay. That does not matter. We need to make sure that we are in alignment with our choices. As women, we can use both our intuition and ability to count. We are not here for no reason. We are here because we are taking care of our families and our lives.

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Women In Crypto Global: Keep your cards to your chest and listen to people.


I say this all the time, “Women put between $0.80 and $0.90 of every dollar into their family and their local community. With men, it is $0.30 to $0.40.” That is a huge difference. The difference between that is going to be what causes your motivation and what makes you make better choices about your investments. I always like to ask, what is one more thing that you want women to know about crypto or making a choice to get into the space?

It is not as intimidating as it seems. On some level, it is still in its infancy. There is a lot of it that still is very new. There are lots of new things happening all the time. It can be scary to know what to do, how to get in, and who to trust. “It is not as scary as it seems once you get involved.” You start getting a network of people that you can trust, but keep your cards to your chest and do not listen to people. No one is ever going to give you anything for free.

If anyone says I will help you or send you something, I would be very wary of that. Be very protective of your bag and portfolio. I understand that there are so many great people out there. Utilize the network that you get involved in and ask questions and start getting to know the people inside that network. That way, you can have an extra network and people that you are not Facebook friends, maybe your friends also on Twitter, your friend over here, you live down the street and you have no idea, or you have a neighborhood group of people that you can talk to in real life.

You never truly know who is on the other side of that. Instead of being intimidated and saying, “I do not have time to learn or I do not want to,” get out of your comfort zone, spend twenty minutes a day listening to a podcast, read something, or get on Twitter. Start educating yourself and you will be floored at what you can find out and how much confidence you will be given yourself by being empowered. You were the one who got that information. You taught yourself that you found a way to create an opportunity for your life and your family or whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish.

There are plenty of single gals out there also doing it who are trying to fund travel, houses, and a million different scenarios. The difference is they got out of their comfort zone and they are doing it. There is so much success and I applaud them. We have some severely amazing women in our group that have had so much success and have hit millionaire status. They have made so much money there. They are killing it and also integrated into the crypto sphere in a very vast way to where they are making a difference because they know how much women need to have that, “This is possible. This can happen to me.”

They are out there. No one is out there bragging and doing this or that, but they are utilizing their voices in saying, “I also once was a newbie at this and I had to learn how to get there, but without asking questions and building the network that people you trust, it is virtually impossible, unless you happen to know it all which none of us do.” Building your network is learning, following these amazing people, and asking questions, especially in a space like Women In Crypto. There is never a dumb question. There is no one saying, “You should already know that. Why are you asking that?” No one is being mansplained.

One thing I do want to say before I get through the calls by the amazing gentlemen who may see this is we in Women In Crypto love the men. It is not a place where we talk about men in a negative or derogatory way. It is a safe place for us to proverbially hang our handbags. That is where we can call home for us to have the conversation that we need.

I get both sides of it. People say it is only for women, so you are this and that. I spend a lot of my time on Twitter spaces, where I get invited to speak on stage every single day to talk about this movement, Women In Crypto, and I get applauded by the men in the room saying, “Your space is so needed because not enough gals are getting that type of communication of support in other places.”

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The guys know what is going on. I love that they support what we are doing as well. One last thing because this is important. Having a plan for what you intend to invest in is so important. It is something that draws you to a project. I will give you an example. I have an eight-year-old and he loves to game. I already spend a lot of money on his gaming stuff.

If he is on any type of game that you have to buy an in-game purchase, a skin, or whatever it is, that is essentially an NFT which is a Non-Fungible Token, which is another side of crypto that I am sure you will hear about. A big part of my narrative is to follow the money of what I am spending my money on with my child, and that is gaming. That is a tidbit of my portfolio.

There are a lot of women doing that as well with their kids because the next generation knows what the heck they are doing.

Yes, they do.

I love getting to see that. Jules, your mama bear passion comes through loud and clear. I am so happy that we got to interview you for the show. If this episode has been helpful to you, please like, comment, and share it. Share it with the women in your life, your mother, your daughter, your grandmother, your besties, your girlfriends, and all women so that we can help all women move into the new energy of money and learn to surf before the tsunami that is coming in the financial space knocks you over. I will see you again on another episode. Thank you.


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About Jules Taubman

Jules is an entrepreneur who is working towards creating personal financial freedom and generational wealth for her family. As a lifelong student, she enjoys acquiring new skills and holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology along with a MBA. She created Women In Crypto out of necessity as a safe place for women that are interested or involved in the crypto space to speak open and freely. Her hopes are that by creating this group, women would come together and utilize each other’s experience and expertise.