Welcome to the electrifying world of the Goddess of Crypto, where women empower themselves to ride the wave of feminine financial freedom. In this episode, Goddess of Crypto delves deep into the inspiring journey of Jennifer Jost, a remarkable wealth advisor and speaker, who has triumphed over adversity to create a life of abundance and empowerment. Get ready to be captivated, motivated, and inspired to surf the waves of financial prosperity!


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Introducing Jennifer Jost:

Hello reader. I had an inspiring conversation with Jennifer Jost and in this blog, I am inspiring you all and will tell you what conversation I had. Jennifer Jost is a wealth advisor and certified money coach, who specializes in feminine financial freedom, offering a fresh perspective on reclaiming our power in the world of finance. Her story is as awe-inspiring as it is heart-wrenching, leaving no doubt that she is a beacon of hope for women seeking to rewrite their financial narratives.


From Darkness to Empowerment:

During the conversation Jennifer revealed her journey through personal tragedy, navigating through an alcoholic household and an abusive marriage, which is a testament to the indomitable spirit of the feminine divine. She shares her heart-wrenching experience of loss, strength, and resilience, revealing how she emerged from the darkest depths of grief to find her purpose in empowering women to be worthy of wealth.



Embracing Worthiness and Shattering Limitations:

In a world where women are often overlooked and undervalued in the financial realm, Jennifer breaks the chains of societal conditioning, urging women to embrace their worthiness and break free from the limitations imposed upon them. No longer confined by societal norms, she encourages women to let go of budgeting shackles and embrace the freedom to spend their hard-earned money as they desire, catalyzing positive change in the world.


The Power of Receiving:

Jennifer’s transformational journey highlights the importance of learning to receive. She emphasizes that receiving is not a weakness but a gateway to abundance and fulfillment. By shedding the outdated notion that self-sufficiency is the ultimate goal, Jennifer shares practical insights and exercises to expand our receiving muscles, enabling us to tap into the limitless possibilities life has to offer.




Navigating the Waves of Resistance:

I added her expertise to the conversation, illustrating the power of surrendering to the waves of resistance. Drawing from her own experiences as a body surfer, she beautifully explains how we can learn to navigate through life’s challenges by diving under the waves, allowing them to wash over us, and embracing the energy that comes with each new experience. By letting go of resistance and accepting support, we tap into the abundance that surrounds us.



Circulation of Love and Abundance:

The discussion turns to the importance of the circulation of love and abundance. Jennifer and I highlighted the reciprocal nature of giving and receiving, where embracing support from others not only benefits us but also contributes to the well-being of those who are eager to offer assistance. We shared personal anecdotes and powerful examples of how receiving with an open heart fosters joy, gratitude, and a sense of connection with others.





Unleashing the Energy of Joy: The Magic of the 100 Things List:

Jennifer suggested a delightful and unconventional approach to shift your energy and invite abundance into your life. She encourages her clients to create a list of 100 things they love and stay in the vibration of joy. By focusing on what brings you joy, you elevate your energy and emit positive vibrations, attracting more positivity, opportunities, and even financial abundance.



Embracing Expansion: Saying “Yes, And”:

Jennifer and I emphasized the importance of expanding our minds and embracing the energy of “yes, and…” instead of shutting down ideas or suggestions with the infamous “yeah, but…” When we open ourselves to new possibilities and perspectives, we invite more growth and abundance into our lives. By canceling the limiting “yeah, but” mindset and adopting an attitude of openness, we create space for greater opportunities and experiences.




The Foundation of Wealth: Cultivating a Healthy Money Relationship:

One of the most crucial aspects of achieving financial abundance is tending to our relationship with money. Jennifer and I stressed on the significance of seeking support and not going it alone. Women are natural gatherers, and our brains work better together. So, instead of harboring shame or guilt around money, reach out for help, whether through coaching, joining supportive communities, or cultivating a money journal. Recognize that your money beliefs and values are not inherently your fault, but they can be transformed with the right support and mindset.



The Power of Feelings: The F-Word That Matters:

Jennifer and I emphasized that our feelings form the foundation of our wealth. By checking in with ourselves and asking what feels light and loving in each moment, we become attuned to our inner GPS. Our feelings guide us towards alignment, helping us make choices that resonate with our desires and attract more of what we truly want into our lives.





From Gratitude to Appreciation: Claiming Your Worth:

Jennifer introduced a powerful shift from gratitude to appreciation, recognizing that gratitude can sometimes carry a sense of unworthiness or luck. Appreciation, on the other hand, empowers us to stand in our power and claim what we deserve. By acknowledging our worthiness and appreciating the opportunities and experiences that come our way, we invite more abundance, clarity, confidence, and control over our wealth into our lives.




Clarity, Confidence, and Control: The Three Cs of a Diamond Life:

In her work, Jennifer encapsulates the essence of transformation and abundance through her business, Diamond Life. She shared her wisdom and taught the three Cs: clarity, confidence, and control. By gaining clarity about our financial goals, developing confidence in our abilities, and taking control of our wealth journey, we can step into a life filled with abundance, joy, and purpose.




This captivating conversation between Jennifer and I reminds me that we are not alone in our money journey. Together, we can create a supportive community and uplift each other to achieve our financial goals and manifest our dreams. So, let’s embrace joy, shift our mindset, and cultivate a deep appreciation for the abundance that is available to us. Remember, you are deserving of a Diamond Life!

Jennifer Jost