Welcome to the Goddess of Crypto, where the future of finance is female. In this , we have the pleasure of interviewing Barkley Romero, a top real estate agent and the founder of Real Gratitude. Barkley shares her visionary insights on the future of real estate and how she combines community building and blockchain technology to revolutionize the industry. Join your Goddess of Crypto as she dive into the exciting possibilities of real estate in the digital age.


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Hello my reader. In today’s edition,  I had a very inspiring and Insightful conversation with Barkley Romero. She  envisions a future where real estate becomes more community-driven. By tapping into web3 and blockchain technology, she believes in creating transparent and efficient systems for both agents and clients. This approach not only reduces fraud but also fosters a stronger sense of trust and collaboration within communities.




Real Estate and Community Building:

For Barkley, real estate and community building go hand in hand. She shares her experience of creating a Facebook group during the pandemic, where neighbors supported each other by redistributing essential items. This initiative not only helped the community but also led to people seeking real estate advice from Barkley. By blending philanthropic efforts with blockchain technologies, Barkley aims to create efficient systems that benefit both the community and real estate agents.


The Power of Web3 Communities

Barkley highlights the importance of community within the Web3 space. She shares her fascination with the strong sense of community that exists, where individuals lift each other up and share knowledge. This community-driven approach is a driving force behind her real estate endeavors, as she seeks to create connections and empower others.


Real Gratitude: Connecting Real Estate and Community

Real Gratitude is Barkley’s brainchild, a team of real estate agents focused on community building. They highlight local businesses, nonprofits, and artists when closing transactions, thereby creating a network that fosters collaboration and support. Agents are encouraged to connect with the community, collect feedback, and build lasting relationships. Real Gratitude provides agents with tools, templates, and scripts to facilitate community engagement and business growth


The Rise of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

Real Gratitude utilizes a DAO structure for its onboarding process. Barkley explains that DAOs are decentralized autonomous organizations where a group of individuals collectively manages a fund and makes democratic decisions. The platform Charm Verse is used to build and manage Real Gratitude’s DAO, providing agents with easy access to resources, forms, coursework, and templates. By leveraging blockchain technology, Real Gratitude aims to create a nationwide community of agents with shared values and goals.


The Potential of Digital Twins and NFTs in Real Estate

Barkley introduces the concept of digital twins, dynamic NFT representations of homes. While current legal complexities limit their use for selling homes, the potential for future advancements is exciting. Real Gratitude aims to be a verifiable source and data aggregator for companies experimenting with on-chain transfer of titles. This centralized database will enable the community to shop for homes more efficiently and transparently.


Building a Community for Real Estate Professionals

Barkley opens up about her quest to create a community within the real estate industry. Recognizing the staggering failure rate among real estate agents within the first five years, she saw a clear gap in training and team-building. She shares her vision for a collaborative, supportive environment that will change the landscape of real estate.




Breaking the Stereotypes as a Woman in Web3 and Blockchain

Barkley reflects on her journey as a woman in a predominantly male-dominated industry, especially in the world of Web3 and Blockchain. Initially facing age-related biases, she stood her ground, showing her determination and expertise to earn the respect she deserved. She shares her empowering message about trusting women in all positions and embracing diversity in the tech community.

The Struggles and Triumphs of Identity on Crypto Twitter

The conversation takes an intriguing turn as Barkley discusses her experience on Crypto Twitter. As she opted for a headshot with butterfly wings instead of the traditional NFT profile picture, she faced criticism and unwarranted judgment. Nevertheless, Barkley chose to be authentic and true to herself. She recounts a fascinating tale about embracing her identity, irrespective of stereotypes and societal expectations.


Take Yourself Seriously and Be Willing to Play

In her parting words, Barkley shares a valuable lesson she learned along her journey: to be taken seriously, women must first take themselves seriously. Confidence and self-belief are crucial in commanding respect and asserting one’s place in any industry. Simultaneously, Barkley encourages women to find joy in their endeavors and be willing to play in their pursuit of success.




Barkley Romero’s visionary approach to real estate combines community building, blockchain technology, and a passion for empowering agents. Her initiatives, such as Real Gratitude, demonstrate the potential for creating more transparent, efficient, and community-driven real estate systems. As the future unfolds, embracing the power of decentralized communities and exploring innovative technologies like digital twins and NFTs will shape the real estate landscape in exciting ways. The future of real estate is undoubtedly evolving, and with pioneers like Barkley at the forefront, we can expect a more inclusive, connected, and empowering industry.

Barkley Romero

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