YGA 2 | Sacred Divine Feminine


There will come a time in our lives when our bodies use up their reserves and have different needs than it used to have. It is in this pivotal moment that the sacred divine feminine really plays its part – as a warm, receiving force that balances out the dominance that we have allowed to rule us in our younger years. Feminine energy is sacred – a divine manifestation of God’s power that resides within us. The more we suppress it, the more we begin to see ourselves succumbing to burnout and money caps, especially later in life. To unpack the lofty concept for us and teach us how to benefit from its power, host Halle Eavelyn brings in her first guest on the podcast, Dr. Stephania Sciamano, a deeply intuitive money coach who helps women create big money breakthroughs without burning out their bodies.

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In this short but profound conversation, we discuss what the sacred feminine means and how we can make it show up for us in our daily lives.


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About Dr. Stephania Sciamano

Dr. Stephania Sciamano is a retired naturopathic medical doctor with intimate knowledge of how a woman’s body, relationships, and creative work affect your ability to receive wealth in all its forms.

Women work with her to play the Game of Life as a fully turned-on and expressed WOMAN.

The powerful creatives, artists, mentors, and experts who mentor with her calm their nerves, open their psychic gifts, lose the mental slumps, become more attractive to themselves and their partners, and create the wealth they desire –from their creative genius – without the crash.


Find out more about how you can unlock your sacred feminine energy with my group coaching program, Goddess Knows.


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