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Why is your money not increasing? In most cases, it’s because you’re money-blocking with your core belief. This is a new year to start a new you to create a difference in allowing your money to increase! In this episode, Halle Eavelyn talks about the spiritual gym and how you can work out those spiritual muscles to help increase your money fast. Through the spiritual gym, you learn to be disciplined and get your spiritual muscles to build. What are you waiting for? Get up and tune in to this episode to work those money muscles out!

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The Spiritual Gym: How To Increase Your Money Fast

For this episode, we are talking about how to call in more money. The most important thing for you to know right now is that you are probably doing it wrong, no offense. Most of the time, in my experience, when I do transformational wealth coaching, I have discovered that everybody is always looking to the outside as to how to call in more money instead of to the inside.

During this month of January 2023, we are talking about all the new year, new you stuff. The episodes are about how to really align yourself more than anything to wealth, as opposed to looking to just learn something new, get educated about it in a way that would teach you something about bringing in more money, about how to make more money, or about how to get all things going with your money stuff, we are focusing more on how to get to a place where money is able to come to you more easily. I want to talk for a minute. If you’ve been following the show for any length of time, you know that I’m a very spiritual person, and you know that for me, God is like breathing.

This isn’t really going to be a spiritual episode, but I want you to understand that from my perspective, you’re either blocking your money or you’re open to it. When you’re blocking it, it’s usually because you have some part of a belief system that says that you can’t have it, you don’t deserve it, you had it all and lost it, and you were raised a certain way. There’s something going on that’s getting in your way about that. This is a core teaching that I do all the time with all of my clients. I want to share it with you because it’s so important. That core belief is that when you come from the inside and shift what’s going on the inside that comes from, that is going to help change what you get on the outside.

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It’s the reverse of how most people think of how to earn and make money. That’s south of what we’re talking about for this episode. The principle, I call it working out at the spiritual gym, and you’re going to get an idea of this because you know what it’s like to work out at the gym. You’ve got muscles. When you show up, your muscles are floppy, or you’ve been using them but haven’t been trained properly. Your gym work is to get them disciplined, elongated, and stretched, then be able to build them up. That’s why we go to the gym. That expression, “Use it or lose it,” it’s true about your money muscles, too.

In order for you to get to that place where your spiritual muscles are all built up, guess what? You got to work those out, too. Most people tend not to do that. If you’re the person that starts your morning with prayer or meditation, you are definitely on the right track already. These are the pieces that I suggest to people when they’re talking about how to work out at the spiritual gym for themselves. This is the overarching structure that I use. Here’s what you’re invited to do if you want to challenge yourself. It’s January, so a lot of people are doing new year, new you things, and it’s a great idea to challenge yourself with what could be possible for you.

Pick the things that feel good to you. As you hear them, you’re going to be like, “I’d like to do that,” or “That sounds icky.” If it sounds icky, don’t do it. If it sounds good to you, then yes, you can get in there and do it. There are a bunch of different things, and I’m not saying you should do all of them. I’m saying you should do the ones that feel really good to you. The idea is to pick the stuff that you’re going to stick with. If you know you only have fifteen minutes every morning, don’t pick something you’re going to feel disappointed about because you didn’t get it accomplished because it’s going to take twenty-five minutes every day, or get up ten minutes sooner. Those are your options.

Here’s a super basic spiritual gym practice. Have consistent bedtimes and consistent rising times. That can make a huge difference. If you know that you’re going to be getting up at 7:00 in the morning, you’re going to be working up at the spiritual gym from 7:00 to 7:30, that can make a big difference because it’s a structure of discipline, and those structures are your scaffolding upon which to build. That’s a really important principle to make. When it comes to what the tools are that you put into your toolbox, maybe you’ve tried stuff already.

You’ve tried journaling or tried meditation, and you didn’t like it, but did you try this particular type of journaling or have you done all the different types of journaling there are? There’s a bunch of them. Have you tried just one kind of meditation, or have you tried all the kinds of meditation there are? There’s a bunch of them. If you’ve tried it and it didn’t work for you in the past, maybe give it a shot again, but this time do some research. Google is your friend. You want to see what makes sense.

For example, if you tried guided meditation and you didn’t like that, maybe try an open-eyed meditation. There’s a fun Zen meditation called Zazen, where you keep your eyes open the entire time, and you keep them focused just on one single point the entire time. It’s a mindful practice. I enjoy it very much because it’s so mindful. We take in 80% of our information through our vision. When you close your eyes, a lot of times, it can make your brain go crazy if you haven’t really spent any time meditating before. Experiment and see what could work for you. If you’ve done journaling before, was it blue sky journaling? Was it gratitude journaling?

Gratitudes are a great part of working out at the spiritual gym. Pick the stuff that you feel is really going to work for you. I’ve mentioned some of the things that I think are important parts of spiritual gym work. Some kind of prayer or meditation or both is very important. For me, it’s not a matter of what God looks like to you. It’s a matter of connecting with your higher power every single day. If your higher power is nature or unseen forces, guided intuition, and that’s what works for you, it may be that taking a walk in nature would be a good substitute for prayer.

YGA 47 | Increase Your Money Fast

Increase Your Money Fast: Some important parts of spiritual gym work are prayer or meditation, or both is very important. It’s not a matter of what God looks like to you. It’s a matter of connecting with your higher power every single day.


Doing some kind of meditation, whether that’s a guided, silent meditation, that open-eyed type of meditation, or even a walking meditation, I recommend something. Something that’s worked for me recently that I have enjoyed is the idea of working out in the spiritual gym with white noise. When I want to sit and be still, I’ll do it with a fan as white noise. I’ll say, “Alexa, start white noise fan or white noise air conditioner,” and it will bring up a really appropriate sound. You can use that tool if you’ve got one, or look for those words on YouTube. There will be something for you there as well.

Deepak Chopra, I believe I read, gets up at 4:00 in the morning, and meditates for two hours a day. I ascribe to the Abraham Hicks theory that we are put on this earth to have a lot of fun and enjoy all the time, and fifteen minutes a day of meditation is enough. That’s what I focus on. It’s fifteen minutes a day of meditation. If I don’t have time for whatever reason, if I oversleep, or if something happens in my day where I need to get up and go, I still will be in stillness for five minutes. That often can be enough. I start every day now with something called The Five Minute Journal.

That’s a book that you can actually buy online where they ask you to have gratitudes, three things you’re grateful for every day, three things that it says, “Today would be great if,” and there are three things that you can pick. You spend three minutes in the morning and two minutes in the evening. In the two minutes in the evening, you say three amazing things that happened on that day. I happen to really like that. I used to be in a group with five other women. We called ourselves the I Am Chicks. I was in that group throughout my 30s. We would email back and forth to each other every day. It was five I am statements. I am, those are the words of creation.

When you say I am, that’s the equivalent of calling into creation the thing you want. I am powerful. I am in joy. I am joy. I am peace. I am harmony. I am love. It’s all those things. Aligning with those and setting the intention for those can be very powerful. The I Am Chicks, we had five things we were grateful for, and we had five I ams, and then we had five things we were creating that day. We had an overarching word of the month. I pick an overarching word for the year. For me, this 2023, it’s amplification. My show is an example of that, but I have a word I used. My word in 2022 was surrender.

It’s a touchstone, a little anchor for me to come back to and return to throughout the year. Because it’s January, if you don’t have a word of the year, I encourage you to find one. Once you do, maybe pick an intention for the month that aligns with that goal. For example, I have a program that’s going to be coming out, and I want to get it completed and out into the world in January. It’s almost done. I’ve been in the bottleneck, so now I’m committing to that. That’s a way of amplifying myself. Next month, I’ll have a different goal. If you’re interested in setting an intention for yourself for the month, that’s a good way of doing that.

Another tool for your spiritual gym work is reading from a powerful book. I have six books just sitting next to me right now. I have Pam Grout, E-Cubed: Nine More Energy Experiments That Prove Manifesting Magic and Miracles Is Your Full-Time Gig. I love Pam Grout, and I love E-Squared. Here is my next read. This is Three Steps to Quantum Wealth by Linda P. Jones. Reading about what other wealth coaches are talking about is really important. I ran into this book called Frogs into Princes: Neuro Linguistic Programming by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. That’s a very colorful cover. That’s a book that I want to read as well.

YGA 47 | Increase Your Money Fast

Increase Your Money Fast: Another tool for your spiritual gym work is reading from a powerful book.


There’s a book called The Art of Relationship: Discover the Magic of Unconditional Love. These are by my beloved clients in my travel practice, Sheila and Marcus Gillette, The Wisdom of Theo. This is Sheila channels Theo. The Art of Relationship is the channeled book from Theo on relationships. I have a book here called The End of the World is just the Beginning: Mapping the Collapse of Globalization by Peter Zeihan. I’m looking forward to reading this. This is not a good spiritual gym book because it’s not going to make you feel inspired. It’s going to make you feel a little sad and a little upset about the state of the world.

Maybe it will inspire me, but if you’re looking for a book that is spiritual book or a book that is of inspirational guidance is really what you’re looking for, the last book here in my stack is called Compass Energetics: Learn How to Heal Your Energy Body. This is by a client of mine, Jeffrey Miraflor. I didn’t even intend to read these to you. They are literally my next stack of books to read. I’m always reading something. I like to read ten pages a day from a book. Usually, it’s the same book, so I’ll read and read until it’s complete, but there’s no rule to that. I could read ten pages a day, open to a random ten pages. That’s often a way to be in the energy of the space as well to do an intuitive guided reading by just opening to something random.

I also love the idea of pulling a card. I have a bunch of card decks that I use. My favorite one is called Gifts from the Goddess. I’ve been using it for years. It was one of my earliest spiritual tools. I’ll pull a card every day and then just read in the deck about the card. I pulled from my partner’s deck, which is a book of Ganesha cards. Lord Ganesha is the name of the deck. The card that I pulled was called Spiritual Transformation. I thought that was really beautiful. I love card decks because, usually, the cards themselves are beautifully illustrated. To me, it’s always a message from your soul.

I have a set of cards that’s called Messages from Your Soul. That is popular. You can look for card decks online or in most bookstores and card shops. They tend to carry them. They’re usually beautiful. I like those spiritual tools. I want stuff that awakens all of my senses that makes me feel like it’s a really beautiful thing. I encourage you to use that as well. I love setting an intention for the day. I love setting three goals for my day. I call this my empowered to-do list. I’ll set three goals that I know I can accomplish in the day and then a reward for myself as well.

When I set those goals, I have a tiny little whiteboard, and I just write the three goals on there. I go through periods where I don’t do this. I go through periods where I do it very consistently. It’s a choice. You want to get to the accomplishment of your bigger goals by breaking them down into smaller pieces. How do we eat the elephant one bite at a time? How do your goals get broken down into elephant bites? Are those elephant bites the things you can accomplish in one day that you’re getting onto your empowered to-do list? This is a powerful tool. Rewarding yourself is important because we have a tendency not to.

When you get done with all that you have created in your spiritual gym work, the next thing to do is to take aligned action for those spiritual tools. Why is all of this important? When you are being consistent with not just stretching your body but stretching your mind and expanding toward your intentions, you are actually able to call wealth to you more easily. You’re not going to get money by the bag of money falling on your head or by you winning the lottery, with very few exceptions. Maybe one of you will have a bag of money drop on your head. Maybe one of you will win the lottery. Most people walk around hoping for the bag of money or the lottery win.

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That’s why the lotteries are always so big because everybody’s always putting money in, hoping that they’ll be the one lucky person. I would rather see you make your own luck. In order for that to happen, this is not brain surgery, but it is about taking consistent action. There’s nothing here that’s like a little Christmas miracle. It’s you being consistent and showing up consistently every day. It’s pretty straightforward. We want to tell God’s spirit or the universe what we desire so that we can have it. We want to show up with a thing that we want so that the universe can bring that thing to us. God gets confused when you pray for mushy things.

When you worry, you’re praying for stuff you don’t want. Don’t pray for stuff you don’t want. Pray for the stuff you do want. When you can see it already happening, you’re already halfway there. When you pray for something but don’t think it’s possible, you’re not letting it in. Working out at the spiritual gym can make you more consistent to allow it in. We don’t just want to pray for the things that we desire. We don’t want to pray that we get rich. We want to take action to get there. We want to take them that come from the place of knowing that we already have it, that it is already possible. There is your spiritual gym workout. I would love it if you would write to me and tell me what you are doing to work out at the spiritual gym.

I would love it if you would comment, share, and let every woman you know knows about this show. Goddess of Crypto is by women for women. I only interview women, and I share my insights on how to bring more wealth. Crypto as a vehicle for that is perfect. Goddess of Crypto is about so much more than that. This month, it’s about aligning with your wealth. I will look forward to hearing what you have to say. I hope that you share this with all of the women that you know in your life. Until next time, I will see you on Goddess of Crypto.


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