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Did you know you can predict the future of the financial market and crypto by using astrology? People can really feel and be aligned with the energy crypto gives off. And some people are predicting that now is the time to invest in crypto. Prices are low and there isn’t much risk, so now is the perfect time to hop into. Join Halle Eavelyn as she talks to crypto educator, Corinne Florence about the astrology of crypto. Understand what financial astrology is and how it can be used. Learn how you can read between the lines of crypto and see that it is filled with women’s energy. Find out how you can get started in crypto, especially if you’re a woman.

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The Power And Astrology Of Crypto With Corinne Florence

I am so excited to get an opportunity to introduce you all to the magnificent Corinne Florence. She is a crypto educator and influencer, and she is moving into the realm of spirituality and mindset coaching. I can’t wait to have this conversation with her because, of course, we are going to be talking about all of the same beautiful stuff, which is how we are going to shift energetically first and all else will flow from it. Welcome.

Thank you so much for having me here. I’m very excited. I love talking to you like my energy lights up.

Corinne and I got to meet in person at a crypto event where she was speaking on a panel talking about different influencers and how to do marketing. I talked to her afterward and I was like, “I want you to come on my show.” She’s like, “Stop immediately. I’m there. Thank you so much,” and then we started having this incredible conversation. You are obviously Australian, so I want to know how we got from Australia to Florida. How did we get to the crypto thing? How did the instant stuff happen? Tell everybody all the things.

I’m Australian and Italian. I have always lived between the two countries. Before I even stepped into the crypto world, I studied medicine at university because I have always had this thing that I want to help people and I care about people. I thought health was absolutely key. I started going through the medical journey and then started working. I realized that I was falling into a system that I didn’t align with and my purpose was starting to get removed from me in that field. That’s where I was like, “God, universe, the higher power, send me something more because this can’t be it.” Everybody says I’m successful in this, but I need more.

I wasn’t fulfilled and then I was scrolling through Instagram one day and I saw somebody talking about cryptocurrencies, a mentor and a very successful entrepreneur. He was like, “Get on a call with me,” at 3:00 AM for me. I was like, “Okay.” Time zones are not great for us, but I was like, “Okay. I feel very called to this and I will explain everything.” I get on this call at 3:00 AM and he talked about crypto, and I was like, “That thing that tried to scam me in 2017,” because I had tried in 2017.

He was like, “Yes, but this time you are going to do it with the right mentorship. You are going to learn about crypto with people that have consistent results.” I was like, “You are more successful than me. You live the type of lifestyle that it is that I want to live, so tell me the steps and I will follow,” and I did. I started learning about cryptocurrency through him and a whole platform which I’m an educator on as well, where I teach cryptocurrencies, which shifted my whole world.

I was able to quit the corporate, the medical field and everything I was doing, and I could start creating an income online. What made me fall in love with the crypto space is not the trading, investing, and all of that. It’s this movement. It’s helping people now understand that cryptocurrency is the next logical step in the evolution of how we exchange money, and there are so many layers to it. I love that money was already energy. Now with cryptocurrency, it’s even more energetic.

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I think of it as feminine energy because crypto is disruptive and revolutionary, and it’s about flow and very creative. All of those things are feminine energies. When I got my show’s download, the one that knocked me off and got me started on, I want to educate women and I want to speak about the stuff in plain English. When all of that happened, that was the connection because I was doing all this sacred divine feminine work and it was like, “I’m going to move over here.” No, this is the work and this is this process. I totally utterly with you. We are so simpatico about this. Keep going.

I felt like this aligns with me so much. This is where I get to help people. This is where I get to create an impact both at an understanding and evolutionary level and obviously also the money side of things. Reality is that we do live in a world where we need money. Money provides power, health, and many things, and I felt so aligned with it.

I love that you already brought in the feminine energy side of things because when I first started, I was learning from a lot of men. I was taught trading and crypto from very masculine energy until I then started diving into it. I started learning the Fibonacci sequence. I started learning crypto astrology. Financial astrology is something that I’m passionate about.

I’m still learning and growing in that field, but I love it. It started to connect all these things of we are looking at a flow, human emotions, and feminine energy. That’s where I’m now stepping into this spiritual or feminine energy side of things and removing the masculine. It has also helped me feel on a personal level so much more aligned with this and I’m excited. I feel like we are at the beginning of a huge movement. I love connecting with women like you because we are on the same mission.

We could tell that not only did we have the exact same shade of hair. We were like soul sisters immediately. I loved it. I want to talk about some of the stuff that you said. First of all, I’m going to remind everybody because everyone has the masculine and the feminine inside of them. We are not talking about your sex organs here. We are not talking about how you identify as a male or a female. We are talking about the idea of these Yin and Yang energies. As I have said a couple of times, the Yin and the Yang create a circle.

The Yin is basically a teardrop that takes up the bottom half of the circle and it’s curved. The Yang is the opposite side of that teardrop but so mirror image of it. Inside of the Yin and inside of the Yang are a drop of each of the opposing forces. There is that like each half makes up the hole and then each half contains the other half.

That’s the beauty of this idea of the masculine and the feminine energies. Both of those things are contained inside of us. That’s the first piece. I had this real hit when you were talking about the way that men do money versus the way that women do money. Men do money in a way of he who dies with the most toys wins.

As the man is accumulating, it’s like, “How much can I get inside of the money gain?” I had this woman, Jules, on who runs this Women In Cryptocurrency group on Facebook, and when I got in there were 3,000 women and now there are over 10,000 women. She goes by Jules of Crypto and she’s a wonderful person. She’s also a single mom and she said all of these women were coming in and they were saying, “When am I going to get a Lamborghini?” The women were saying, “When college education for my kid. When family vacation for my people.”

Their goals were very different from he who dies with the most toys wins. I was thinking about energetically when women layer their feminine energy onto the feminine energy of the crypto concept. It’s about how many people I can help. How many people will this support? How can we expand energetically? The other thing I wanted to mention is that you talked about the Fibonacci series. I assume this, but not everybody’s going to know what the Fibonacci series is.

The Fibonacci series is a series of numbers that is divisible only by itself. 1, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, and it creates when you map it out the Fibonacci spiral that is created looks like a nautilus shell. This is one of the basic sacred geometry forms. I have studied sacred geometry for over 25 years and the Fibonacci series is one of the very first things I heard about because you can translate from the Fibonacci series into music as well as into math.

The idea of the music of the spheres is literally like the sacred geometry of the musical world, and then you’ve got the math part. You can overlay the spiral of the Fibonacci series onto the golden mean triangle onto it, maps with the stars in Orion’s Belt. It maps with the great pyramid and the three pyramids itself.

There is so much stuff, and the Fibonacci spiral is also seen in nature because all sacred geometry is seen in nature. For me, one of the first principles I acquired after my spiritual awakening was the seed of life or the flower of life. I’m wearing a bracelet right now that is covered with seeds of life, which are basically seven interlocking circles that create what looks like a flower, but it’s a small one.

Instead of the seven interlocking circles, the flower of bud is 144 interlocking circles, and it repeats this pattern over and over. You can look up flower of life. There’s the FlowerOfLife.com. You can go and learn all of this stuff. It’s powerful. The Fibonacci series is a different set of sacred geometry, and the flower of life and the seed of life, but they will map on top of each other as well.

The idea that this is used in stocks and to predict stocks was interesting to me because as a spiritual person and as a sacred geometry person, I’m like, “You know more about this. This is interesting.” Yet, it’s a very masculine approach because the way they explain the fac sequencing and the way it is used to predict stocks, which I found very dead. It was very unappealing.

The idea of the Fibonacci spiral and then the idea of the nautilus, like I have ammonites on my altar because I love the Fibonacci spiral having appeared in Nautilus shells and then being locked in stone forever, and then they polish it up and they are gorgeous. The Fibonacci numbers themselves and the spiral that’s created the curve, the feminine is the curve and the masculine is the line. That’s very powerful. I feel like maybe there’s a piece of the Fibonacci, and maybe this is going to be your work is what is the feminine version of that inside of stocks and crypto? I don’t have answers. I have the questions.

It’s something to dive into more. I do use the line Fibonacci. We can both use it for price as well as for time. It’s incredible how not only can we identify with the lines of the Fibonacci with the price. We can see the main zones of supply and demand that is most likely going to show price action on to keep things simple, but we can use that as well to see then pretty much almost pinpoint the time through Fibonacci at what time and date we are going to see that movement happen, which is cool. I do agree that it is the masculine side because it is the lines.

I feel like when it comes to trading, investing, and reading the markets, the way that I look at the charts, the way that I look at the movement of price in, say, Bitcoin, is that it’s a reflection of human emotion. You literally see humans emotional patterns happen over and over again. I feel like that already in itself is a lot more the feminine energy. Understanding and having that empathy and saying, “What is the collective feeling right now because that’s what we are going to see inside of the markets?”

YGA 38 | Astrology Of Crypto

Astrology Of Crypto: You can look at the movement of price in Bitcoin and see that as a reflection of human emotion. It’s emotional patterns over and over again. That in itself already has more of a feminine energy.


However, when we start to step into the emotional side of things, I feel like this is where the feminine energy comes out on top because we can step into that intuition. You can look at charts, numbers, and Fibonacci lines. Sometimes you are looking at a chart and like, “I know intuitively what’s going to happen.” I feel like that’s the feminine side which I love stepping into because sometimes you are like, “I can’t explain it to you on a chart. I feel it.”

Maybe there’s a different way of charting. I’m familiar with Maren Altman. She does a lot of astrology predictions. I started following her, but again, she’s got this goth vampire aspect to what she’s doing that I’m like, “It’s not my thing.”

I do have to shout out to her because even though maybe she’s not so much my style either, she’s the one that opened my eyes to connecting astrology with trading. I had that thing about it, and then I saw her videos and I was like, “Let me dive deeper.” That’s something that I have been diving into. It takes time to learn because even there, you are learning a whole new language in reading the astrological charts and understanding every planet. The house, it’s in the sign and it’s in what that means for different things. You dive in deeper where you are understanding. For example, maybe we are looking at Bitcoin versus Ethereum.

Bitcoin will react differently to the astrology than Ethereum will because they were born on a different date than us human beings. We are going and we are diving into the astrological birth chart of Bitcoin versus Ethereum versus Apple or Tesla stock. We can use it with everything, so we step into financial astrology.

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That’s something that I have been diving into. I’m excited to continue bringing more of that both on my social media and inside of the platform I teach in and my coaching because it’s like JP Morgan. JP Morgan did financial astrology. Before he opened up JP Morgan and started bringing it to the everyday consumer, and he had to shift from financial astrology to numbers and percentages because the average person in society couldn’t understand. If I want to invest with JP Morgan, I’m not going to base it on the moon. I’m going to base it on the percentages that you give me. JP Morgan made that shift to try and help the average investor and to the inside of their investments, but people like JP Morgan were the ones that used financial astrology.

I had no idea about that. That’s so fascinating. Shout out to Maren Altman from me too, because that’s why I tracked her down, because I was like, “What do you mean you are using astrology to predict financial futures or money? I want to know more.” She was the person that somebody had seen her speak and told me about it at a party, and I was like, “I got to go find this lady.”

I do find it completely fascinating and, again, this is a feminine intuitive side of things that a lot of us have denied were connected, but everything is connected. When you were talking before about the mindset piece of how you can see how people are feeling emotionally or the collective, the fear and greed index is the most mindset thing I have ever seen.

When you see the numbers going up and people going into that euphoria phase and you have to know that at this moment you must jump out of the market. You must not try to get to the top of the market because by the time everything is in euphoria, the collective has said, “Let’s do this, but it’s already falling.” It has a lag feature, not a lead feature.

It looks like it’s going up into euphoria. It is already planning to crest and fall again. You have to get out then, which is the exact opposite reaction. I will say this show is never financial advice. You always do your own research. It’s whether you are talking to Corinne, me, or whatever. You all know that because you read the show, but I’m saying it out loud.

When you are in that euphoria stage and you can see what’s going on, people need you to back off at that moment, and your every emotion is saying, “Don’t go.” Now is the time to get in and that is when people are getting in. That’s why so many people in this last market crash got margin called for Bitcoin because they went in at the wrong time because by the time it’s the let’s get on board phase, it was literally too late.

Right now, there has been a lot of fear using the fear and greed index. We see that there is a lot of fear. For example, even within my coaching, a lot of people have been scarred and they are like, “I don’t know if this is the right time to get in and learn about crypto,” and I’m like, “This is the best time because while a majority of people have been burnt and run away from cryptocurrency, prices are low.”

YGA 38 | Astrology Of Crypto

Astrology Of Crypto: This is the best time to get into crypto, prices are going to get lower. You can invest and hold for a longer period of time. And if you are actively trading, it’s a less volatile market so you can always come out profitable.


We are going to see no financial advice. I personally see the prices coming lower. In the next few years, we are going to go through some pretty tough times. This is the best time because not only can you invest to hold a further longer period of time at lower prices. If you are then leverage trading, these are incredible times to see a less volatile market and be able to come out more profitable. In the long run, have built the skills so that you are prepared when the next bull run calms and prices go absolutely crazy after the next Bitcoin halving, which is predicted to be around 2024 or start at 2024. You have the skill and understanding, and that’s where you can go and make some pretty life-changing money.

Let’s explain what the Bitcoin halving is because I don’t think we have talked about that on this show before, and I like to explain everything in plain English to people. I will let you do the honors.

Let’s break it down and keep things simple. Bitcoin will only ever have 21 million Bitcoin in circulation that will ever be created and available to people. However, we have not created yet, also known as mined, those 21 million Bitcoins. Every single day as there are more and more Bitcoin transactions happening inside of what’s called the Bitcoin blockchain, which is the technology behind Bitcoin. Every day or every time there’s a transaction, more and more Bitcoin are created.

The number of Bitcoin that are created per transaction are halved every roughly four years. What does that mean? At the start of the time when Bitcoin was first created and the first Bitcoin transactions, there were 24 Bitcoin created per Bitcoin transaction. I don’t even remember if that’s the exact number, but let’s say 24.

YGA 38 | Astrology Of Crypto

Astrology Of Crypto: Every time there’s a transaction, more and more Bitcoin are created. But the number of Bitcoin that are created per transaction is halved every four years.


This was in 2009 when Bitcoin first started.

What happened after roughly four years was that it was halved. After four years, there’s a coding that automatically programs for Bitcoin then goes down to twelve Bitcoin created per transaction. Why do we care about that? Why do we care that that’s happening? That’s simply because of supply and demand.

You get to a certain point where we have this Bitcoin halving that the supply, the newly created Bitcoin that’s going in circulation is literally halved. As we go over time, as we are seeing this evolution is that more and more people want Bitcoins, we have demand going up and we have supply coming down.

When there’s this critical event of the halving, we start to see prices skyrocket, but that’s when then we need to take into consideration the emotions of people that come in, because it’s not a natural growth anymore. It’s not the natural supply-demand. Here are people’s emotions coming in so they see prices coming up. They start pouring their money into it because they are like, “We are going to the moon.” Crypto terminology. It gets to a point where the price is overvalued. It’s overvalued because we base it too much on people’s emotions, not supply and demand. That’s when we see prices come back down typically until the next halving targeting.

I have heard from both Cathie Wood and Mark Cuban, among others, Greg Foss and somebody else that I follow and like. Cathie Wood owns ARK Investments. She’s very much like a money manager or asset manager. Mark Cuban is Mark Cuban, but all of these people are basically major money people. They have all said they expect to see Bitcoin at somewhere between $500,000 and $1 million per coin over the next several years. They are not always willing to put that on a timeline, but they think that those numbers will be the case because of, as you are saying, supply and demand. I know that the 19,000,000th Bitcoin was minted a few years ago. They hit nineteen million, is that correct?


There are 2 million Bitcoin that have left to be mined. The halving process is happening every four years. It’s like the last Bitcoin, the 21,000,000st Bitcoin, I believe will not be mined for 100 years. It’s going to take that long because it gets slower and slower as it continues. There’s this other piece to it which is the amount of Bitcoin that’s been burned already.

For example, back when you were having whatever thing happened to you in 2017, I was having entire Bitcoin stolen from me as part of a Ponzi scheme scam thing where the guy eventually the FBI got involved and it was like a $10 million Bitcoin rip-off. The Bitcoin was worth like $9,000 when he got the $10 million worth.

You are talking about a chunk of Bitcoin. It’s funny because crypto is a very small world. I went to parties where I met the people who had beaten the crap out of this guy. I saw a video of it that made me feel sorry for him and I never thought I’d feel sorry for anybody who stole from me personally. In this $10 million scam, he basically destroyed the computer i.e. the cold wallet where the Bitcoin was stored.

That Bitcoin is gone forever. There are other stories like that where the Bitcoin has been burned and it is gone, so we are never going to see 21 million. I’m in intuitive numbers and I have some idiot-savant thing that I do, so I can sometimes hear what the number is. When I ask, I hear that three million Bitcoin don’t exist anymore. I will never know if that could be wrong, but that’s what I hear when I check in about it.

You are pretty accurate. They don’t know exactly because, let’s remember this, the Bitcoin has not disappeared. It’s in there in some wallet. They are on the blockchain. It’s recorded that it’s in that wallet. Even though they can’t physically access it, it’s still there, but nobody can access it. It’s as if somebody has bought it and is keeping it in that wallet forever so it will never be in circulation. We will reach 21 million Bitcoins being mined, but the around 3 to 4 million is what’s predicted are never most likely 99.99% most likely never going to be in circulation ever again. That reduces its supply even more.

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Let’s say I wanted to study with you. What is the platform that you do your teaching for? Where do people go to find out more about you? What can you share about that?

The best thing I like to do is have people come through one of my social media and I have them fill out a form so I can get their details and then guide them to the right way for them to start. I do like to make things quite personal because every person starts at different points. The platform which I teach on is called IM Mastery Academy.

On that platform, I have my own channel along with other qualified educators. Even there, we don’t give financial advice. It’s purely education. It’s cool because we have chat boxes. We go live and we answer people’s questions directly. We have recordings and hundreds of hours of recordings. That’s the main platform that I teach on. Personally, within my team and my coaching, we do extra smaller group calls because the platform I’m on is hundreds of thousands of students around the world.

Whereas personally, through my team and my coaching, we do smaller or more closer teaching and guiding for people. I’m excited. As I was saying, I’m stepping into not the financial astrology side of things but so much more this feminine way of reading the markets and understanding cryptocurrencies. We have some exciting things coming along with all of that as well and teaching more of that in our coaching.

If you are interested in studying with Corinne or you are interested in getting more information, we are going to have this on HalleEavelyn.com/blog or on GoddessOfCrypto.me. Corinne, I ask people when they are on the show, for the women of this audience and the women who are excited but maybe scared about crypto, what’s one more thing that you want them to know?

Women, I want you to know that you are enough that you can do this. Even though it seems like we live in a man’s world, there is so much more room for women, and the world needs more women in general. When it comes to crypto, it can be so simple. There are so many different aspects of crypto that you can find your niche and the thing that works for you that you feel that alignment and flow with. Now, we have spoken about trading investing, but we didn’t even touch on NFTs, play to earn, Metaverse, and Decentralized Finance or DeFi. There are so many things behind it. There’s room for everyone. It can be simple. What I can say is if you are finding it complex, find a woman coach. Have you ever read the book or heard of Men Are Like Waffles–Women Are Like Spaghetti?

YGA 38 | Astrology Of Crypto

Men Are Like Waffles–Women Are Like Spaghetti: Understanding And Delighting In Your Differences


I have to share this. Biologically, we think differently. We think and process information in different ways. Men are like waffles. They have those little squares on top.

The lines versus the curves. Yes.

They literally think one thing at a time. Instead, women imagine a plate with spaghetti all over it. We have one million different thoughts. We are multitasking, doing 1 million things all at the same time. We are a lot more in flow versus a step-by-step. I say find a woman coach because she might be the one that can help you step into the way that you receive and process information. Honestly, if I can do it, anybody can.

Corinne, thank you so much for being a guest on the show.

Thank you so much. It’s been a pleasure. I always love connecting.

If you liked this episode, please like it, comment on it, and review it. We would love more reviews on iTunes and on YouTube and on all your favorite platforms. Please share this with the women in your world, your wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, girlfriends, and anybody you want to see succeed. Remember, the future of finance is female. I will see you next time.


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