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The new energy of money is coming and it’s bringing no gatekeepers with it. It’s an even playing field now in the world of cryptocurrency. Women have more control over their money than ever before! Join your host Halle Eavelyn as she shares the reason why she started this new podcast, Goddess of Crypto. Discover why decentralized finance is more feminine in nature. How this is the time to learn about BitCoin, blockchains, DeFi, and more. Get into it because this new wave of energy will change the financial world forever.

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The New Energy Of Money

The sacred divine feminine is creative, abundant, flowing, receiving and disruptive. The new energy of money, including cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, NFTs and even the metaverse is all these things too. Welcome to The Goddess of Crypto, a weekly show where women who are already in this powerful space will cover these topics simply so you can relax into knowing that the future of finance is female.

I am Halle Eavelyn and I am a transformational wealth coach. I am not an economist. I do not play one on TV. I have not been in the financial sector in the sense that I didn’t get my degree in it. I didn’t come up through the world of banking and finance. It’s interesting that I have moved into the space, not the transformational wealth coaching space. That has to do with the work that I have been invited to do in the world and how much more money I make for my clients when I do it.

It’s rather this idea of the new energy of money. Where is it coming from? Why somebody like me who doesn’t have that strong and educational background in finance? Where am I coming up with the idea that it’s a space that I even want to play in, let alone devote my life to? The answer is that like everything else, I got a download about it. I got an invitation from spirit, guidance, god, goddess or whatever it is you want to call it. That’s where everything started.

I’m going to tell you that story first so that you will have an idea of why I’m here and what it is that I hope to accomplish with this show. We’re going to dive into some powerful and big concepts. In future episodes, I’m going to have some of the most powerful women in this disruptive space of cryptocurrency, DeFi, and the metaverse on the show. I already am coming out of the gate with some amazing powerhouse women who have agreed to participate in my grand experiment with me.

Goddess Of Crypto Origins

I want you to understand the background of why I’m here and what I hope to accomplish as an ordinary woman in this extraordinary space and time. I have been following cryptocurrency and fascinated by it since 2013. I have a dear friend who was in Bitcoin early on. I went to him in 2013 and said, “Tell me about the stuff.” I was too early. He told me about mining Bitcoin, which is like creating tokens out of thin air. That’s what I think about mining.

I didn’t know enough about it at the time. I went away and it was like, “We would have to buy some equipment.” It was too confusing for me. I went away and then came back into the space in 2017. I have had a crypto portfolio since then. The purpose of this show isn’t about crypto even though it’s called Goddess of Crypto. In June 2021, I fell off my bike. I was given such a big download that it knocked me sideways. I didn’t hurt myself or anything but I keeled over because I was so overwhelmed by what I was catching.

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At that moment, the name Goddess of Crypto came through and it began a trajectory. I can’t even call it a path. If you know anything about crypto, they’re always talking about tokens going to the moon. They show it by showing a rocket ship. They use the rocket ship emoji. I feel like I have been on a rocket ship emoji. This download was about the new energy of money and how there’s a coming tsunami of the new energy of money.

The New Wave Of Money

We are being called into a new way and a new wave of the way that we use and think about money, and the way that the financial world is going to be altered forever by the advent of Bitcoin and everything that has come because of it. There’s so much to talk about and unpack here. I’m going to keep it general, but what I’m going to say that’s important for you as a reader or viewer is I want to explain things in words so small that any human being can understand them.

Women have been told for 3,000 years that we don’t have the right to our own money. I don’t believe that is true anymore. However, in the United States at least, thank you, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, it was 1974 in my lifetime when women could have access to her own bank account, credit cards and mortgage, not in the name of her husband or her father or not jointly held by her husband or her father. That means that it has been less than 50 years since women in the United States were trusted with their own money.

I moved fully into the space of wealth coaching because that to me is hideously wrong. Women are so powerful and capable. We have been told for not just centuries but millennia or thousands of years that we were too stupid to have our own money. We weren’t allowed to have our own money. When we got it, it was often confiscated through land rights, and taken away from us through marriage.

That’s a big thing. Why do you think queens became married? Queens would get married because they brought the land with them. At that moment, the land went to the king and then the queen became a lot less important because there’s no such thing as a divorce in that society. At least, there wasn’t for a very long time. Women were given this birthright of wealth poverty and that to me is done. We’re over that.

However, just as your grandparents were told that they had to work hard to get ahead because physical labor was a big thing in that generation, and now we’re all sitting at home in front of our computers but we still have that many generational legacy of, “I got to work hard for my money.” We also have been given this many generational legacy of, “I don’t have the right to my own money.” What’s going on with this new energy of money is changing all of that.

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New Energy Of Money: With this new wave of energy, money is changing. This means that the playing field is being leveled. Women have equal access to both the education and the physical experience of wealth.


It means that we’re leveling the playing field. For the very first time, women have equal access to both the education and the physical experience of wealth. It’s changing the rights of our countries, people, and children to have wealth. It was announced that El Salvador decided to build something they’re calling Bitcoin City. They are funding it using Bitcoin municipal bonds. They’re going to raise a crazy amount of money using these municipal bonds.

It’s a fascinating time where we’re getting to experience and be on the bandwagon before anybody else is. This is why I fell off my bike because I have seen this energy before and I got to experience back when I was a pup in my first company this powerful new wave called the internet. While the internet was nascent, there were a lot of people who thought it was a terribly stupid idea. I lived through all of that. I got to see the advent of the cellphone, the iPad and online shopping.

Jeff Bezos was the idiot. I was in Seattle at the time when Amazon started because I was running an interactive movie company, which was the first of its kind. There were a lot of people who thought we were crazy as well. I got to see Jeff Bezos be called a complete idiot by many people, “Why would you call a book company Amazon? Who wants to buy books online?” That was what everybody said the first several years that Amazon was around.

Embracing Change

You look back and he’s the richest person in the world and you think, “He saw that happening. He created that path for himself.” There is a lot of that going on now. People do not like change. They are terrified of change. I remember when Steve Jobs stood on that stage and said, “We’re going to give you 100 songs in your pocket.” My agent at the time in LA said, “Why would you want that stupid thing?” I came into his home three years later and he was tearing up his music collection.

I’m like, “What are you doing?” He goes, “I’m digitizing everything. These CDs are stupid. Everything needs to be online.” I remember thinking when he thought that was a dumb thing that there were going to be 100 songs in your pocket, then there were 1,000 and now it’s unlimited. Everybody understands the idea of online music, but there was a time when they thought it was completely stupid, a waste of time, and didn’t make any sense. “Why wouldn’t you want your CDs, records, 8-tracks, Betamax or this stupid VHS?”

It’s interesting to have been through the experience of so many different technology beginnings. I was already in the internet world when I heard the famous Marshall McLuhan quote where he said, “Information is doubling too fast for us to keep track.” I thought, “I’m going to be here while that’s happening. I’m so excited. I will be at that moment.” Now, we can’t get to the end of the internet because there’s too much information.

It’s happening so much faster and those people who are adaptable to change, embrace change and liked the idea of disruption, it’s their time. That’s what’s coming for all of us. It’s a powerful change. When I say crypto, I am generalizing because I mean decentralized finance, cryptocurrency, blockchain, stablecoins, altcoins, the metaverse, Web 3.0 and all of it.

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Decentralized Finance Is Feminine

The download that I got from crypto was that it is all inherently feminine. It belongs to the realm of the feminine, but not just to women. I don’t want to get into the specifics about women versus men. I’m not saying it’s just women but I’m saying, “Is it the Black Lives Matter? Is it the All Lives Matter? Black Lives Matter too because all lives matter.” That’s what I’m saying here. Women are being invited into this experience. Men were already there. We don’t need to talk about whether men are going to have the right to the money.

Men don’t have that question. Women have that question. Women feel inherently but not all women. I do this for a living and most of the women that I’ve ever gotten the privilege of coaching into more financial abundance, there’s this energy of, “I’m not good enough. I cannot have enough. It will be taken away from me if I have it.” There’s a fear that comes along with that, which is inherent because we have this legacy going back thousands of years.

All of this decentralized finance is the new energy of money. That is not female. It is feminine. What that means is there is the creative and the actionable experience. The feminine creates and the masculine does. The feminine is the idea and the masculine is the executor of that idea. In this regard, the sacred divine feminine principles at work are creative, flowing, abundant and disruptive, all of which are the realm of the female.

Should You Drink The Kool-Aid?

That is what is so exciting about what is going on in this space. Women have been scaring people for generations, and the idea of crypto is very scary to a lot of people. I heard from a dear friend, somebody who has been in finance all of his adult life. He didn’t say this in so many words but he told me not to drink the Kool-Aid. What he saw was that I was getting sucked into the cult of crypto. Those are not the words that he used but that was the idea that I saw.

He knows me to be a thinking person who cares deeply about people and that I work with women. He has seen me move into this space of transformational wealth coaching, and now that he sees me moving into the space of DeFi and crypto, it’s raising a bunch of red flags. He feels that it is destabilizing to the economy and thereby, the country. There’s a whole faction of people who feel this way.

In a way, it is, but it’s disrupting something that is already happening. There is a veritable tsunami of change that is coming. I can see and feel it already. I can feel that this is this generation’s version of the internet. You don’t have to believe me. Twenty years from now, you will look back and go, “That’s what was going on.” What if you knew about it in advance, get the education, and the experience and participate now before it has gone mainstream? Wouldn’t that be helpful to you?

YGA 1 | New Energy Of Money

New Energy Of Money: The feminine is the idea and the masculine is the executor of that idea. The sacred divine feminine principles at work are creative, flowing, abundant, and disruptive. All of which is the realm of the female.


That is what this show is going to do. It’s going to give you that. We’re going to be talking to the finest female minds in the space and maybe some masculine minds as well and men. The plan is to get the women who are already doing this in front of you because as a friend of mine said very smartly, “You can’t be what you can’t see.” I want all of you to see that there are powerful women that are already here that we believe in, and that we are experiencing already this coming wave of new money energy.

Bitcoin itself has been around for a decade. It was the first wave of decentralized finance. Many stuff has been created because of that and yet, Bitcoin, crypto and DeFi have been under a shroud for a long time. There are a bunch of reasons for that. It was explained to me very well by a dear friend who said to me, “When I hear the word blockchain, I think of cinderblocks and gray things that I can’t see through.”

She said, “It shouldn’t be called cryptocurrency. It should be called transparocurrency if it’s going to be transparent.” This is the idea that is going to stop a bunch of financial fraud because the transaction itself is locked into the blockchain, which makes it inherently impossible to have fraud. That’s an oversimplification and I’ll get into that with people who know a lot more than I do on other episodes.

Crypto In The Mainstream

One of the beautiful things about the blockchain is that it is designed to make sure that there is no longer any financial fraud. We have the Pandora Papers and the Panama Papers to give us some insight into the amount of financial fraud that is possible and is going on on the planet. If blockchain is going to change all that, we should at least give it a chance. We’re at this unique time where we are just starting to begin to see the beginnings like we’re getting ready to get ready for DeFi to go mainstream.

In addition to this whole shrouded and criminal activity aspect, was crypto being used on the dark web during the early versions of it? Sure. Is there a lot of money laundering that goes on with regular currency? Yes. What part of this are you looking at? Are you looking at where it’s the problem or the solution? We will get into the specifics of this in other episodes, but I want you to know that I want to shed light on all aspects of this in simple ways that we are going to be able to understand, and that we are going to be able to help implement so that our money lives can be better.

Over the years, Bitcoin and crypto have had a very libertarian bent. That means it has been a plaything of the far-left. I have libertarian tendencies in some regards. In other regards, being a libertarian is way over on the one side of things. I prefer things to be more in the middle. I am much more of a centrist. What I can see is that Bitcoin specifically, followed by crypto generally, DeFi in a bigger picture, blockchain as part of that, and the metaverse that’s coming are moving into the mainstream.

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That’s making a lot of people in crypto very unhappy because they have been there and they got there first, and they like the people who have already shown up at the party. They don’t want it to go from a rave into a club that anybody can get into because it’s not going to be so crazy. It’s going to be more mainstream, which means more regulations, taxes and the government is getting involved, all of which is happening. It’s not a question of if. It is a question of when.

The Desire To Help People Get Into It

If you are participating in this, it’s the Wild West. There’s no question but it’s not going to stay the Wild West. In the next 1 to 2 years, we’re going to see a lot of regulation come in. This is a great time to get in because what I’m seeing in this whole movement is a desire to help, nurture and assist. In a lot of cases, it’s for free. People just want to give a hand like, “I’m getting educated. Let me help you get educated.” This is a very female way of looking at the world.

For example, statistically, women who make $1 will put between $0.80 and $0.90 of that dollar back into the community. When a man makes that same dollar, it is between 30% and 40%. I will make sure that you have the backup to this statistic. It’s already written down. I’m not quoting anybody but whenever I quote statistics, I am going to make sure that those are available on my website so that you can see where this information comes from. I don’t want to just be somebody spouting random information at you. I want you to know that I read constantly. I’m sucking up all of this information as fast as I can possibly get, and I’m using my discernment with it. I encourage you to do the same.

If this doesn’t resonate with you, you will turn it off and never watch it again. If it does resonate with you, then you will get a chance over the next many episodes to hear from some of the brightest and most powerful women who are in this space because they want to help too. They want women to get educated about money, finance, and their birthright of wealth as much as I do. It’s a powerful time. It is an inherently feminine aspect because that is the nurturing way that is the female.

No Gatekeepers

Is it just women? No. There are men supporting women in this space like crazy. On the other hand, I was at a crypto event and a guy said to me, “The reason that most women aren’t into DeFi and crypto is because they think money is dry.” I looked him straight in the eye, this kid who was a third of my age, and said, “All the women I know who hear about what’s going on in crypto and DeFi, it makes them wet.” I was shocked that this came out of my mouth.

It was as stupid for me to say that and generalize in that way as it was for him too. Seriously, with all the women I know, the sexiest thing they can talk about is crypto, DeFi and where money is going. It’s because it’s so juicy, what’s happening now. It’s so powerful and you’re invited. We all have the same engraved invitation. That’s the thing that’s so beautiful about DeFi in general. There are no gatekeepers the way that there are in the regular world of finance.

YGA 1 | New Energy Of Money

New Energy Of Money: Bitcoin, DeFi, blockchain, and the metaverse are all moving into the mainstream. This is making a lot of people in crypto, very unhappy. They got there first, they already like the people there.


I’m generalizing because there are pieces of it and it is coming along with more regulation. What it has allowed already is people in Third World countries who have no access to ID cards and banks to be able to have wallets with values stored on them for the very first time. They can use it to get important things like water and food. That is changing Third World countries and it will continue to do so in a huge way going forward.

The future episodes are going to address all of this. The idea with the show is that we’re taking this ancient divine feminine principle and remarrying it with the future of money. That was the download that I got that knocked me off my bike. There’s such power here and your mission, ladies, if you choose to accept it is to join me every week here in this space where we are going to be talking about the things that you care about when it comes to this new energy and future of money.

I navigated the internet in 1995. I was on AOL Messenger when it was the only way to communicate with somebody. I loved learning all of that stuff but it would have helped to have had a guide and a roadmap. Since the internet was the information age coming into its own, the internet itself wasn’t a great resource for gaining information about itself, but now we have it. We are going into Web 3.0 in the next couple of years. As this is starting to unfold, we can use the internet itself to learn about this new energy of money wave.

Please subscribe to this series, tell your friends about it, and write to me and tell me what you want to know, what you want episodes to be about, and what your questions are. I don’t teach crypto and investing, and I’m not going to. However, I will be bringing women on the show who do, who know what they’re talking about, and who have your best interests at heart. Please do yourself a favor and bookmark this show on your favorite platform and show up every week. I can’t wait to share the show with all of you. I hope it will help make you understand, welcome, and allow your birthright of wealth. Blessings.

Every week, transformational wealth coach Halle Eavelyn leads a conversation that helps to ensure that women everywhere can learn to surf the coming tsunami of the new energy of money. You can find her at GoddessOfCrypto.me. Be sure to subscribe to the show on your favorite platform or watch the show on YouTube. Remember, wealth isn’t just your privilege. It’s your right.


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