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The Goddess of Crypto is here for you because the future of money is women. Women are here to lead the shift into the next phases of money and finance. Back then, women were not allowed to control their wealth. But that’s all changing right now! Women can enter the crypto space on an even playing field with men. Join Halle Eavelyn as she shares how she found the Goddess of Crypto. Learn how she got introduced to Bitcoin and what the future of the banking industry looks like. Start getting educated on money today!

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The Goddess Of Crypto Is Here Just For You

Welcome to another episode of Goddess of Crypto. I have been wanting to do this episode for a long time, but it seemed like there were so many things that we had to talk about first. There were so many things about the specifics of crypto and about the specifics of what’s going on in web3 and women and money.

There are always these valuable and important topics to discuss. In this episode, I want to talk about the goddess of crypto, who she is to me, and why I think this will be important to you. I tell women about the show all the time, I go to crypto events, I talk to people on the street and whenever I say it’s by women for women, which it’s by women for women, but it involves a lot of women. My entire staff is female as well. Everybody who’s involved in the production that works directly with me is a woman. There are men who support women.

I think there are a lot of beautiful ways in which women are involved with this. Whenever I tell women about it, they get so excited. I’ve found that every time I ask somebody to be on my show, her usual response is, “Absolutely,” and she gets enthusiastic and sometimes misty-eyed. I’ll end up standing in the hall of a trade show as hundreds of people walk by.

We’re lost in our own world for a few minutes as we are imagining why this show exists, which is to help other women meet my speakers but also to help all the women who may not even know this show exists yet or who may not even know that crypto exists yet, but they’re getting this call. They’re yearning for something more.

That’s why this is here. I want to mention I talked about this back in the first episode, but we’re almost up to episode 30, so it’s a good time to revisit it. I told this story in the first episode, but you’re not going to go all the way back there. I’m going to share this story and that’s the download that I got that caused me to start creating this show.

YGA 33 | Goddess Of Crypto

Goddess Of Crypto: Mining Bitcoin was so expensive back then because the cost of energy was more expensive than the value of the Bitcoin itself. It was unjustifiable at that time.


I think that’s going to explain a lot, but I also feel like this is partly, maybe, the woo whispers that have been going on in your ear. The little feeling in the pit of your stomach, in the back of your mind, or something that stuff’s changing. There are things coming down the pike that we, as women, can be involved in, and there are opportunities for us along the way.

Introduction To Bitcoin

I was out on a bike ride and while I was riding my bike, all of a sudden, all of the things that had been happening to me the previous weeks and months all coalesced into this awareness that what I had experienced back many years ago when I was a very young woman, as 1 of 5 female executives in the software industry. I was 1 of 5 women running a company in the software business at the time and I had fallen into that position.

I certainly not gone to school for it. Not studied for it. At the time, CD-ROMs were starting to be a thing, the concept of interactive media. The company was called Hyperbole. The hyper part of Hyperbole was called that because of hyperlinks or what we call links now. Everywhere on the internet, you’ve got links. Click and it’s a link. There was a time that was revolutionary and you could build an entire company around the fact that’s your one thing went to another thing.

I was at the beginning of all of that. I had this download that was happening again like that this time had rolled around again. Many years later, there was this new totally nascent industry and it was being given an opportunity to have powerful legs. I, ironically, had come to Bitcoin first back in 2013. I was getting impulses to go out and learn about Bitcoin and I did. I went and talked to a friend of mine, a man that I had worked with back at Hyperbole. I said, “What is this Bitcoin stuff?” He explained it to me, but at the time, it involved mining.

By the way, he’s like one of the Bitcoin OGs and he’s made billions of dollars in Bitcoin. If I had figured out about mining that day, I would have matched him. At that time, I went home and told the men in my life, my partner and my father, “We need to get some mining equipment and mine Bitcoin.” As I said, I would’ve matched him if I had known or if I had made, but I know a lot of people who got into mining at that time. It was so expensive because of the cost of energy. It cost them more than the value of the Bitcoin at the time was unjustifiable. A lot of things had to fall into place.

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For me, none of them did at that time, so I let it go and didn’t even come back to it until 2017, when I became a whole coiner. If you studied some of the earlier episodes of Goddess of Crypto, the vocabulary episodes, you know what that means that you own at least one whole Bitcoin. At the time that I became a whole coiner, they were selling for under $10,000 a coin. I, unfortunately, was part of a huge scam.

You can go back to some of the earlier episodes to read the details of this part, but I lost all of my Bitcoin. That was so hard for me, but it didn’t make me want to give up. It made me want to get back in more. When I got this download, I had been to a party at the home of my friend, the Bitcoin billionaire. I had walked into the room and seen everybody and the energy in the room, talked to people, made these incredible connections, and was so jazzed.

I remember driving home and I called my father. We have a great relationship. Now that I talk about money and wealth all the time, we even have a better one because he feels like he can talk to me about that stuff too. I called him and I was like, “You cannot believe what’s going on now or how important this feels. This feels like what was happening at the beginning of the interactive media industry,” which was about 3 or 4 years before the internet went mainstream.

Let’s say 1995, we’d already been in business for, I think, three years at that time when we first got online and first started using what was the web. That was such a powerful and potent time. I could feel that time was happening again. The way that people talked and people were thinking about ideas and expansion. It was so amazing. I met a couple of women that evening that I’m still good friends with that I thought were super powerhouses.

Some of them had been in crypto since 2012, 2013 and had been running portfolios and had made millions of dollars. Some of them told me the story of having lost millions and made them again. It was all fascinating. I was on my bike and all of a sudden, I could feel all of these different pieces coming together. It nearly knocked me off my bike. I almost fell off. I rolled into the curve and it was very wobbly for a minute.

YGA 33 | Goddess Of Crypto

Goddess Of Crypto: Bitcoin is not the disruptor. It may have that effect, but that is not why it was created. It was created so that people could stop being broke.


Why Bitcoin Was Created

My sweetie was like, “Are you okay?” I was like, “Yes.” I’m toppling over. It was so powerful to feel everything coming into awareness. The message that I got at that moment was that there was a future in money, in finance that was different from the one that we have now. It’s going to be a bumpy road to get there, but women are here to lead the shift into this next phase. That concept is what I call the goddess of crypto. There’s this very feminine, disruptive, revolutionary aspect to crypto itself and to the disruption of the financial industry. Now, the financial industry is not being disrupted in a vacuum.

In fact, Bitcoin was created as a safe haven, I’ll call it, for what happens when the existing financial system collapses. Now, there are a lot of people now because I pay attention to this stuff like it’s my religion. There are a lot of people out there who are saying, “Bitcoin is the disruptor,” and that’s not true. It may have that effect, but that is not why it was created.

Bitcoin was created because somebody saw this coming and said, “I don’t want to be stuck being broke.” I’m going to do another episode after this one about my experience in Columbia because I want to talk about the value of money and about my observations of being a world traveler and getting to travel to different countries. We have seen what is going to happen in the United States and other countries. Now, unfortunately, it’s happening in Lebanon. If you don’t know that Lebanon has shut down its banks and refused to allow its citizens to make withdrawals from those banks, you need to know that, at least at the time of this recording, that is what has happened.

I don’t know if, by the time you read this, it will still be the case. I certainly hope not. I hope that Lebanon is able to reopen its banks but Lebanon, for example. You’re talking about a country that has immense wealth historically and is a very proud country. All the Lebanese men I’ve ever dated were more than one. They shared with me very proudly about their culture and about, their history and their feelings of worth and wealth.

I’ve found that Lebanon was always very rich in its culture as well as its history, but what’s going on there now is a harbinger of things to come. It is not the only one. There have been several countries in South America where the currency has been so devalued that it is literally not worth the paper that it is printed on.

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I have seen handbags made from that country’s money like paper origami put together into handbags literally. In Cypress in 2012, they had a run again, a country that considered itself having extreme resources and “all of a sudden,” there was a run on the banks and the banks closed. The citizens were only allowed, I think, they could take out like $12,000. Here’s the thing we think, “FDIC insured up to $250,000,” the end of all the banking ads. FDIC insured up to $250,000 or it’s an investment then it says, “This investment is not insured in any way. You could lose 100% of it.” It’s like the small print at the end of an ad.

That is something that you never ever want to have to put to the test. You don’t want to find out that your money is insured, that you lose everything above a quarter million dollars. If you have more than a quarter million dollars in any bank account, open another account at a different bank because it won’t matter that, “This was in my savings account. This was in my checking account. This was in my business checking account. This was in my business savings account, not my personal.”

It isn’t personal versus business. It is for the institution, $250,000 total. I had to go to more than one bank to make sure that I had hedged against that. However, again, if the system run on the banks, the financial system collapses, as happened in Lebanon, as had happened in Cyprus, as in between has happened in multiple South American countries. We are not going to be able to say, “Insurance, please pay for that,” because the insurance companies will have their banking accounts collapsed also.

There will be a promise to pay at some point in the future. There have been some cryptos scams lately and there have also been bad choices made by several crypto companies. When I say crypto companies, crypto exchanges, crypto companies are as susceptible to making dumb choices as regular companies, but on some crypto exchanges, the crypto exchanges made the mistake of lending beyond their means. We could probably do an entire episode about how all they’re doing is modeling this on regular banks, regular cash banks, Fiat banks because they’re able to loan on multiples of what they have in the bank.

If you want to come to get your money out like they do in that scene in the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, which I must quote. Your money isn’t at this bank. “Your money is in her house and his house. How much do you want? I could get away with $10. Now we can give out $10 to everybody then the money will come back in.” That’s how Jimmy Stewart gets away with not having a run on his bank. He talks to people because, in those days, there was real money and real relationships and everything was backed by the gold standard and all the things that we don’t have now.

The Future Of The Banking Industry

YGA 33 | Goddess Of Crypto

The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine

When it comes to the future of the banking industry, what I saw that day on my bike was that there is this collapse coming. We’ve printed 80% of all the money in existence. All the money in circulation has been printed in the last two years. That is not good. Now we’re saying inflation is 30%, which explains why my $3 butter is now $4 butter, but it doesn’t explain how you go from 80% more money but 30% inflation.

By the way, 30% inflation on food, 30% inflation on gas. Supposedly, only 6% inflation or 7% inflation. Now, the fed is raising interest rates and that’s going to be counteracted. This is all manipulated upon manipulated and the problem with that can be seen when we go back to 2008. I’m going to recommend, if you haven’t seen or, better yet, read The Big Short, please do. The Big Short is not only a brilliant movie and an even better book, but it also explains the collapse of the mortgage industry in plain English.

It’s a valuable lesson because, as they say, history doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes. The way that history rhymes in the case of 2008 was it showed us that when we created mortgages, then broke those mortgages into bundles that were the best mortgages, A-class to the worst mortgages, D-class, then re-bundled all the D-class mortgages. Now call them B-class and stuck them back in there in the middle. That’s basically what we did over and over again until all of the big banks and big companies, which is why some of the biggest ones did go out of business.

Everything they were doing in the mortgage industry was completely predatory, mostly illegal. There weren’t any specific laws against the exact portion of the thing that they were doing but the laws were more like, “Don’t do this stupid thing because it doesn’t make any sense that everybody got so greedy. That is what is going on with the economy now.

Nobody’s looking around and saying, “We need to step it back a little bit. We had this pandemic and everybody was out of work for so long. Let’s curtail spending.” It isn’t like that. It’s, “Let’s go back to boom times as quickly as possible,” in a cycle that is impossible to perpetuate. I’ll give you another good example. This is basically about the math of it.

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Back when I was running that company, Hyperbole Studios, we were one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry. I want to say it was like it wasn’t Forbes or like Inc, something like that. It was one of the big business magazines and it was the Fast 50. Maybe it was Fast company, which had a magazine at the time, Fast company, Fast 50, whatever. We were one of the fastest-growing companies.

The next year, we were on the list again then the next year, we were nowhere on the list. Why? It’s because it’s easy to be the fastest-growing thing when you’re tiny. It’s pretty easy to be the fastest-growing thing when you’re doubled from the previous year or tripled or quadrupled or whatever. Once you get to a certain size, it’s hard to keep growing at that rate. In fact, it gets almost impossible very quickly.

The only way that we would’ve been able to maintain that growth in our third or fourth year would have been to have gotten huge very quickly, which has its own set of business problems because you don’t want to grow a company too fast. We are experiencing the same expansions and contractions in economics that we were experiencing as a company and that the countries have been experiencing, which has caused the runs on the banks.

That’s we aren’t capable of growing at those rates, but that’s what the status quo is supposed to be. We can’t maintain it and it’s very difficult. We end up with these large cycles now, but it’s like the rollercoaster where we go. I’m thinking more about the ride that’s like the Viking ship where it swings all the way over to the left like a pendulum and all the way over to the right like a pendulum. As it does, you are getting sicker because the swings are bigger. I think that was the first time I ever threw up after an amusement park ride.

Women Are The Key

I loved the stuff like that, but it got to be too much for my system. This stuff gets to be too much for our system as well. We are getting way past that breaking point. My Goddess of Crypto awareness was that women are the key to turning this around. Women are very interesting. I’ve now, by this time, talked to hundreds of women about their money situations because I’m a transformational wealth coach. I have also talked to a lot of women when they meet me at shows.

YGA 33 | Goddess Of Crypto

Goddess Of Crypto: Get out there and get educated on money. Don’t let other people tell you what to do with your money. Money is just like energy; it can be unlimited.


I get to hear their stories before they come on and speak on this show. I study this stuff. I’m paying attention on Telegram, Twitter and Discord and all of the different platforms. I love it. I’ve also read a lot. I’ve got this entire library of money books that I’ve been reading and acquiring more information about by women for women.

It fascinates me because we have been told for 3,000 years that money didn’t belong to us, that we didn’t have any value with money. I remember as a girl being told by my father, who laughs now and says how ridiculous that was, but it was the ‘70s. I was a kid many years ago and remembered that by 1974, women could have their own credit cards in their own name, their own mortgages in their own name and their bank accounts in their own name.

In 1972 and 1971, they were still getting those rights. You would have your dad sign with you unless you were married then you would have your husband sign with you. You, yourself didn’t have any separate value from the men in your life. When my father says to me as a kid, “Don’t worry, sweetie. Your job is to go to college and marry a rich man. Your husband will take care of all of that for you.” He’s telling me what his parents told him because he needed to take care of his wife and what everybody was saying in those days.

That was many years ago. That was such a different time because we have shifted so much. Now, we’ve unshifted in some very important areas. However, when it comes to our right to have money, to belong to money, to have a relationship with money, to have money be your hot husband or your BFF instead of this difficult relationship that you are not going to enjoy, that you don’t understand in the first place. Imagine having a friend who was so fly by night or who came and went whenever they felt like it or who was untrustworthy or who lied to you all the time and said, “We are going to go out and have these lavish dinners. No, wait. Psych, we’re not.” Whatever the story is about your money picture. You wouldn’t be friends with that person.

The thing is, you get to recreate the way that you feel about money from the inside first. You’re out picturing how you see yourself in the world based on how you see yourself inside. If you see yourself as broke on the outside, if you look in your bank account and you’re broke, you’ve got to shift your thinking first. There’s a whole lot of books and a reading list that I have as well because this is so important that you understand that you also are being given the call now to make a difference in your wealth, to make a difference in your belief system about wealth and your birthright of wealth.

You, as a woman, if you are fearing these words, you are being called to make a stand for your own value with money because there’s going to come a time when you are going to need that. There’s going to come a time when you will need that education, that experience, that alternate source of income, that alternate source of the ability to financially stand on your own feet. Now, I believe that’s where Bitcoin comes in. I believe that’s where crypto comes in.

You can believe in gold or silver or stashing it under your mattress. Although obviously, if the currency gets devalued, you won’t be able to do that. It’s about you getting educated so that you can make those choices. I got almost knocked off my bike so that I could come to this forum week after week and tell you different ways to get educated. Also, to help you see what was possible for you as you begin to grow your birthright of wealth as you begin to call on your version of the goddess of crypto to see what you are being called to do in the world.

Get Educated

I’ve wanted to share this with you for a long time and now I’m so glad that I did. Get out there, get educated, and decide what’s right for you. Don’t let other people tell you what to do with your money. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can only make a certain amount. Money is just energy. It is unlimited as the electricity that comes out of our walls.

It can be metered, but we can also find ways to harness like the solar power of the sun then it isn’t limited anymore. Somebody had to figure all of that out and now, we can all use it. Money has that capability as well. I hope that if this has resonated with you in any way that you will comment, like and review this episode. I want to share Goddess of Crypto not just with you but with all of the women in your life, your mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, friends. Please share the Goddess of Crypto with all of them. I will see you next episode.


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