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“I felt stuck as if I was in a deep hole and couldn’t get out. Halle has been my ladder. The climb has been an amazing journey.”

I would highly recommend Halle to anyone that is feeling stuck, lost, lacking clarity, and or unenergized. Her coaching techniques are amazing. You have to want it and be open to allowing yourself to shift your mindset.”

Shannon Brown

Brown Marketing Services

“Fire – I am on fire these days and radiating
with goodness!”

“I’ve been burned before. I’m most surprised that I’m actually trusting Halle. That is, I believe she has my best interests at heart, that she cares about me, and that she will guide me in the right direction.”

Sylvia Lerahl

Owner, Membership Fix

“I am honestly not even sure how I found Halle but I do know that it was out of sheer desperation after working with 2 very well-known, nationally acclaimed coaches and getting nowhere, I was at the end of my rope…

From our very first introductory meeting, I knew that I loved her “lovingly straight shooter” way. She called a spade a spade and that was so helpful to me because I knew that was where the magic could begin and it did! Not too many people have the courage to take me on seeing that I have suffered the worst tragedy that a Mother could go through and that is the loss of a child. I also personally suffered from my own childhood trauma.

Halle is confident in herself and that put me at ease knowing that she was not afraid to address and help me find some clarity and understanding for some of life’s hardest lessons while skillfully working towards releasing deeply held pain. I teach trauma-sensitive yoga. I understood deeply-rooted pain in the body and had a lot of tools, but was only able to feel relief temporarily. Halle has a gift for being able to strongly yet lovingly pinpoint where certain behaviors begin and then assist in transforming some of life’s pains into something else.

She’s like a jujitsu master for the soul.

If you are ready to shift your life into a meaningful one and truly feel your own power, I could not think of a better guide.”


Yoga Instructor

“Halle helped me “re-wire” my brain in a session. I was coming out of a grueling 18 months and had some serious misconceptions about myself.

I gained clarity fast! Halle’s who I call when I need MY ass kicked!”


Small Business Coach

“Halle has a rare gift. I’ve done this work with other people before, but it’s never gone this deep.

It’s really powerful. Highly recommend!”


Legal Assistant

“I had been in a dark place after the sudden ending of a relationship. As much as I did my own spiritual work and no matter how much I could see that this ending was for my best, I couldn’t shake the darkness. I would be fine and then, out of nowhere, start crying.

I had shut myself in at home, hoping the sadness and darkness would pass. I was the proverbial “sick and tired of being sick and tired” and I was ready and willing to open myself up to something different.

Halle led me through the process and I’ll admit – I was a little skeptical at first. But I could FEEL something releasing itself from me.

I was experiencing the darkness lifting with each repetition. It wasn’t a massive shift in energy but rather subtle, deeper breathing; a more relaxed body I found myself in. By the end of the session, I felt peaceful. I felt like I was going to make it. I felt like something had loosened its grip. I can’t explain it – I just accept that something shifted and healed in those moments with Halle.

I was finally able to really let go and live again. I am so grateful for Halle and her gifts and for her generosity of spirit that allows for those gifts to come forth!”


Social Media Manager

“I just wanted to let you know that I have had three friends tell me that they have seen a HUGE transition in my whole appearance and attitude in the past month. These comments were not due to a conversation we were having about my life. They just came up randomly.

It made me feel great that what I’m feeling inside is actually projecting outward. 



“When I first met Halle I was in a very dark, emotionally traumatic place in my life. I was on the edge of ending my own life. However, after a few sessions with Halle, I was able to begin to cope with and work through the issues which were tormenting me.

Her methods did more for me in a few sessions than a year with my therapist.

She is also the one person to successfully hypnotize me, which allowed me to mentally give my troubles physical form and confront them. I have been able to turn my negative self-talk into more positive words and now do my best to auto-correct any negative self-talk.”


Animal Activist

“Halle is not only a wonderful, spirited, strong, wise and brilliant spiritual coach, she is pretty damn financially savvy too…saved me $12,500 in one phone call. Now, THAT’s something!!

She helped me save my heart and that’s even better ♥”


RN, End-of-life doula, mentor & trainer

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