The recent Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has ruled against women’s abortion rights. Aside from losing the freedom to decide what happens to their own bodies, there is so much to be said about the threat this decision poses and the precedent it sets on other rights of women. Today, your host Halle Eavelyn speaks on these threats and the potentially dangerous implications of the ruling on human rights in general. This is about taking control away from women… and it’s only just beginning. We need to wake up and act now.

Listen in to learn why women’s financial sovereignty will be key to changing the course and taking back our power.

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Take Back Your Power: Crypto & Women’s Sovereign Rights

The Supreme Court Decision To Overturn of Roe v. Wade

I am going to talk about some hard stuff. The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is weighing very heavily on me and not because of my personal beliefs in abortion. Although, I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise that I believe that women should make their own decisions over their bodies.

What I am concerned about more than that is this overarching need for men, and I know that there is a woman on the Supreme Court who voted to overturn Roe v. Wade and does not believe that abortion is a woman’s right. Overall, men and women raised by those men under those same masculine structures have been told what to do with their bodies, and we have been told what to do with our bodies, finances, education, and choices for our lives, for centuries and for millennia.

What does this have to do with the show? What does this have to do with the stuff that I talk about every week? As far as I’m concerned, everything. If you read the very first episode of show that I recorded, I talk about this download that I had. I’m no surprise. I’m a very spiritual person, and occasionally I get these direct downloads and I had talked with much joy about the fact that this download was so strong and so powerful that it almost knocked me off my bike.

What it told me was that there was a coming tsunami of financial change, financial unrest, and financial shift and that my job in this, my mission should I choose to accept it was to help women in the world learn to surf the waves before they got knocked over by that tsunami. That was the seed for the show itself and for the work that I am doing in the world with transformational wealth coaching and choosing to focus on women specifically. It is the women who need to wake up to the fact that we have a birthright of wealth and that we were not granted that money because of the grace of men, but rather it is owned by us.

The thing that I said right after Roe v. Wade was overturned is there’s a difference this time than there has been in the past, and that is that we own our power. We know our power and now we can choose to take our power back. I got into a little bit of an altercation on Facebook. I’m sure many of you do. As one does these days, I got into a little bit of an altercation with somebody who is pretty radically into women’s rights and we’ll go and demonstrate and march in the streets and shout, and I said, “We need to do this differently.”

A bunch of her friends jumped in and she’s a wonderful person. Super-intelligent and I know her in person, not on Facebook and I respect the Christmas out of her. At this moment, she was like, “These platitudes aren’t enough, and we need to do more than talk about it,” and I totally agree. I think anger is such a base tool and that it isn’t working. It may be working right now for the side that is trying to overturn all of the laws. I don’t believe we are going to be stopping with Roe V. Wade.

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There is now a Don’t Say Gay bill that has become law in the state of Florida. Thank you, Ron DeSantis. They have announced in Orange County is a county and Florida where I live. I’m right outside of Miami. They announced that same-sex partners need to put their photos of their partners away and that they are not allowed to talk about being gay in school. No one is allowed to discuss it. You are supposed to report somebody that you think is gay or who likes to talk about it and that they have banned all rainbow clothing.

I saw a meme that I thought was pretty funny at the time. It was an engraving of Sir Isaac Newton, and he was showing light through a prism and the chair, which is not unlike this club chair that I’m sitting in, was reflecting a rainbow prism on it. The meme, the saying above it was, “Isaac Newton invents homosexuality.” That’s exactly the point.

I have been in love with rainbows since I was a little kid. Kermit was not singing about the rainbow connection because he was gay. Kermit was not singing about the rainbow connection to try to indoctrinate little kids to being gay. There’s so much ridiculous stuff in the world that we are all saying is okay or that we are ignoring, and I agree that we don’t want to do that.

Feed The Positive, Starve The Negative

I think that from a spiritual perspective, hate gets us more hate. Focusing on the thing that we don’t want gets us more of the thing that we don’t want. That is not my opinion either. You can look up sages across the universe since the beginning of the recorded word have been saying that if you don’t want something, don’t pray for it. Worry is negative prayer. If you are paying attention to something that you don’t want, you are giving attention to it.

I had this epiphany when I was, doing a cancer challenge. We had a friend who had cancer, but I had been volunteering before then, and then I volunteered after she got sick. I was looking up at a sign that said 60,000 people fighting cancer. I was like, “What if 60,000 people were affirming perfect health?” That’s the problem. We are all about fighting the thing that we don’t want instead of shifting into thinking about giving energy and attention to what we do want. Some of the mindset work that I do. Some of the basic mindset work is around the idea of watering the positive tree or the negative tree.

YGA 21 | Women’s Sovereign Rights

Women’s Sovereign Rights: Women have a birthright of wealth. We were not just granted that money because of the grace of men, but rather it is owned by us.


When you water the positive tree, you are giving it your attention, which is the same attention that if it were a physical tree, you would be giving air, light, and water. Those would be the equivalent in the spiritual world of your thoughts, and that would because the positive tree to grow. We have this tendency to give the negative tree all of our attention.

We’ll say like, “Somebody gave us a compliment.” That’s the positive tree, but now we are like, “I don’t deserve that compliment. That’s not true of me. I wish. Somebody else has more of it.” That’s eight negative thoughts going to the negative tree and only one going to the positive tree. What happens to a tree that you water? It grows, and what happens to a tree from which you would draw water, that you withhold that light, air, and energy? It withers and it dies.

It is not enough to feed the positive. You also have to starve the negative. When we are talking about fighting against something, we are giving it more attention. I believe that is why Donald Trump won the election. Nobody could talk about anything else but Trump. You either loved him or you hated him, but he sucked all the oxygen out of the room by his being, and he polarized everybody, and then that’s all anybody was thinking about.

Get Back The Power and Control

That is hard to get past because the people who were positive wanted him and the people who were negative didn’t want him not. They wanted somebody else. They just didn’t want him, and that gave him all of that extra energy that of the stuff that we didn’t want. The same thing is true. When it comes to something like Roe v. Wade, and I’m trying very carefully to choose my words because it’s not about the specifics of it. It is about the control of it. It is about women being controlled by anybody other than themselves.

I have heard many men say this and it makes me so crazy. Men say, “This isn’t a big deal. This is giving the rights back to the states.” That means that some states are going to say, for example, that in the case of rape or incest, a woman cannot have an abortion. What does that mean? It means women are being raped. It means women are being forced to have sex with their family members. Nobody in the world thinks having sex with your dad, uncle, or brother is okay unless you are in the middle of doing it. With the courts of law or whatever, everyone says, “No, that’s not all right.”

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Yet to have such a belief that abortion isn’t acceptable to the point where you would allow a woman who was raped by her father to carry her father’s child, to carry her own half brother or sister. That’s not about caring about life. That is about control. What I want you to know is not Halle’s opinion about abortion. That is not the point at all.

What I want you to hear is you are a sovereign entity and the only person that should be controlling you is you. What does that mean when it comes to crypto or when it comes to my download about the work that I’m supposed to do in the world. The message that I have for you now, more than anything else, is to get the power to choose for yourself. That power will come when you do not need to turn to your husband, father, boyfriend, brother, male colleague, or anyone else to get permission for your own sovereignty, especially financial sovereignty.

When you have your own money, you don’t have to worry about staying in that abusive relationship. You don’t have to work in a job that you don’t want to work in anymore. You get to make the decisions about where your children go to school, where they grow up, and who they grow up with. You don’t have to feel stuck inside of relationships that no longer serve you and probably didn’t in the first place.

We don’t get there. We believe that the men in our lives control us in some way. The fact that we allowed Roe v. Wade to be overturned and let’s face it, we allowed it to happen because by virtue of the fact that it happened. We are doing something that still says we are beholden to the patriarchy, and the patriarchy is basically old White guys.

I don’t know how else to put it that is clearer than that. Old White guys are telling women what to do, and they have been for hundreds and thousands of years. The difference is all the women that I know who are in the field that I’m in, we are doing coaching work. We are here doing transformational work. They consider themselves lightworkers or healers. We are all getting the call at the same time. The wake-up call.

YGA 21 | Women’s Sovereign Rights

Women’s Sovereign Rights: When it comes to something like Roe V Wade, it is not about the specifics. It is about the control of it. It is about women being controlled by anybody other than themselves.


Marianne Williamson said when the Roe v. Wade decision came out, she said, “This is telling women over to you.” I believe that we are headed in that direction, but until that happens, it’s going to look like a bunch of old White guys kicking and screaming because they do not want to hand the power over to women. Now women tend to be more cooperative and more collaborative because it is the realm of the feminine for the creative, cooperative, and collaborative. It is the realm of the masculine to be competitive.

When I say to a woman, “You were in the same business that I’m in. Great. How can we work together?” The woman is not usually thinking, how is she going to screw me. Do women screw each other over? Sure. Are women capable of tearing each other down instead of building each other up? All the time.

Every time I see a woman trolling another woman online, the Kardashians come to mind, like one of the Kardashians looks so fat in that bathing suit or whatever. It’s like we are trained by the world to show up not to support our sisters, but the world is a world of the masculine. The world is the world that says you don’t have to have your own money and rights over your own body.

Financial Independence and Women’s Sovereignty

That is the thing that we have got to get fixed through our financial independence, because when we have our own money, we have our own sovereignty. Do you know who sees that just as much as we do? The men, because that’s the game that they are playing. They already have that birthright of financial independence, sovereignty, and success.

When a woman applies for a job, they say, “If she doesn’t have at least 80% of the qualifications, the woman will not apply for the job.” Whereas if a man has any of the qualifications or it seems like a remote fit, he’s going to apply for the jobs. There’s a certain level of confidence that a woman doesn’t have or the woman is looking to fit that mold better to make sure that she is more of a fit than the man does.

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There are these kinds of inherent things that we have developed that society has helped develop in us because of the legacy of tens of generations of women being made less than being told that they were less than. In some cases, the extreme cases have their rights stripped from them and put to death. Women in India or in other countries are still being killed because they are raped. It’s called an honor killing. Get educated on this if you don’t know anything about it because it’s horrific.

Female genital mutilation, which is the process of cutting the clitoris out so that a woman won’t have sexual pleasure, is still being practiced in many countries, including my beloved Egypt, where I lead spiritual tours. It’s something that we have got to get more educated on. Women are still being stripped of their power. They are being stripped of their rights, pleasure, and finances.

If you are reading this, chances are you are a Western woman and the Dalai Lama said the world will be saved by the Western woman, and he didn’t mean women. He meant you, actual you and me, actual me. I cannot say that often enough. We are being invited into something new. If you are a Western woman reading this and you do not have to deal with the fact that you are being hugely oppressed.

Nobody’s trying to cut parts of your body out yet. You are still aware that they overturned a fundamental right of a woman to choose for herself what she’s going to do with parts of her body. If that doesn’t scare you, it should because we are being told what to do by old White guys, and that needs to stop.

The only way that it is going to stop is not with the protests, the anger, or the taking to the streets. If you are enraged and you need to process your rage in that way, go do it, but that is not going to be what changes the laws. It has not ever been yet. I love the idea that when I was in college, I did an ancient play. Lysistrata is an ancient Greek comedy that was set to music by a very talented songwriter.

YGA 21 | Women’s Sovereign Rights

Women’s Sovereign Rights: The problem isn’t just this particular thing being taken away. The problem is the precedent that it sets to take away other rights of women.


The upshot of the play is women get tired of war, and so they close their legs. They simply withdraw sex until the men stop going off to war and the ravages that all war entails. I have begun to think that we need to employ the Lysistrata approach and close our legs, which, ironically enough, would also reduce the number of pregnancies.

If we are not going to go over something like that, and I’m saying this semi-tongue in cheek, we are going to have to show our power in other ways. We are going to have to show our power through our ability to educate ourselves, to get financially sovereign so that we are capable of being personally sovereign so that we stop relying on men, except as we choose to as our life partners and beloveds.

I have talked to a lot of guys who are fairly enlightened about this stuff. I have spoken to a lot of men who are quite incensed over this change and the idea that if a woman doesn’t have sovereignty over her body, that she is not an equal citizen of the world with a man. That doesn’t seem to be bothering enough people. It’s certainly not bothering enough people to allow the laws to change.

I believe that there are going to be some interesting things that come up now. For example, I have read that the IRS says that you cannot apply for a tax credit for your unborn child because it is not considered a person. The government now has a contradiction because either it’s a person at conception or it’s a person at birth and the IRS and the judicial branch can’t have completely different opinions.

They can and do right now, but somebody will sue over it. There will be Supreme Court lawsuits about paternity. There will be Supreme Court lawsuits about men’s rights as parents. That the whole deadbeat dad’s issue will be coming up a lot because women can now begin to sue for healthcare, insurance and other issues that, up until this moment of codifying, life begins at conception. If you believe that, then you have to take care of the being until its birth in a different way than you do than if you don’t acknowledge that it exists until birth.

There are going to be some very interesting things that are coming up legally, but the bottom line is as a woman unless you want to go and fight those fights and some of you will want to. Fight with your wallet. Make your donations to the organizations that you believe in that you know will make a difference. Make your time contributions to organizations that you know will make a difference. Come at this from a place of, “I believe in myself. I believe that I should have the sovereign right over my own body.”

Not that you are going to have to go out and have an abortion. We’ll pass the age of you’ve been worrying about that. However, me making a decision for myself about my body is my sovereign right. You making a decision about your body is your sovereign right. The problem isn’t this particular thing being taken away. The problem is the precedent that it sets to take away other rights of women, and those things are coming as the patriarchy kicking and screaming objects to the calming matriarchy.

I don’t believe that’s going to happen in my lifetime, unless not this one or maybe many lifetimes to come, but we are seeing the pendulum move in a different direction. I believe that we are seeing a return to a society that is one of cooperation and collaboration. For that to happen, we will have to get rid of the competitive structures that say that it’s a dog-eat-dog world. No irony here, every man for himself. If you want to hasten that process and maybe ease the way so that the age of Aquarius can come a little bit more gently, take back your power. Make the choice to show up as a sovereign entity. Make the choice to be the change that you wish to see in the world.

This episode of the show is one of many, and I hope that you will comment, like, and share this with all of the women that you know. These conversations may be difficult, but we need to have them. We need to have them and we need to stay in the conversation. We need to stay in the game and we need to make our own decisions as sovereign beings. I will see you next time on the show.