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Goddess of Crypto

With Halle Eavelyn

With the crypto industry enjoying nonstop growth, you may be wondering how to take advantage of this flourishing trend.  Can this opportunity lead to financial stability?

Discover how it can change your life for the better with Halle Eavelyn, as she channels the Goddess of Crypto.


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The Goddess Of Crypto Is Here Just For You

The Goddess Of Crypto Is Here Just For You

  The Goddess of Crypto is here for you because the future of money is women. Women are here to lead the shift into the next phases of money and finance. Back then, women were not allowed to control their wealth. But that’s all changing right now! Women can enter...

How To Heal Your Money Mistakes

How To Heal Your Money Mistakes

  The best lessons in life are often found in the mistakes we make. In this episode, Halle Eavelyn did not shy away from revisiting her money mistake to help us see the vivid takeaways to push us towards our financial goals. She dives deep into her experience as...

Shifting Your Personal Economy With Penelope Jane Smith

Shifting Your Personal Economy With Penelope Jane Smith

  When recession or any global phenomenon that affects the economy hits, can you genuinely say that you can survive? Have you successfully created that financial freedom to help you pay your bills and support your lifestyle? If not, this episode is for you....

This Revolution Is Female With Janelle Chalouhi

This Revolution Is Female With Janelle Chalouhi

  Through the years, women have been tried and tested and have proven that we can excel in any chosen field including the digital world. In this episode of Goddess of Crypto, Janelle Chalouhi, CEO and founder of Venusverse talks about NFTs and how they...

Creator Coins And Saving Humanity With Rachel B. Lee

Creator Coins And Saving Humanity With Rachel B. Lee

  What is it like being a women in this digital revolution? Rachel B. Lee, the co-owner and COO of Standout Authority, joins Halle as they talk about her very own coin that she uses as a gateway to an education platform for people to learn about marketing and...

Crypto Scams And Rug Pulls Part II

Crypto Scams And Rug Pulls Part II

  You have to be cautious with what you engage in and with online. You might be surprised that the money you’re trying to invest and grow will disappear if you’re not careful. Listen to this episode as your host Halle Eavelyn continues with the second part of her...

The world is rapidly moving towards a new digital future.

Are you ready?


For the first time in hundreds of years, society sees a brand new energy of money in the form of cryptocurrency. It promises safety and security for the virtual transactions that take place every single day.  

Hear from wonderful guests who share their expertise in becoming financially empowered women. They are on the frontlines of today’s financial evolution. They know what it takes to support fellow women in this nascent industry. Find out their best approaches that lead to rewarding results.

Together with these amazing individuals, Halle breaks down technical concepts into easy-to-digest discussions to teach you how to surf the cryptocurrency waves. By embracing mindfulness and sorting out your money at the same time, you are on your way to hitting your goals and milestones. Learn how to maintain the balance between money, passion, and beliefs. Start realizing your dream life through this podcast.

Cryptocurrency is becoming mainstream, but it has yet to unleash its full potential. Soon it will change the digital age in significant ways. As we find ourselves in the dawn of this financial movement, take advantage of everything it has to offer. This is perhaps one of the most positive things our generation will experience financially. Let it reenergize your life and set yourself up for bigger things ahead.

If you are crypto-curious and want to learn how this industry can give you a better life, Halle will reveal everything you need to know. Prepare to be enlightened by the Goddess of Crypto today.


Halle Eavelyn

Halle Eavelyn’s mission in life is to help people break out of their old patterns and remove roadblocks in their journey. As a transformational coach, speaker, business owner, and writer, she has focused mainly on empowering the feminine energy. Now, she’s transitioning to the refreshing energy of the cryptocurrency industry. Join her in this powerful shift in how you think, feel, and behave around money.

Each week, Halle talks about achieving financial freedom through crypto. Halle combines her vast knowledge in software, real estate, entertainment business, and travel to help women take charge of their lives.

Discover crypto’s profound impact in elevating yourself to a strong, independent woman. Halle is your trusted guide in healing your financial foundations, aligning values with your wealth, and shattering your money ceiling. Start reaching for higher success than you have ever imagined.


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