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MetaVerse is now among the next-level technological tools existing in the world today. Have you ever experienced its power? In this episode, Halle Eavelyn discusses two power apps she discovered in Oculus that have changed her world and exercise routine and guarantee will also change your life. The wonders she’ll share in this episode are only touching the surface of the MetaVerse power. Tune in now!

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MetaVerse Power: Apps That Rock My World, And Will Change Your Life

I’m going to share with you some experiences that I have had in the metaverse. You may be wondering, what does this have to do with my intention for this month of having a healthy and wealthy you? Pretty much everything. I’m going to start a little bit further back and explain that I am not an athlete. I have never been particularly athletic. With the exception of volleyball, I was the last person picked on the team and in the gym. I never played any extracurricular sports. My sister lettered in track. I lettered in the theater. After school, I was singing in the choir or theater. I was always pretty chubby. That was my whole life.

I started working out for the very first time in my early-twenties. I did a lot of dancing at gay bars throughout college. You could catch me dancing for 2 to 3 hours a night. I didn’t know it was exercise, but you can work up a sweat. I never did anything involving organized exercise. I have a struggled my entire life with exercise. I started inconsistently, but I will say consistent now because I have been doing it for 30 years, a yoga practice in my twenties. That has helped me immensely. It was one of my first spiritual tools long before my spiritual awakening. It helped me get in touch with my breath, body, and intentions.

When you say to somebody Om Swastyastu in Balinese, you are saying, “The god in me greets the god in you.” Isn’t that beautiful? I love it. When you say namaste to somebody, you are saying, “Peace to you.” When you have this peace to you, the first time somebody said that to me and I said it back to them, I was like, “That’s so beautiful.” It made me feel calm and peaceful. I have never been somebody to have a lot of anxiety, but I have been through times that were very anxiety-filled for me. After 9/11, for example, I went through a period of depression. Having a yoga practice helped me with all of that.

I still never liked it. I never appreciated it except at the end of every yoga session, I had an instructor who would say, “Stand and feel the effects of the practice.” That was the one moment I always loved, was afterward feeling the effects of the practice and feeling my heart rate. I could feel this moving through my body having been energized. As I got older, I began to feel my neck, back, and knees ached, and then I would get to the end of my sun salutation routine, and everything stopped hurting.

YGA 48 | MetaVerse

MetaVerse: The one moment to love in yoga is feeling the effects of the practice, feeling your heart rate, and feeling that your body has been moved and energized.


I told myself and agreed that my yoga practice was stretching my body, therefore stretching my mind, and that’s why I was doing it. That was how I got into being okay, but I never really enjoyed it. A couple of years ago in the middle of COVID, I did 75 hard. If you are not familiar with this, it’s 75 days where you commit to a particular set of practices. You drink a gallon of water a day. You have to take a selfie every day. You have to work out twice a day for 45 minutes each, and one of them has to be outside, rain, shine, snow, or whatever.

You have to read ten pages a day from a spiritual or self-help book, which I talked about in an earlier episode about working out at the spiritual gym. I agree with that one. I think that reading ten pages a day from a spiritual book is super important. You have to follow a particular diet, whatever you want. For me, no flour and sugar are always my go-tos when I’m choosing to be on a diet program. I felt that 75 hard was doable. I did it for 74 days. I didn’t do it on the last day because it was my girlfriend’s birthday, and I wanted to have champagne with her in the morning. You don’t drink alcohol the whole time.

I said, “I’m going to do 74 hard instead of 75 hard.” I felt like that was my completion, and being with her on her birthday was my reward. That’s what I chose. I did those two workouts a day. I would do some strength training, cycling, or rollerblading. For the second one, I would walk. Our dog was alive at the time, so I would take her for the first mile, and then I would drop her at the house and keep going until my 45 minutes was over. I found that I was often doing that second walk at 10:00 at night, and it was very peaceful. It wasn’t something that I wanted to consistently do. When 75 hard was over, I went back to 2 to 3 days a week exercising, 2 weeks forgetting to exercise, then exercising again. That’s inconsistency.

At Christmas, I asked for and received from Santa an Oculus. It’s now called Meta Quest 2. It wasn’t Oculus, I think Meta Bot Oculus. Meta Quest 2 is the new level. They are not cheap. I looked online afterward. I thought there were a couple of hundred dollars, maybe the earlier versions are. These are $400 to $500, depending on the size of the memory that you get. I guess that means allowing more apps to be downloaded.

There are only two apps so far that I downloaded that I care about, and I’m going to talk to you about those two apps today because they are rocking my world and changing my life already. I will tell you the first way I know that they are changing my life. I have been doing them consistently since the day I picked up my Oculus. They are a joy to me. Every day, I want to do them, and I want to do them more. I have enjoyed them so immensely. I worked out twice. I did a 20 to 25 meditation. I am already looking forward to my second workout. I have nobody saying to me there’s this particular goal, and that’s why I’m doing it. It doesn’t have anything to do with that. I am simply in love with these apps. I want to share them with you because the metaverse aspect of them has been so surprising and so crazy enjoyable.


The first app, I’m going to say upfront, I purchased these. Nobody gifted them to me. These companies have never heard of me. I’m not talking about them and touting them because I’m getting anything. This is what I have been enjoying, and I’m sharing them with you because I always like to talk about the stuff I love. The first app is called TRIPP and the second app is called Supernatural.

TRIPP is an app that I would say prior to the metaverse. You would have had to have been on mushrooms or acid in order to appreciate it because the concept of this is this full 360-degree view. Although, it’s the metaverse. I’m thinking you might get 365 degrees. Anyway, it wraps around your head completely. The sky looks like the sky. The ground looks like the ground. This is true of everything in the metaverse. I’m assuming if you are reading this, you have never even stepped foot in the metaverse. I’m going to explain it to you in a way that you spend an hour a day in the metaverse already than some of the stuff I already know.

When you go in there, and you are wearing the headset, you are fully immersed. It looks like the world. TRIPP, I have not fully explored it yet but there are meditations that you can do. There’s stuff to help you go to sleep. There’s stuff to help you bring a sense of calmness, happiness, peace, and awe. Those are some of the words that I have seen used. The whole program is beautiful but uses a lot of sacred geometry. It uses a lot of geometrical designs. You can upload your pictures into it at the end of a lot of the programs. They show you individual images of pictures.

For example, if you are the person who does vision boards, you could upload pictures that were your visions. Pets or loved ones, you could upload those pictures, and they get incorporated in. I spent fifteen minutes sitting inside a crystal garden, which had these giant macrame hangings that were hanging 40 feet in the air and spinning around. These crystals inside were 10 feet tall, and they were spinning. I was sitting on a bed of crystals. When I finished with the particular level that I was on, and it took me to the next level, it did so by rising me up through the atmosphere and into the next scenario.

I ended up in this beautiful rainforest with the aurora borealis flying overhead and stunning stuff. All of the environments inside TRIPP are 3D. I want to say they are slightly cartoonish looking, but relatively speaking, what they can do with a 3D fern these days is pretty impressive. It was absolutely beautiful. You can pick a male or a female meditation voice, and they guide you. They say these lovely things like learning to navigate through the gaps and obstacles that going to help you in every level of your life. I agree with stuff like that.

From a mindset perspective, they are also adding in this level of mindset training that is very powerful. The way that you control the movement of the image in TRIPP when you are doing the game levels is with your head. Your face moves a little tiny bit, and it guides the icons as they move around the screen. What I have seen from TRIPP that I love is a lot of flow. Flow is something that, a lot of times, we are missing in our lives. The idea of having that flow, and feeling like you are going from thing to thing, everything is really beautiful. You are living inside this gorgeous environment and absolutely lovely atmosphere. I want to encourage you to try that one for yourself.

YGA 48 | MetaVerse

MetaVerse: Flow is something that, a lot of times, we’re missing in our lives. The idea of having that flow and feeling like you’re going from thing to thing, that everything is really beautiful and you’re living inside of this gorgeous environment and atmosphere, is just absolutely lovely.



The other app I have just fallen madly in love with is Supernatural. I just tried meditation in Supernatural for the first time. It’s a very different experience than TRIPP. In general, it’s weird because you are going to go into the metaverse to meditate, but then you are inside this gorgeous environment. When you close your eyes, you can’t see any of them. I have been keeping my eyes open. There are different types of meditation. Some of them are open-eye meditation. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, but I did my first meditation inside there. I was inside a stunning desert.

What differentiates Supernatural is that all environments are photorealistic, and I believe they are photographed. You work with a personal coach or trainer. It’s like boxing, or the controllers turn into bats. They are black and white so it tells as an obstacle coming at you and you bat it away with a black bat. When it’s a white one, you bat it away with the white one. From an exercise perspective, it’s a full-body, upper-body, or lower-body workout, depending on how you target it. They throw you into these stunning environments.

Ironically, I’m about to do my 29th trip to Egypt. In my third workout, the trainer was like, “We are here at the Temple of Horus in Edfu.” I’m looking around, I’m surprised because I was just there months ago. It was a fully immersive environment to the point where I have stood at Edfu many times. I stood outside of the front of the temple. To walk around in that space, I was there like I was actually there, and so that’s beautiful. I did another session that took place somewhere on the Great Wall of China. I did another one that was somewhere in Denali. There was a beach in South Africa. Every one of the environments is stunning.

Even when Supernatural launches, I think it’s the French Alps that’s in their intro sequence. Every morning as I’m getting ready to start my workout, I look over my left shoulder and I have sunrise in the French Alps as if I were Maria von Trapp about to burst into The Sound of Music, and it’s just glorious. You start with that as a basic background. As I said, I have never been an athlete, but the athletics in there, for me, work well.

My son-in-law is a personal trainer. He was already getting into this and thinking it was so beautiful. My daughter gets dizzy even in real-world environments, so the second she put the Oculus, the mask on her face, she was like, “I’m a little dizzy.” My mother, who is visiting me from London and is in her 80s and has vertigo, actually did pretty well in the environment. I want to say I’m sure that it’s not for everybody, but for me, a non-athlete, to have had such joy.

The music is all these different things. I have heard 1980s music. I have heard Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga. I have heard a bunch of hip-hop. Some of it I love and like. You are not going to love everything, but you can pick. I think there are 150 workouts on there or something right now. You can pick the length. There are a bunch of different coaches. They all stand in front of you like it’s just you and them in this gorgeous space. The workouts themselves, to me, the ones that I have been choosing, feel like they have so much flow to them. A boxing workout or a workout that is these bats, and you are batting the obstacles away, but it is all in rhythm to the music.

There’s stretching and cool down. There’s a warmup. You can do different sequences for those. All of it is completely immersive. For whatever reason, it has given me joy and exercise truly for the first time in my life. I’m now saying this out loud, I committed to myself. I’m going to do an Oculus workout every day for a whole year because it’s that much fun. I don’t see myself getting tired of it. I’m about to travel. I’m going to throw the Oculus, the Meta Quest 2, into my bag with the controllers because it just slips in there and charges itself.

My cousin wants me to come shoot zombies with him in the metaverse. I get it. That stuff is fun. My nephew got the Oculus set up for me while he was visiting. I gave him Resident Evil 4 because that came with the Oculus. I couldn’t be less interested in something like that. For the purposes of expanding my mind and expanding my physical abilities to work out, there’s so much beauty and so much power. I sat down with TRIPP. I put my controllers down and sat on the ground. I was inside a night sky environment with the northern lights.

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I just sat there and almost wept with the joy of just being in that environment. Honestly, if I could have just smelled the scent of pine, it would have been like I was really there. As the meditation continued, it lifted me up out of that environment. Now, I was up in the cosmos, looking down at the earth, and looking around at the cosmos. Everywhere I saw, there was another universe. When I looked down, I could see our planet.

That perspective, to me, is priceless. That perspective is why I want more women developing apps because we are not going to be doing this so that we can kill more zombies. I have done that before in the metaverse, and it’s fun and a little bit scary. I believe that there’s so much expansion that’s possible. I believe that the more women are thinking in terms of building, creating, and developing in the metaverse, the more joy we are going to bring to our planet. It’s a way to stay more mindful, believe it or not, even though I recognize the irony of putting an immersive headset on and disappearing from my world for 15 to 30 minutes a day.

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It’s making me more mindful. It’s making me more present. It’s bringing me more joy. It’s keeping me more in flow the rest of the day. Who doesn’t want those things when it comes to self-care and health? These are the kinds of things that will help change your life. I hope that you have enjoyed this episode and that you will like, comment, and share this with all of the women in your life, your mothers, daughters, sisters, besties, wives, girlfriends, and everyone. Until next time, I will see you on the show.