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The Web3 community is great, but they sometimes spend too much time in front of their computer screens that they get lost in their avatars. This can cause you to cut off your connections with people and even lead to mental health issues. That is why the best answer to that is yoga and meditation. And the guest today has found a way to bring yoga and Web3 together.


Join Halle Eavelyn as she talks to the Yoga Boss and the Founder of YOG8 DAO, Christine Lewis. Discover what her DAO is all about and how it can connect people to embark on a spiritual journey. Find out why mental health is a topic people should start talking about and get really clear with. Find out what Spoken Word Yoga is and how you can practice it every day. Start checking in with yourself today!

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Mental Wellness In The Metaverse With The Yoga Boss, Christine Lewis

I have a very interesting guest. Her name is Christine Lewis, and she goes by The Yoga Boss. What do yoga and crypto have in common? Christine is going to enlighten us all. Christine, I’m so glad you’re here.

Blessings. I’m very happy to be here. It is a pleasure to have women taking over the space. Goddess of Crypto certainly is appropriate.

Speaking of goddesses of crypto, how did you get into your own crypto journey? What drew you to the space? How long have you been here?

The funny part is when I first started teaching yoga in 2009, I had this vision of sharing yoga and meditation with 1 billion people around the world. I never knew how that was going to happen because I was very low-tech at that point in my life. I felt that yoga and meditation were free, easily accessible mental health, physical health, and emotional health tools that I felt were marketed more to an elitist population.

You have to pay a lot of money to go into a yoga studio to take a class. There were very few people of color, and very little diversity in the yoga studios. I felt like it was such an easy way for people to access themselves without needing any expensive accessories or anything fancy. You needed the tools and the practice. When a few things came along to push me more into the tech space, and when Web3 came along, I realized how easily accessible it is to everyone and how it gives creators the opportunity to control what they’re offering.

I had a client who started a Tech Runs DAO here in Miami. The first inaugural run of that was during the Bitcoin conference in 2021. He had been a longtime client of mine for yoga. When he started Tech Runs, which is a bunch of corporate crypto guys who play basketball, a bunch of retired professional athletes, they wanted yoga and mindfulness as part of it.

I started teaching for their DAO. When I realized they had a DAO, I said, “We ought to have a Yoga DAO and we ought to use this Web3 metaverse crypto space to offer wellness, mental health, meditation, and yoga to a global community that obviously is in desperate need.” I think especially our Web3 community needs it because so many people are lost in their avatar in front of their screen and lose themselves.

This is all fascinating. First of all, for anybody who doesn’t know what a DAO is, it is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. The point of a DAO is there’s nobody in charge of it. As a community and everybody who participates in the community gets to vote and share in the community. I think of it as a virtual commune where everybody has the same goal. For example, if it’s your Yoga DAO, I assume that everybody there wants to bring yoga to the mainstream and make it accessible for everybody.

Everybody has a shared central purpose. From there, the DAOs that I’ve seen are run variously from great to terrible, depending on who is participating, because the truth about decentralization is it doesn’t change people’s feelings, people’s need for taking power or control, even if it’s set up to not have power or control. It’s quite fascinating. You probably have a whole conversation about DAOs, but tell me a little bit more about yours.

The magic of DAOs is that everything is open source. It’s a trustless system, so it’s proof of work. Whatever contribution you make, everybody sees. Whatever you’re doing, everyone sees. Keeps everyone honest, and I feel like it’s the best corporate structure for anything. It also allows everybody who contributes to feel like what they’ve contributed, that value that they’re receiving as much as they’re offering.

YGA 49 | Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness: The magic of DAOs is that everything is open source. It’s a trustless system. Whatever contribution you make, everyone sees. It really keeps everyone honest. It is the best corporate structure for anything.


Especially during the pandemic, yoga teachers were essentially out of work because most yoga studios shut down. People were doing more online work. I said, “What can we do to create a space where yoga and meditation teachers, holistic healers, and Reiki healers, have an opportunity to share their gifts, their skillsets, and their offerings on a global platform so that you’re not limited to your local community?” You have an opportunity to share what you’re doing on a broader platform.

That’s where the premise for the Yoga DAO was. I started hearing a lot about gamification in the Web3 space. The idea here is that anything that you consume, do, or contribute, you’re getting a reward for. You’re incentivized, frankly, to do something. I want people to feel incentivized to take care of themselves, to meditate, to practice self-care, whether it’s through yoga, whether it’s through mindfulness.

Maybe it’s through journaling. Maybe it’s through having a highly positive affirmation conversation with your friends where you’re encouraging and complimenting each other. Being in a space where we’re starting to give people more of a reason to show up as the best version of themselves. Often that requires a little work on ourselves first before that happens. The idea behind the DAO was to be able to create a community where everybody wanted to raise the vibration and feel more connected, conscious, in tune, and like they’re like-minded people to share that space with.

The DAO premise then gives you the opportunity to feel like whatever you’re contributing, whether it’s a class or meditation, that then you are receiving the benefits from whatever compensation people are paying for that. In the same way, you might rent space in a yoga studio, you can rent space in what will be a wellness platform in a metaverse space to be able to offer your services in a global yoga studio.

Let’s talk about the metaverse for a minute. The very first time I put an Oculus on my head, I was hooked into the metaverse. It’s amazing. The episode right before yours is basically me talking about my spiritual experiences with my Oculus because I love the apps Supernatural and TRIPP. I don’t know if you’re familiar with those, but they have opened my eyes to the idea of I’ll call it positive gamification.

Although I may or may not super enjoy shooting zombies in the metaverse, the first workout I’ve ever enjoyed every single day is because it’s Supernatural. I found Supernatural looking for a yoga program that I’d done a couple of years earlier. I did yoga in the Amazon rainforest with my yoga instructor standing five feet from me. It was just her and me, and I don’t remember now whether she was a real person or an avatar. It was not live.

I was hooked from that minute of being in the Amazon rainforest, having my yoga instructor there, and being able to do all of that without the controllers in my hand inside of the metaverse. I was blown away. That was my initial introduction in my first session ever in the metaverse. Talk to me about that concept and what you’ve done with it.

We have an entire layout drawn out of what the vision will be as far as what tools you might need to access the metaverse. At this stage of the game, I want to make sure that it’s easily accessible and affordable for everyone. We’re creating a space where that same metaverse concept, that same VR is going to be accessible from a screen. You’re not going to necessarily need an Oculus. You can have one. That certainly enhances the experience.

I am working to also incorporate some of the diagnostics that I don’t know if you know about like Oura rings that monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, and sleep. Apple watches do the same thing. To be able to incorporate some of those diagnostic, sensory information data into your avatar on the metaverse, and then, potentially using haptic body suits, which measure what’s happening physiologically with your muscles moving and with your alignment. There are all sorts of layers to what people will be able to access, but I want it base-level accessible to everyone. We are working on getting the MVP. We have a prototype.

What’s an MVP?

An MVP is the first version of any product that you’re coming out with. It gives people at least a functional awareness of what that product is. You get to play with it. It’s a prototype. The prototype comes out, you’re able to play with it, see where it’s at, and then we use that to build out the bigger space, the bigger product, or the mass distribution of it. We’re in the stages of getting funding for that. Right now, the work is to give yoga teachers, meditation teachers, and holistic healers the awareness that this opportunity exists.

We want to be able to offer nutritional counseling. I have holistic medicine doctors that focus a lot on mindset coaching, and mental health. I have a psychotherapist who’s on the Yoga DAO board who contributes a lot to how we frame and structure the offerings and the platform so that people feel like they have mental health wellness tools at the tip of their fingers.

We created NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens, that are 88-second animations of sacred geometry layers with chakra frequency music behind them. The idea with that, it’s an immediate meditative experience. It’s a multi-sensory NFT. I know a lot of people who think about NFTs. “It’s this JPEG picture. I’m wondering what is the usefulness of this thing that I could screenshot and share on my phone.”

The NFTs that we’re offering through the Yoga DAO, immediately you stare at the center, take a few deep breaths, and the animation puts you into a hypnotic state. The chakra frequency music, which is 528, 436 megahertz vibrationally change the energy moving through the cells of your body and gives you an immediate alpha state of relaxation. You feel immediately calm and then staring at the center of the animation gives you this immediate access to meditation.

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People think meditation is a very scary concept. Sitting alone by yourself in a dark room with your eyes closed might seem like something that’s hard to maintain. Often, I would teach people in meditation to stare at a candle, focus on their breath, or find one focal point. Now we’ve given them a focal point. We’ve given them frequency music. We’re stimulating video visually, audio, and sensorily, so that people feel like they’re having easier access to maybe getting lost in a little meditative state and hopefully finding themselves.

I’m very familiar with sacred geometry. It’s something that I’ve had a lot of experience with. I love the idea of using frequencies. Just so that everybody has a little bit more of a background on that, from a spiritual perspective, having a certain level of vibration and getting your vibration higher is going to give you a better mind, body, and spiritual connectedness.

You’re going to find that things are in flow more. You’re going to see that you’re going to have better alignment, and a better ability to manifest the things that you desire. You’re going to have better ideas and better execution of those ideas. All of those come with raising your vibration and your frequency. How do you do that? There’s a variety of different ways, but the sound is a good way to get into that because the notes of music translate to math. You can have sacred geometry that is translated into music.

Christine, I love what you’re sharing here because it’s yoga, but it’s also like the mystery schools of ancient times have been teaching this stuff for thousands of years. It’s such a beautiful combination. The idea of putting it all into an NFT is very interesting as well. Making that accessible to people, but also, the complaint about NFTs not having what has become known as utility. They don’t serve a purpose.

To give the NFTs purpose, I’ve had whole episodes on NFTs and their value in the future for a variety of different things. This is not an area that we’ve touched on. It’s like art, but it’s like the art of enlightenment. I love that. That’s going to be gorgeous. I’m not a yoga instructor. I’m using this as an example. When the program is built out in the metaverse, as a yoga instructor, would I be able to hold a live class in the metaverse? Is that the idea?

It’ll be your class and students can pay you directly. It’s like renting space in a yoga studio physically. You have space in our wellness metaverse studio.

You nailed it earlier. The pandemic has scared a lot of people. It also made a lot of people go, “How else could I earn my living if I’m stuck at home?” I know there were people who did virtual yoga classes, but from my personal experience, not in that one time in the yoga program, but when I get into the apps that I love on the metaverse every day, the immersion quality of them, there’s something that is very special and unique about that total immersion.

If you were standing in front of me and I was at a class with the Yoga Boss in the metaverse, I could be in the fourth row, but no one would ever know that. I’d still always be in the front row, and I’d still always be with you, three feet away from you or whatever. It’s like I would’ve paid for the front-row seat. That’s a beautiful thing.

What’s cool is that there’s an element of connection there in that even if you wanted to practice with your siblings, your parents, or your friends and they live somewhere else around the world, you then have the ability to be logged in into the same space to know that you’re in the same practice, in the same class together.

You also have the freedom to be able to tap into some of the recorded classes to be able to take them whenever you want. It doesn’t matter what time zone you’re in. How nice would it be to be able to practice with a yogi that maybe you’ve heard about who lives somewhere in India, the Himalayas, or Asia somewhere, and be able to have the ability to still practice with them and still feel like you have that personal connection?

Does the program that you’re developing have a name yet?

It’s the Wellness Metaverse. We’re working not to occupy space in someone else’s, but our work and vision are to build our own.

I am so excited about that for you. That is awesome. I always talk about my audience being a very mainstream female audience. I want to understand. I want to help the audience understand why did you decide to do this? What is the background that made you go, “Let me build things in the metaverse?”

My web devs now say I should be a Web3 developer consultant because I managed to get so immersed in it. It’s fascinating, frankly, that we have the ability now. Anything that we create, anything that we want to share with the world, anything that we believe we can offer to influence, impact, and change the lives of the people we touch, we can now put that into a global space.

Certainly, social media gave us a taste of that, but everybody’s gotten a little in the space where they don’t necessarily trust where their information is going on Facebook, where it’s going to wound up on Instagram, how many times have people taken a picture that we know that’s wound up on somebody else’s site and there’s a lot of this like catfishing that goes on.

There are a lot of people taking other people’s ideas and concepts. It’s great to be inspired by somebody but own your stuff. That’s part of where the magic in our blockchain crypto Web3 space is. You know when you put something out there and it’s connected to your wallet, there is a chain that is open source for anyone to look up and see exactly what’s happened, who created it, when it was created, and where it’s gone.

I feel like that is a sense of ownership that especially women in corporate culture have not had. I don’t know of any other space where you can feel that if you have an idea, you put that idea out in the world that you know from creation, inception, to the communication of that idea that it is tracked directly to you and no one else can take ownership over your idea.

It is obvious that what you’ve created is yours. That is empowering in a way that I don’t think women, let alone people of color in this country, have ever had the ability to feel that sense of security about what they’re creating and what they’re offering. What inspired me the most was that I recognized that everyone has a skillset.

Everyone has something amazing that they have the potential to offer to the world. A lot of people are discouraged because they don’t feel like they’re going to be recognized for the time, effort and energy that they invest. I think that Web3 changes the game for people to be able to do that. I started to think, “How am I going to share yoga meditation with a billion people around the world?”

It has to be something where you’re offering people something that’s so valuable that they want it, that they know that it’s going to impact their lives in a significant way. What platform can you use to put that out there? I find that every other platform, whether it’s TikTok, Instagram, or whatever Web2 platform, they’re benefiting those platforms or benefiting so much more from our use of their platform than we are using the platform. How can we change that? We become owners.

We all become entrepreneurs because it’s not that we need to structurally have an LLC or an S corp, which is fine, but that’s also where DAOs, where Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, give us more sense of ownership. We realize that now there’s this body, this corporate entity, that we can place our work under. There are platforms that then we’re able to track the work that we’re putting out, where it’s going, who’s using it, and then we immediately are getting the compensation from it.

There’s no middleman. I say middleman very purposefully because I feel like it’s a lot of these middlemen that have profited off of what women and people who don’t feel like that have that voice in the corporate space to feel that they’re honored and encouraged and that there’s a space where they feel that sense of ownership.

Even that they’re being heard. I love all of this. There are so many places I want to take our conversation. This is so important these days. Let’s talk about mental health. A lot of the stigmas around mental health are being eliminated, or at least the fear factor is being lowered. I follow a prominent woman on Twitter, and she was talking about having social anxiety. She was talking about the fact that her social anxiety is something that she wants to share to destigmatize it. On the one hand, I’m totally applauding her, and on the other hand, I would’ve lived my whole life happily without knowing that about her.

I want to understand more so that I can show up in compassion. If you’re a client of mine and you’re sharing about your social anxiety, I’m like, “I’m there for you. I’m going to help you. We’re going to shift that.” I get that, but I feel like that is more of a specialized circumstance. I’m always telling everybody, “Stay positive and be positive,” but inside of a closed coaching session, there’s going to be a bunch of negativity because you got to get through it getting to the other side of it, and then you shift it. It’s different from being that negative person out there all the time. Help me understand, so I get more compassion for people and I get more of an education.

I’m always comforted by the fact that talking about mental health is much more normalized, especially with women. Historically, we talk to our girlfriends about things, but I feel like now I have so many more men who are open, more vulnerable about their mental health, and actively pursuing mental health tools and therapy. I feel like that is holistically changing the dynamics of our society in a positive way.

I’m 45 years old now in 2023 and there are very few people in my age bracket and older who recognize that they should seek some resource for mental health. I am very comforted by the fact that the 20-somethings, the teenagers, and the 30-somethings even are much more proactive to say, “I need a mental health day. I’m practicing self-care.”

Even the irony is I have such a demographic in my yoga meditation classes where there are so many twenty-year-olds, athletes, and people that are getting into the corporate space that are realizing that mental health is an integral component of their daily routine. Many corporations now have dedicated wellness areas or wellness sessions.

I loved that even during the pandemic, I had several big corporations who had me do lunchtime yoga and meditation sessions with them. I feel like normalizing it in the conversation has been one of the big leaps and bounds that we’ve gotten in mental health. I feel like that’s also getting to the space where people recognize that there’s a multitude of options. Most people historically maybe went to a therapist and relied on prescription drugs.

YGA 49 | Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness: Normalizing mental health in the conversation has been one of the big leaps and bounds that we’ve gotten in the space.


As I grew up in the ‘80s, seeing what was happening in the ‘90s with Ritalin and all these ADD prescriptions. Certainly, there are people that require that, but I don’t feel like that should be the first step. Obviously, we know a lot about what’s going on with the food supply. We know a lot about what’s going on with social media, and the stimulation of TV and screens.

People are now more in the space where they’re realizing that taking time in silence, shutting down the screens, shutting off the TV, getting rid of the noise, whether it’s spending time in nature. Being part of the space where now meditation is something that every single perceived successful entrepreneur person in business person who seems like they’re functionally doing well in life, meditation is a part of their practice.

Whether it’s journaling, sitting in lotus pose and sitting on their mat, or whatever that is, there’s some form of mindfulness that’s happening. Putting this into the conversation, I feel like, especially now, that so many people are spending much more time in front of a screen for their work that it makes such a difference when it balances out whatever that space of isolation might happen.

When we’re sitting in front of the screen, we’re here with ourselves. A lot of times, that cuts us off from the connections that we feel with others. Giving people that space where it is something that can access on the screen where it is something that’s talked about it is something that’s normalized that coming out and saying, “I needed to take a mental health day,” is not something that’s frowned upon.

It’s not stigmatized and it’s not immediately given a prescription for, and there are alternatives and there are options. Especially when people are talking about substance abuse, the prevalence of suicide, and how we have very public figures who are dealing with these things and whom most people perceive to have an amazing life. In the US, we’re all feeling the same emotions. It doesn’t matter what it looks like on the outside. It doesn’t matter how much money you have. It doesn’t matter where you live. It doesn’t matter what the external is.

[bctt tweet=”We’re all feeling the same emotions. It doesn’t matter what it looks like on the outside. What matters is how much time you are investing in your internal.” via=”no”]

What matters is how much time you are investing in your internal, in your thoughts, aligning that with your intentions, aligning that with your power, your purpose, the way you want to feel every day when you wake up is somehow in line with the way you show up in the world and the way that you cultivate the relationships in your life. I feel like when we do that together as a community, we all get a little stronger.

I do every other episode has a guest and then every other episode is just me, and because I’m a transformational wealth coach, not specifically every episode is all about crypto. There’s a variety of things. A couple of episodes ago, I did a show called The Spiritual Gym and it was talking about how to attract more money by working out at the spiritual gym. The spiritual gym is a bunch of those. I gave descriptions to it if anybody wants to go back and check that episode out. I gave a bunch of detailed descriptions.

I talked about different styles of meditation and talked about a good working structure to come from so that you would be coming from a place of internal peace, calm, and a little bit of grace in the world because there’s so much ugly on the outside before you start your day before you get into what’s going to happen.

Focusing on the inside first and then shifting to the outside is what can make a big difference. A lot of people, they’re like, “If I shift this thing on my outside,” as you were talking about before, where I live, how much money I have, the person is my partner or whatever, “then my it’ll all feel better on the inside,” but the truth is it’s the absolute reverse of that.

The magic is I have a lot of corporate clients, people who are founders of billion-dollar corporations, and a lot of professional athletes, and a lot of them come in, certainly for the asana practice to move their body to feel better physically. Most of them come in to hear a little spoken word yoga. I infuse visualization, and positive affirmations into the yoga practice, and I always give them homework. Part of that homework is starting to train the mind. The first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning is a positive affirmation that’s rooted in emotion.

How you want to feel, the energy you want to create, whatever it is that you want to have as your go-to emotion so that it also becomes like a default response. In the face of anything that happens throughout the course of the day, the mind is able to bring you back to the emotion and the energy that you want to feel. Before you’re conscious even of your physical body getting out of bed, the first thing when you wake up in the morning having one word that’s rooted in an emotion that gives you a space, a feeling, exactly how you want to feel through the course of the rest of the day.

I want to share with the audience that this is not just a good idea. There’s a lot of brain science behind it and getting in touch with your feelings is like getting in touch with your body’s GPS. For those of you who are reading this, you’re like, “That’s silly. Why is it important that there’s a feeling associated with it or that it’s rooted in a feeling?”

There are a couple of reasons that I would say, and Christine, you may have other reasons as well, but one of them is it connects you with your body. In other words, it’s like getting into your car and getting the directions on your GPS for a place that you don’t know how to get there. You can probably wing it, but it’s going to be a lot easier if you use your GPS.

Having that mind-body connection can be created with feelings because your emotions are going to live in the body and you will often have physical sensations in the body that match that. For example, when you get excited, you get butterflies in your stomach. That is an example of an emotion connecting you to your physical being. That’s a good way of getting the thing literally embodied, and that means that you can come back to it as a touchstone much more easily. Christine, did I miss anything? Is there anything else that you want to add there?

Just that there are some easy YouTube references for that thing. Dr. Masaru Emoto did all the research on the molecular structure of water. It’s so easy to know that literally your word and thought choice is changing the molecular structure of our bodies. Why not use that? We have all these resources, all these options that we have internally and we don’t need an external source.

[bctt tweet=”Your word and thought choice can change the whole molecular structure of your body.” via=”no”]

If we can start putting our mind to work for us, getting that voice in our head to work for us rather than against us, and I use a lot in the meditation and yoga practice, start listening to that voice in your head and then figure out who’s doing the listening. Once you recognize that you’re listening to that voice, you have the ability to put it to work for you. You have the ability to control and regulate what it’s saying.

At first, it might seem challenging to have a mantra that you come back to over and over again. If you can start to repeat to yourself what you want to feel, you start to embody that feeling and it sneaks into you. I talk a lot about delusional happiness and delusional optimism. These are things that you can literally manifest in your mind. These are mind management techniques that start to influence and impact the way you show up in the world.

If we have the access to that, why not use it? Why not create that space when you fall asleep at night and dream and you believe the dream is your reality? We have the ability to pull that into our conscious waking state and to create a space where we entirely believe that the reality we create in our minds is what exists. It ultimately does.

YGA 49 | Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness: We have the ability to create a space where we entirely believe that the reality we create in our minds is what exists.


I’ve often told clients, “You’re already telling yourself the ugly lies that aren’t true, like, ‘I’ll never get another client again’ or ‘I’ll be broke the rest of my life.’ Why don’t you start telling yourself the beautiful lie instead of the ugly lie because you’re lying to your brain anyway?” That is often a very arresting concept for people because they’re like, “That’s not reality.” “All the stuff you’re saying in your head isn’t reality either.” Besides, reality is subjective.

A lot of people have a hard time with the idea that time and space are not what we think that they are. However, if we get into the simple idea that yes, this stuff will change you over time if you will allow it to and if you will begin to have the practice. This is why I call it working out at the spiritual gym. Your muscles did not show up all big after you went to the gym like one time. It happens over time and it happens as you begin to develop that muscle memory. Developing that muscle memory in your mindset is as important as the physical workout. It’s probably more important. A lot of people neglect that a lot. I love everything that you’re saying and suggesting to people. That’s so important.

Creating a pattern and habit out of it is what’s important about it. When you go to the gym, you lift that first weight. It’s super hard, it’s super heavy, your muscle is sore, but then you keep lifting that weight apparent, eventually, you got to move on to a higher weight in order to feel the effect of it. That’s also with our brain training. Our mind training is repeating it often enough that it becomes second nature.

It makes all the difference in the world. I always ask at the end, what is one more thing that you would like our audience to know?

In this moment, the infinite is accessible. When you close your eyes and focus on that space between your eyes, all you see is infinite space. In that space, we have the ability to create anything. In those moments when the circumstances feel confrontational when the actions of other people feel like they’re not in alignment with what we want, when we have no control over the external, by closing your eyes, sitting with one breath at a time, allowing yourself to be in that infinite space that exists between your eyes. In that space, there’s a space for comfort. There’s a space for clarity. There’s a space for certainty.

I feel like certainty is all we need to access infinite possibilities. The idea is that at this moment, we are in complete control. I always use the analogy in talking about Web3 and blockchain. We have this infinite space, this wonderland of opportunity that whatever it is you create, whether it’s in the space between your eyes or whether it’s with a developer to create code for something on your Web3 platform, we are in a unique position at this moment to literally create anything and everything we want.

Just sit and take the time to create it and know that, especially in this community that Web3 has created, there is somebody out there that’s going to support you. If it’s something of value, somebody’s going to support you in doing it. Please don’t ever hesitate to think your idea is too big, that it’s not going to happen or too small or that that’s not significant. We all have something to offer. Frankly, if you don’t offer it, you’re almost robbing the world of your gifts. The time is now. Take advantage of it.

I love this so much. What a great experience for everybody to get to read this. This has been another episode. Please, like, comment, and post your review. It helps to make sure that the show gets seen. More importantly, share it with the women in your life, your daughters, your besties, your girlfriends, your moms, your grandmas, your wives, everybody. I want every woman to know about Goddess of Crypto so that women will know that the future of finance is female. I’ll see you next time.


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