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Everyone talks about making your money work for you, but what is the best way to do that? Today’s guest, The Wealth Alchemist Keri Norley, is here to shed light on how you can access financial sovereignty and DeFi. Infinite abundance is right at your fingertips. All you need to do is learn! Join Keri and your host Halle Eavelyn as they break down decentralized finance, blockchain, and how to grow your money against inflation. Get ahead and get started on your journey to abundance in this new wave of finance by tuning in!

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Making Your Money Work For You With Keri Norley

I have with me a dear friend and brilliant woman, The Wealth Alchemist, Keri Norley.Keri, thank you so much for being here on the show. Tell everybody a little bit about yourself, please.

YGA 2 | Making Your Money Work

The New Wealth: Magnetize Abundance, Hold Your Wealth And Leave A Legacy

First of all, thank you so much for having me on the show. I’m super excited that you are creating the show. This is going to be juicy. I’m very excited about the show. My name is Keri Norley. I am The Wealth Alchemist. I have The Wealth Alchemist podcast. Speaking of podcasts, podcasts are amazing. My background is in helping people to shift their relationship with money and wealth. I come from a background of wealth and so I take a different perspective than many around money and mindset stuff. I love to help people create generational wealth, learn how to hold their money and have it grow for them.

When I found DeFi in the crypto space, my entire being lit up for so many reasons, which I know we’re going to drop into. I know the first time we spoke, we had an hour chat. We ended up going for two hours because we were so into the crypto conversation. When you combine all of it, the mindset and energy, shifting into being the person who allows yourself to have the wealth that you desire and you mix it into the crypto space. Magic is possible. I always think magic is possible but magic is quite amazing. When I wrote my book in 2020, The New Wealth, I had this vision of an infinite world of abundance.

I was like, “This is all well and good, Keri. You romanticized dreamer.” How in heaven’s name is this going to exist? How can we have it on the planet? At that time, I reached out to two people who I knew who were deep into the crypto space and I asked them if they could be people I refer to in this book so that people could have people to trust. That’s when I learned about DeFi, which I’m sure we’ll get a little bit into, which is a small piece of the crypto space, which to me, all of a sudden, my entire being lit up. I didn’t know the answer was here but the answer is here. That’s what excites me about marrying it all and about being here sharing it with you on the show because I know the show is about all of that. That’s me in a nutshell.

I know we’re probably at some point going to post a vocabulary list for people because I can’t imagine that I’m going to go every episode saying, “Please explain DeFi and crypto,” and we’re in at least one of the early episodes. I want women to feel like they can show up on the show and not know a thing about any of this new information and we will explain it in words that are simple enough for them to not feel intimidated. Let’s break it down into the lowest level building blocks and then we can build it up again.

I 100% agree. One of the things that I love about this space for DeFi specifically is DeFi is very much like putting your money into a savings account. I like to compare things when we start talking about this space to make it simple into things that we already use and understand in our daily language.

When Keri is saying DeFi, she is saying Decentralized Finance. We want to get a little explanation about what that is to give us a building block.

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We can imagine that we put our money into a savings account. Most people can understand that at some point in your life, you put your money into the bank. When you put your money into the bank, that bank takes that money and loans it out to multiple people. You don’t ever have to know about it but that’s what’s happening in the bank if your money is not in savings. The way the bank works is they loan it out and they take interest. Whether you’re on a mortgage, credit card, personal loan or a business loan, they’re making interest off of the money that’s in the bank sitting in a savings account. They’re making anywhere from 4% to 24%, depending on loans, mortgages and credit cards.

That’s what’s happening in the banking system. In the DeFi space, this is the interesting piece that came into the crypto sphere, which is that we now have borrowing and lending within the crypto space. It’s the same way that we can borrow from the bank. If my money is sitting in the savings account lending, it’s much the same in DeFi. To make it simple without getting into too much complication, I put my money into a place in DeFi/crypto world/online magic internet money and then I loan it out. It’s much the same way that it would be loaned out in a bank. It’s different but the same concept, which is people borrow it.

Instead of the bank getting to make the money, we eliminate the middleman in the decentralized finance space and I make the interest. My money sits there making anywhere from 5% to 28%. I have ones that are higher than that. It’s compounding interest. The other thing that banks get that the normal average person didn’t get is compounding interest that happens daily. They’re making an interest every day. You may have had in the past, maybe like a CD or even in your savings account, you might make it every month or you might put your money into a CD. It’s got a little bit higher return, not right now but in the past. It might be locked in for three months so in three months you get your interest. You don’t get it daily.

With DeFi, every single day when you look into your account, there is money that is showing up for you in your account in the growth way, much like sitting in a savings account. I compare this similarly to a savings account versus the stock market. When your money is in a savings account, you don’t ever look in your savings account and wondering like, “Did my money go down?” Your money’s always going to be there and you might have a little bit, depending on how much interest there is. We’re going to have a little bit more, depending on when they pay it out. With a stock market, we see volatility. We see the up and down of the stock market. In DeFi, it’s like putting my money in a savings account. The asset itself, if I were to put in $10,000, that $10,000 stays there and I make interest compounding.

It doesn’t stay there in the bank. You haven’t talked about this yet but I know that at least in the United States, the banks have got what’s called fractional lending. Fractional lending used to mean that they had to keep a fraction of the whole in the bank and could then put the rest of it out. The first time I ever heard about fractional lending was in the movie, It’s A Wonderful Life. I love pop culture references because it makes it easy for people to be thinking in terms of stuff they can understand. In the movie, It’s A Wonderful Life, there is a run on the bank.

Jimmy Stewart says to the people of his town, “That money is not in the bank. It’s in your house. It’s being loaned out here. If you take all of your money back, there won’t be enough for everybody else.” That is fractional lending. I was ten years old. I didn’t know that was what it was called but now I do. What’s happened over time is that the banks have been required by law to have less because they now have a 0% requirement for fractional lending.

You said, “Your money is sitting in the bank.” It’s not because 100% of your money is being loaned out and the banks don’t have to have any of it. There are some insurance companies, if they have whole life insurance, they do have to keep 100% of your money or at least 100% to cover the reserves. At regular banks, they don’t have to have any. Talk about in the DeFi space, how much percentage do they have to have? How much can they loan out and how much do they have to have in reserve?

YGA 2 | Making Your Money Work

Making Your Money Work: Instead of the bank getting to make the money, we eliminate the middleman in the decentralized finance space, and you make the interest.


This is all dependent but if we look at this as a big picture, we’re using what’s called stablecoins in the DeFi space.

Stablecoin versus any crypto coin. What’s the difference between a regular token and stablecoin?

Do you remember back in the day when we used to have gold that would back our dollar?

Nixon changed that in the early ‘70s. He said, “We’re not going to use a gold back standard anymore.”

We had this huge inflation because now, all of a sudden, money printing got to be like, “I can print out whatever I want.” Stablecoins work that they have dollar for dollar. The major stablecoins are what’s called USDC, USDT or Dai. USDC and USDT they’re both equal to a dollar. If I were to go and put a dollar, I get a dollar of USDC, USDT or Dai. It’s dollar for dollar so that we’re not getting all sorts of up and down movement. It’s like buying a dollar but buying a dollar of internet money versus buying a dollar of some other currency.

[bctt tweet=”Our inflation is from 6-10%. If your money isn’t making that 6- 10%, then your money is going backwards every day. You’re losing money every single day.” via=”no”]

I want to be clear about this. You said internet money. If people read that, they’re going to think funny money. What it means is a digital currency. SDC, USDT and Dai are all three different types of currency that are pegged to a US fiat dollar. They don’t fluctuate very much at all in the sense of if you have six, tomorrow you still have six even if they’re worth slightly more or less based on the actual value of the dollar and your money is worth slightly more or less based on the actual value of the dollar. That’s only in the sense of if you were to trade it with another currency like the Euro. If you’re not trading dollars for euros every day, your dollar is your dollar. Stablecoins works like that.

That explains the backing of it in that way. When you put it in, they have to hold the cash that you’ve put in there. It’s like being gold back reserve again because they’re holding that dollar for dollar. They have to hold that cash. With Dai, they’re holding in crypto. You asked the question the difference between stablecoins and crypto. We’re going to loop back here. We had a little bit of looping when I was talking about bank accounts versus the stock market. With the stock market, we can see that go volatile. In the crypto space, we have these stablecoins or crypto assets like Bitcoin or Eth. Many people have heard of Bitcoin. They might not know what it is but they’ve heard of it.

Eth is Ethereum which is the second most well-known and most valuable per coin of the coins that they have.

They are the two most popular. I used stable in the fact that it’s very common. Anybody who’s watched Bitcoin knows that it can be $60,000 one day and $40,000 next. That’s the thing. I was looking at it like the banking account versus the stock market. We wake up every day and we’re like, “How is my money today? Is it up or down?” Whereas in a savings account, I should be able to take my money out in theory.

It is also interesting because with the volatility that we’ve had with inflation, I heard the statistic that we’ve printed all the money that’s in circulation. We’ve printed 24% of it. I saw 50% and I was like, “No,” because that means we would have had to have printed another 25% which is crazy. Supposedly inflation is 6% but if you’ve printed 24%, heat in America is supposedly is going to be double this winter, gas prices have gone up 25%, lumber prices and housing prices.

Everything is through the roof. It might be more accurate to say that our dollar is probably worth about that 25% that we’ve printed less, which means that again, we can’t see it in our savings accounts but we can see if we compare dollars to stock, dollars to goods, we can see that there is a lot less value in it. The money is sitting in the bank and it looks to you like you’ve got $30,000 or $100,000 in savings. If that only buys $22,000 worth of stuff, you may not be able to see it in the stock market but when you start comparing it, the numbers get scary fast.

YGA 2 | Making Your Money Work

Making Your Money Work: We’re living in the most phenomenal time to be alive right now. We’re moving from what has been this very masculine, dominated world and mindset and energy into this new feminine rising in the energetic space.


In theory, our inflation is anywhere from 6% to 10%. I heard Germany was 13%. Whatever they are, they’re not pretty. To hone this in to help you understand how impactful this is, if your money isn’t making that 6% to 10% then your money is going backward every day. When we talk about why do I think it’s so important for women because with DeFi, when you take your money, you put it into a DeFi space and you allow it to sit there, being in a savings account, the same concept, you allow that compounding interest to grow that we’re looking at that anywhere from 5% to 28%, depending on where you’re putting it. You are able to meet that inflationary piece and sometimes grow.

I would like to believe that we’re not going to hit this level of inflation every single day for the rest of our lives. We are at a point of it that does not mean we are going to be in this growth inflation for the next lifetime. At some point, this high inflation that we have, I would like to believe it is going to slaughter. Now you’re already set up in this place where you’re making more money. The reason that I like this is with DeFi, it’s not set and forget but it’s not like training where you have to go in there and be a part of it every day, you have to look into it and wonder what’s happening in the market.

Trading is a whole another kettle of fish that most women don’t want to get into. I won’t say that. There are a lot of human beings on this planet. I’m not going to put this to men or women that don’t want to give their time and energy to do this because they have other things they want to do with their lives, regardless of how much dedication it takes. We don’t want to sit in front of a computer and training. I find for women specifically, I was doing my research on this and it’s a high amount of women who leave their money in savings accounts because we don’t know what to do with it.

We’re disempowered around our money because we’ve been conditioned to believe that we’re not supposed to be in charge of money because we don’t know how to work our money, all the conditioning that we’ve had over the years. A lot of women leave their money in a savings account. It’s “safe” and it’s not but we are led to believe that it’s safe. Consequently, we put our money there. With your savings account, it’s maybe making 0.5% that you might make monthly.

If you have a certain threshold, depending on the bank, the thresholds are different.

[bctt tweet=”Being fully financially sovereign stands for the world. We are all in this place where we have the ability to take full financial responsibility for ourselves.” via=”no”]

You’re going backward leaving your money there. You can take the same concept of leaving your money and you have to check on it every couple of months, pull some money out and do some things. It takes a couple of months to manage your DeFi. That’s what I love about it. It’s so empowering and easy to do. There is a learning curve into any of this space, which is if you follow highly long enough, you’re going to figure it out. It’s why I love these podcasts and breaking this down so simply because I recommend that everybody starts somewhere and you start to learn this because once you figure it out, it’s magical.

It’s like anything. You got to learn to ride the bike. It takes a little bit of time to learn to ride the bike but once you learn to ride, it’s easy and you’re like, “It’s cool. I can get on my bike and ride.” It’s the same thing within this space. You can go live your life and make lots of money. When I hit DeFi, I meet many people in my world whose affirmation is, “I make money every single day.” When it comes to our business, it can take some time. I might get a lump sum of money here or might do a launch here and it trickles in every day. This is consistent. You know that you’re going to wake up every single day. The thing that I love about it, especially for women in business careers and people who are advancing their financial aspects is it then takes our money. Many people I know start to grow their income and then at the end of the year, they have nothing to show for it because they haven’t learned to do something or feel disempowered to go and do something and invest it.

They don’t know how to trust. I know that was a huge one for me. Who do I trust to give my money to invest it? If you’re going to give this to a financial advisor, who do I trust? Inevitably, what I find is that many financial advisors have got their way of doing things if your thing matches with their thing but even then, a lot of people who then give it off to a financial advisor don’t know enough to have the right conversation to get the most of it or they know just enough like, “I know just enough about this to be able to have these conversations and then trust him.” Within this piece, it’s like, “I am fully empowered to be fully financially sovereign and not depend on another human being.”

That to me is why women need to be in this space because it is something that we can learn fast enough to allow ourselves to become financially sovereign. I don’t use the bike riding analogy but I talk about it when we were learning to walk because I work with a lot of men and women who beat themselves up as they were trying to learn something new. I’ll coach for different programs and I watch people in the new program struggling, getting overwhelmed and then beating themselves up. I’m like, “Do you remember when you were a little kid and you were trying to learn to walk? Nobody stood over you yelling, ‘Don’t fall down again,’ instead we’re doing that to ourselves.” The mastery takes a long time. Keri, you’re further along this path than I am. I know you wouldn’t say that you’ve mastered it yet. I am far behind you but it doesn’t take that long to get a working vocabulary and understanding. It is math. There are some basic concepts here where it’s 2 plus 2 equals 4. What we can see is it’s not working well. We’re headed toward some reckoning, if not a disaster and this is a way to get into a space that is mostly upside, although you have to do it in a certain way because there can be those huge volatile swings especially now because we’re so nascent.

Bitcoin was invented years ago and the ten-year anniversary is very important because it’s now starting to hit the mainstream. They estimate that about 20% of the world has made its first investment. I don’t know how accurate that is because it seems high to me. I’m pulling for more like 20% of the world has heard of Bitcoin. It’s got a surprising uptake in some third-world countries because the banking system is so terrible or it’s so difficult to get an identification card or to have access to a bank because it’s too far away but everybody has a cell phone, can download a crypto wallet and all of a sudden stuff that was never accessible to you is accessible to you.

By the way, a crypto wallet is an app that you can transfer money in and out of that’s designed to keep your money contained like a wallet. I want you to finish up on the intro stuff because I want to start moving into talking about women in this space. What parts did we not get you that you want to share?

We got through DeFi. I love what you even said too, which is fully financially sovereign. It stands for the world. We are all in this place where we have the ability to take full financial responsibility for ourselves. When we talked about the banks and how you said we have 0%, they have to hold zero of our dollars. When the GFC, Global Financial Crisis, hit in 2008. They couldn’t make their payments and they got bailed out by the government. After that happened, the government passed a law that said we now have bail-in laws. If you have money in the bank like $100,000, they could freeze your assets.

It’s $250,000 because of the fact that all bank accounts in the US are secured up to $250,000. However, Cypress in 2012 had exactly the situation that you’re talking about and above their threshold. They took everyone’s money, which I didn’t even find out about that long ago because I’ve gotten immersed into this stuff. I’m always fascinated when I run across anecdotal evidence that this could happen to you. Cypress is an example of not what I would call a third-world country, having its own wealth and banking system, yet when this happened, there was a run on the banks and they did seemingly limit people’s money. It’s an example of what is possible to happen.

A bail-in law specific says, “We can take your money any time we want it above whatever that threshold is.” Keri, if you’re right, if it is $100,000 then they would be able to say, “We will give you back the $150,000.” There is no obligation to give you anything above that. The people that I know who have a decent amount of wealth are keeping it in cash or in multiple different banks because anything above $250,001, nobody has to give it back to you. It’s better to act you, as the bank, to loan that money out, to keep it going to work for you and to make interest.

For example, I have real estate investments. I have an investment in another business that is not my own. I have investments in microloans. I love all of that stuff. I am acting as the bank in some of those regards, which has a lot of value but no one is giving me the best real estate investment that I’m thinking of. It’s 15%, which is fantastic for regular money. If you have 50%, you’re like, “I lucked into something here.” It’s the idea that you’re saying, the numbers that are posted, 30% or, in some cases, much higher. When I heard your talk at the Miami Crypto Experience, which was a great event, they were all great. I see Miami as being crypto central to the US. I’ve already been to another conference.

YGA 2 | Making Your Money Work

Making Your Money Work: One of the coolest things about the blockchain and this space is the transparency. Every transaction that you make, every dollar that you have can be found everywhere across the blockchain, because it’s all there for people to see.


Did you go to DCentral con?

Yes and then there’s another one.

I want to come and live in Miami.

When I saw your talk, I was so excited about the idea that I could put my money to work as money. If I need my money out of that real estate investment, I’m in for seven years and we’re in two and a half so far. It’s illiquid whereas you can get it out in minutes which is something that you can’t often do with all of your money. I went to the bank and I said, “I need to get out $10,000.” I often have to take chunks of $10,000. If I travel to Egypt, which is one of my tours, I will need that much money to tip people along the way because of the two-week trip.

I’ll have like, “I need to take $10,000 out.” Somebody is going to hit me over the head the next time they see me in an airport, “Do you have $10,000? I’m taking it.” If you go to the bank and they’re like, “I’m sorry, ma’am. We have a limit of $3,000 through cash. If you would need $10,000 and take it out, you can put the order in, come back in three days and get it.”

It’s like, “What?” or you can take out $3,000 today, come back tomorrow and the next day and then you’ll have $10,000 because of that same $3,000 limit. That is massively stupid to me. I get it. It’s hard to keep. It’s like the grocery store only has, as we all know, a certain number of toilet paper rolls. They do not have an infinite supply. Ultimately, your money is like that too. Let’s talk about why women should care about this space? Why should women care about DeFi and crypto in your opinion?

There are some of the things that we’ve already said in many ways. I’m going to speak for myself in my personal experience. I didn’t get excited and I’ve had money to invest since I was eighteen. I’ve had the money for more of that but I took responsibility. I was able to take responsibility for my money when I was eighteen. At that point, I had taken a bunch of savings bonds. My parents and people had given me over the years, cashed them all in, had some cash and I put it into the stock market.

It’s like all eighteen-year-olds do. I’m rolling my eyes because at eighteen I was like, “I’m making $200 a week. Let me go buy some records.” Not everybody learns to do that and that’s good. It sounds like you were given a financial education as a child, which is not just for women. Most of us children as children were not.

[bctt tweet=”There’re certain things that are existing in this world that are still working. We can take the parts that still work and move them into this different area, this different arena.” via=”no”]

Most people who would have gotten that at eighteen years old would have taken on gun partied. I took it and put it into the stock market. I’m talking years later and it was still growing. I used it for very little. I had to buy two cars at that time and I used the money from there to buy cars. I teach how to hold money and grow it. When I look at that, I think of how money into the market. I then took it and I gave it to somebody else. I did not have a super-duper longing to go and learn. How do I trade the market? My mom’s husband is a financial advisor and he managed my money for a while. We sat down and we had a chat. He was talking about the trick because he does a lot of options trading. He is trying to explain this to me in a very terrible way. I’m going to be totally honest. He was like, “Go to this website.” Because he does not like to teach it. I would not say he is the best teacher in the world.

Most people aren’t even if you understand it. I’ve had three people explain charting to me. I get the basics but it makes my eyes glaze over thinking about it. I want somebody to chart for me if I want to hand them a piece of information and say like, “Check out this particular crypto.” I want them to tell me the numbers are going up and down in this particular way and what that means. I don’t want to have to do that stuff myself. To teach stuff like that, you have to have a real bent for it to do that. Keep going.

For me, I was never interested. I’ve been invested for a long time in this space. I would go to read things and websites. Honestly, it was so boring to me. When I found out about crypto, to me, it excited me in a way that I’ve never felt excited about investing my money before. Knowing you, you have some spiritually inclined readers. We both attract those types of people. When I look at the crypto space, there is a huge spiritual awakening happening with this space. To me, we can go and keep learning for me.

When I got to the point where it was time to deeply educate myself when this showed up for me, I can go and learn something from this archaic system that I look at. That’s corrupt as heck and is not safe and not honest and truthful because a lot of people would probably think that opposite of what we have said, it is safe. It is this and that. We’ve been being told that and conditioned to believe this. When I started looking at it, I’m like, “Why do people think the stock market is safe? Why does everybody put their money all into the stock market?” They sit here and winge about how volatile the crypto space is. I’m like, “I don’t know about you but in 2020 when the market drops 30% in a matter of two days, my heart did not like that.” My nervous system was like, “This is crazy.”

Look at what happened in 2008 or 2007.People lost their entire life savings.I was first investing in stocks in 1995. When the internet stock market crashed in ‘99, I learned the hard way what a margin call was. I owned Amazon when Amazon came out and then I had to sell it. That still breaks my heart because there was this terrible fear after that of going back in. I look now at the greed index. The expression is when there is blood on the streets by real estate and when it’s a total bloodbath, that’s when you buy stock. You have to do the inverse emotionally of what feels like there is momentum behind it. Start pulling your money out. In a study of Women of Wealth, there was a woman named Hester Neely.

She lived in the mid to late 1800s. When she died, she was the wealthiest woman in America. She had made her money. She said her success principle was, “I look at everything in complete detail. I pay attention when I’m looking into a stock. What I do is I look for something that no one else wants and then I get a lot of it and I wait.” I thought that was such great advice because we have that momentum thing. Once the momentum thing happens, it’s like, “We’re going to go with the herd.” When everybody is heading into the building, you want to be hitting the exit. That’s hard because it’s not how we’re wired. We were wired exactly in reverse.I will go back to what you were saying about the idea of spirituality. I’ve already talked in an earlier episode about my download about crypto, the future of money and the new energy of money that I feel like we’re being called into. I want to talk a little bit about your feelings about the idea that this is a spiritual space because that’s going to be a foreign concept to a lot of people. If they’ve heard it from me once, it would help to have your opinion about it as well.

YGA 2 | Making Your Money Work

Making Your Money Work: We can start to govern ourselves on the blockchain, so instead of the corrupt global financial elite getting our money, we get our money, and we get to send the money back to the people.


If I tie this all together and say when we look at this whole space and why I like it as far as women, I wasn’t interested in the other part because it was this old-school heavy and so many details. It’s such a huge thing. It’s not to say that crypto is not. I’m not going to even pretend that it’s not but for me, it was this newness. The spiritual aspect is we’re living in the most phenomenal time to be alive. We’re moving from what has been this very masculine, dominated world, mindset and energy and into this new feminine rising in the energetic space.When we start to look at it, I can put my energy into this old system. If we look now, one of the best things that have come out has been the fact that we have gotten to see all of these systems whether it’s the financial, education, healthcare and all of these systems that are not working for us. End of story. I’m sure if anyone is reading, you would probably agree. They do not serve us the best way that they can. What we’re seeing is what parts of those could crumble because I don’t think at any given point in time are we going to all of a sudden have all of these systems collapses and have a completely new framework overnight. It’s going to be a period of time.

There are certain things that are existing in this world that are still working. That’s okay. We can take the parts. It would still work and then move them into this different arena. When we start to look at blockchain and the crypto space, blockchain is where everything is stored. It is a ledger that stores. It is printing out numbers so that you can go through them. It’s one of the coolest things about the blockchain and this space is the transparency. People always say that you can’t lie about the blockchain. People can move money and not find it. I’m like, “It’s the most transparent thing in the world. You can follow some.” You have to be aware of this because every transaction that you make and dollar that you have can be found everywhere across the blockchain because it’s all there in an open format for people to see.

It’s going to be interesting because a lot of other people say that this is the Wild West of crypto because there is no real regulation about it. US government, anyway, keeps punting it further down the road. Now it’s not on the agenda and slow, at least the middle of 2022 or 2023. It feels like the Wild West because they want you to report your earnings like the stock market but they won’t treat it as a currency. It isn’t really money so it’s all confusing. Eventually, if they wanted to, they could go back and look at every single transaction.

The way that it’s anonymous is that your name isn’t put to it but your number is. If you go and put your wallet, it has a number. It’s a long chain number. If I wanted to send money to Halle or Halle wanted to send money to me, I would say, “Here is my number. You send it to me,” or vice versa. In that transaction, we can see each other’s numbers. She could go and look at my number and see all the transactions made on that number. It’s that transparent. She knows they’re mine unless you know my number. You wouldn’t know it’s me but the second you know that number, you know it’s me. Everything becomes very traceable.

That is why people store stuff on multiple wallets so that it’s only that transaction or those transactions are traceable.

When we start to look at the spiritual aspect, we come into a place where we have sovereignty. For me spiritually, to be sovereignty-like, you are in full responsibility for who you are in your finances, health, mental aspects and all of these things. It takes everything. Looking at it from every aspect, how can I take the fullest amount of responsibility for my thriving in life? We have that opportunity now in blockchain, crypto and DeFi. We can be our own banks. We don’t need a bank. If we start to get into DAOs, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, it is a whole another thing.

Ultimately, to leave this in an easy way to understand, a whole bunch of people coming together and creating your own community where you are self-governing. Imagine that we have this ability and then you can vote with a click of a button. Everybody gets to vote. The more people who are in it, the more decentralized it is and the more it is for the people. This whole concept is amazing. Consequently, we can start to govern ourselves on the blockchain and a whole bunch of people making decisions. We can start to have our own banking system, that we are the bank. Instead of the corrupt global financial elite getting all of our money, we get our money and we get to send the money back to the people.

Keri is not being facetious or extremist when she says the corrupt financial elite. I want to be clear because it’s important to me that you understand I’m not talking to people who are at extreme ends of the spectrum per se. I’m not looking to put forth any particular agenda but I do want to point out the Pandora papers and the Panama papers as being examples of decentralized journalism. There were about 120 journalists from multiple papers who cooperated on the Pandora papers and on the Panama papers, which have been extensive research into financial lives, specifically of people with money, which includes many world leaders and royalty from around the world.

People who are the 1% of the 1%. Most of them are involved in fraud, corruption, tax evasion and all of the things that supposedly, people in power aren’t supposed to be doing. When Keri says financial elite or corruption of that, she is not making a generalism. There is factual data backing this up. This is a good moment to take a sacred pause and say, “Use your discernment about this and anything that you ever hear. Not only on this show but on anything that anybody ever tells you.”

Your job is to get the information and then go and see how it fits into your life and world and maybe expand your world so that it could fit something new like the idea of crypto or DeFi because it’s getting you onboard a train that is starting to chew and chew out of the station. If doing it super slowly at the moment but it’s going to go faster and faster. They say that information, in general, is doubling at the rate of every twelve hours, which is mind-boggling. There is a lot of information out there and don’t let that stop you. Keri, when did you get into this space?

[bctt tweet=”The possibility of what is here for us is endless. We then have this ability to move into this new way of being on the planet.” via=”no”]

I finished my book in June 2020 so I started studying DeFi probably in July or August 2021.

I made my first inquiries about Bitcoin because I can see stuff sometimes in 2013.

I started learning crypto in 2019 but at the beginning of 2020, I started to dive deeper into it and then DeFi.

I’m behind you than that, although I’ve had a crypto portfolio since 2017. The point is that neither of us is saying we know everything or even close to that. It’s laughable.

We didn’t even talk about NFTs yet. The point is that there is so much developing, learning and growing all the time. Even within DeFi, there are new things happening all the time. If you’re going to get into this, take it slower. I’ve been doing this for a while and I made it my mission. This was not something that people were like, “Do you have to study as much as I do?” No. I taught an eight-week program on how to get into DeFi. The people who went through it could get in it and do the thing.

They were money in DeFi. I’ve taught them every few months how they go, look at their money and do things. You can have it be that simple. They’re like, “You know.” I’m like, “I know more because I choose to. I think this is fascinating because I opened this Pandora’s Box and I dove headfirst into it.” It was a box that it’s endless to me and because it fascinates me. I was saying like, “We can even look at how the healthcare system will change because of this because, on the blockchain, you’ll be able to have your medical records stored. You will be the one to have access to it. You can be like, “This doctor gets this.” I was talking to somebody about how many hours they have spent chasing their paperwork around something to go move it from one doctor to the other.

They’re like, “I don’t know who has this and where I find this paperwork. Does it go into the system? Does it get lost?” Now we’re going to have this that you can control what doctor sees what, where it goes, making sure that you get to see it, you have access to all of your medical records and it will all be stored on a blockchain that can’t be hijacked. It’s not going to be the thing where somebody can be like, “I’m going to go show this to someone over here.” It can’t be.

It’s because you will be in charge of making the decision as far as who’s going to see what.

When I look at all of that stuff, the possibility of what is here for us is endless. That’s where the spiritual aspect to me comes. If we bring this back to where we started, this is because we then have this ability to move into this new way of being on the planet. To me, when I look at the new way of being on the planet and if I look at DeFi in and of itself because the answer ultimately is compounding interest. If your money is constantly growing, that is how we create infinite abundance. When someone said to me, “Keri, that’s also a little bit of a load of crap.” I was like, “I’m not saying that everybody is going to be.”

Why do they say that?

This is the concept. Just because I say that we can have an infinite abundance, everybody is going to be multi-millionaires and we’re going to all live. That’s not necessarily true. It depends on where you’re at, how much money you have to start with and how well you manage your emotional state as we were investing things.

I was going to say how much you are vibrating and resonance with having that money or not.

YGA 2 | Making Your Money Work

Making Your Money Work: We really have to take it with a grain of salt where this information coming from and what the motivation is behind what anyone is saying.


I always say this about coming into the crypto space. There are going to be people who come into the crypto space. You could come in on the same exact day and buy the same exact things. One person could take that money and make it probably into millions. One person could lose the entire thing because of the way that our energy, mindset, vibration and all that stuff works with things. It’s not to say when I talk about this as an infinite abundance. It’s not to say that every single human being on this planet that everyone is going to be multi-millionaires.

With this concept, though, it is ever increasing. If you do your job and leave your money, sit there growing because these are the thing that people do. We get sticky fingers and we pull our money out and we’re like, “That didn’t work.” If you left your money there and it was growing. It would grow infinitely. This is why I get so excited about this. It is because we have this potential. We do have the potential to completely change the way that we do our entire life on this planet. I was even listening to a summit. My husband is into permaculture. I told you about the talk that I did at the Miami Crypto Experience.

I find it fascinating that they’re looking at how we can take permaculture or for people who don’t know what that is gardening. How do we grow food in a regenerative way so we utilize our land is the best. How can we take that? We can reward the people who are growing the food because if we look at farmers, they are living next to nothing. They are some of the poorest, unfortunately, people on this planet. They’re not the wealthiest people on the planet in comparison to people who are engineers, putting oil lines in and all these kinds of things. They’re making hundreds of thousands of dollars while these farmers are not. Why don’t we get to have that balance where people who are providing our food and keeping us alive are getting rewarded for that?

They’re starting to and there are things coming out that are starting to look at how people who are farming can get rewarded in crypto. We start to look at this and we can come fully sovereign. We can start to track our food from where it is from source to finish. We don’t have that now. People are lying to us all the time about where things came from and how long it’s been. Has it taken seven months? Which plane was it on? On the blockchain, you can track that whole thing and then make sure that the person who sold this to me got paid more than $0.01 or whatever it is.

That’s going to be a beautiful application as well. What is the one thing that you would like to leave our readers with?

Just get started. I know it’s scary. You and I have both sat there on the other side of this and going, “It’s scary.” There are scary moments of learning anything new. I’ve heard, especially in the spiritual world. Many people say to me, “It doesn’t call me, Keri.” I’m like, “Whether it calls you are not, it’s coming. You might want to learn about it.” I say this because in any industry that we are in across the board, there are amazing things about it and there are people who come in that are not so amazing.

If you come in here and as this evolves, you’re not educated. You could very easily have the wool pulled over your eyes and have no idea that you’re being taken for a ride. When you follow, a governmental thing that is saying they’re doing the right thing for you when they’re not. I suggest that every single human being on this planet starts to learn and start somewhere. It could be like, “How do I buy my first Bitcoin?” I have an intro to crypto thing. It’s free. If anybody wants to come and check it out, you can come and learn how you buy your first Bitcoin. No problem. Go to KeriNorley.com/cryptointro.

I would just start whether it’s that or you heard something in here, global financial elite, blockchain or any of these buzzwords that Halle and I have mentioned, take one. Google it. Watch a YouTube thing on it and research. I would also suggest that if you’re going to start doing research, you go to DuckDuckGo, which is a browser that is way less censored than Google because Google will censor out of all of this. You’ll find some very relevant information for you. Do not let fear stop you. Also, whatever you’re hearing whether you’re hearing this show or a piece of information that’s come out on news like, “Bitcoin is going to destroy the world.”

Think about where is this coming from? Who is saying this? There was something that Hillary Clinton said about how it was going to affect cash in the banking system. It was something along the lines of this. I was like, “It will.” She made it like it was a bad thing. We have to take it with a grain of salt. It is where this information is coming from. What is the motivation behind what anyone is saying? Whether it’s me, Hillary Clinton or whoever it is, this isn’t just in crypto but we’re going to say it in crypto for now is to go do your research. As you read through it, you will learn both sides to the story and there are scams, hacks, all sorts of problems that are in this space that are not true. It’s a matter of educating yourself so that you do not fall into these places and you can do this safely.

[bctt tweet=”The answer, ultimately, is compounding interest because if your money is constantly growing, that is how you create infinite abundance.” via=”no”]

Keri, thank you. I appreciate all of your insight, passion and enthusiasm for this as you help teach people. You can go to HalleEavelyn.com and download a free gift from the front page of the site. It will change from time to time but it will always be there to help you grow your mindset around your money. Please like and subscribe to whatever platform you are reading the show.


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