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We may experience several bumpy roads, but we should keep growing beautifully into the best we can be and unleash our goddess selves. On today’s show, the amazing mindset coach Kim Coles joins me to talk about women’s self-empowerment.

Kim shares powerful personal stories, including bravely starting her life over again in the last few years, and the big AHAs that made her grateful for all the choices she made, even the ones she thought really sucked at the time.

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Kim Coles On Powerful Choices And Women Empowerment

I am privileged and it’s a joy for me to get to share this experience with you. I say the experience, I mean it of being with my beer pal and the amazing, fabulous actress and mindset coach Kim Coles. Welcome to Your Goddess Awakened.

Thank you for having me. I don’t know if you remember, I have a tattoo of the word goddess.

I’m excited to get to talk to you about all the things. Kim and I met in Egypt. We were on a trip together that I was co-leading with Elizabeth Purvis, who you have probably already met on another episode if you did not know of her beforehand. You can look up and see Kim’s background, it speaks for itself. As our pal, Rachel says you should GTS Kim. Kim, do you know what that means?

Google that shit.

That’s right.

It’s one of my favorite terms.

All the kids have those acronyms. I want to talk about the journey that you’ve taken. You were a comedian, then you were an actress and now you’re a coach. Explain that because a lot of women are scared to step out into their stuff and just between us girls, I know you were as well. Share some of that experience.

It is interesting. Something hit me that hadn’t hit me before, which always happens when I’m with you, Halle because you bring out the best in others. The truth is that for me it’s been a layering all along. Many of us, as we’re searching for a deeper purpose and to do the work that we’re here to do and all of those kinds of conversations like, “Am I really happy? How can I get more?” I realized that everything that I’ve ever done sits on top of everything else I’ve ever done. It becomes layering. I still happen to be an actress and a comedian and I’ve taken all of those experiences plus life and added it into this new-ish and newer way of being, which I realized that I was doing all along anyway.

I love stories and the power of stories. I love helping people use their powerful, unique stories and journey to then share with others and help them along their journey. Being a storyteller and teaching people how to tell their stories effectively, I like to call it to help you to broadcast your brilliance. The bottom line is that if everything that’s happened to you has happened for you, then it is layering and you get to add it on and then keep growing and ascending into the best version of yourself.

I’m at this place and I’m grateful for you and that trip to Egypt. That trip to Egypt was pivotal for me in awakening, opening and stepping into. Sometimes you’re still a little afraid, but I’m more afraid of staying the same than I am growing into something bigger, stronger, faster, better, and serving from that place. That’s the whole thing that it’s not even about me. I came here to do this work and now I’m doing the work. That was a long answer to this question. It’s giving yourself permission to take all of your experiences and letting them be part of the journey along the way.

I started as an actress, I moved into software development, I was in real estate, and I was in spiritual travel. If you took all of that and rolled it up like a big carpet, and dropped it in my lap, that was all my experience for me to be a coach. I use every single last bit of it. When I’m coaching my realtor groups, I’m like, people and design and also draw on my experiences running a software business. We all get to show up fully. Your present moment is your only point of power. We are showing up with all of that stuff behind us. That’s the thing that made us ready for the piece that we stepped into. I got to watch you fully step into who you were. I’m delighted if you would tell that story to people because it’s my favorite.

It involved a temple and a whole lot of sweat, decision, and a realization of a decision. Here we are, and you always remind me that it was Edfu Temple and it was beautiful. By the way, Africa is Africa hot. I want to start by saying when I got off the plane in Egypt, my menopause said to me, “It’s hot here. We’re going to leave you alone. When you get hot and start to sweat, it’s not us. It’s Africa just letting you know.” Here I am in mother Africa, which is beautiful and everybody’s like, “Welcome home.” I’m getting kisses and love. We’re going from temple to temple and having these great awakenings and great moments.

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At this particular Temple Edfu, I am feeling hot and done. By done, I mean I was baked in terms of all the awakenings that were happening. It was too much. A lot was happening and I was going through a time in my life where I needed things to happen. It needed to be an awakening and physically, I was having problems, I gained weight. You said on the brochure, “To exercise before you get here. Start walking before you get here.” I was like, “I walked through enough airports, I’ll be fine.” My body was going, “No, mas.” my menopause was like, “It’s not us.” Not to mention I got my hair done in these very elaborate faux goddess locks with ten tons of hair so I could look even more African.

I’m hot and it’s a lot. We finished our beautiful ceremony and all the sisters were there. We had our meditation there and they begin to leave one by one. My water is hot that I can’t even drink it. I’m like, “I should put a teabag in it because it’s hot now.” There was no relief whatsoever. You, in your very Halle, you come from love, but you don’t mince words. It’s love but it’s real. You’re like, “I can see that you want to give up.” I was like, “How can she read my mind?” You’re like, “You want to give up and you can. That’s a choice but this is a moment. What are you going to do at this moment? How you move your body and how you’re moving in your world is a choice that’s up to you or you could go and walk back to the bus and its air conditioning, we will wait for you but this is it.”

You always remember more than I do at that moment but I remember this, “I’ve got a decision to make. I can give up but is that the choice that I want to do?” It was a physical and spiritual thing. It was decisions I needed to make about my marriage that was not working. You said to me, “You’re hot. When we get back to the boat, I’ll help you cut those extensions out.” I was like, “You’ve gone too far. What? How could you?” What’s funny about you, Halle is that you have been around a lot of black women and black sisters and you know what that means. You should know that would be, “Que Horror.” No matter what was going through my marriage, or my body was giving out on me because I hadn’t done what I need to do, cutting out the hair was like, “What?” I think that it was a pivotal moment and, in my memory, you said, “You look like you’re twenty years older than you are right now.”

I believe I said something even more horrifyingly offensive. I said to you, “You look ancient right now.” You turned toward me and it was like looking at the Gravitas of Cicely Tyson and one of her most magnificent roles. You looked up at me and I saw what you would look like at 100 but it was also the wisdom of the ancients. It was this kind of timeless that this was a woman who had been oppressed for lifetimes was what my sense was in that moment. I feel that you made a decision not at that moment for you about your marriage, or am I ever going to walk out of this room or anything like that. It was also a legacy decision like, “Am I going to be this woman who is stuck in just enough, just okay, just good enough, or am I going to step fully into this magnificence that is my goddess self?” That was my awareness at that time.

I don’t think you’ve even explained it to me that deeply. Keep in mind that all those roles you talked about where Cicely Tyson was playing this ancient person, she was wearing tons of makeup, but she wasn’t old at those times. She wasn’t ancient at those times. I do you remember that moment and saying, “Do not get insulted by this. You look ancient.” Here’s the thing about that and I hope don’t start to cry and I’m present to this. Walking across the street is where I always see these women. She’s walking across the street and I go there but for the grace of God go I. She is belabored by life, she’s made certain decisions and not made other decisions. I can even see that sometimes it’s my body type, my age, my race, or my whatever. She could be completely different than me but I can see that if she had a different opportunity, ask a different set of questions, been given a different space, how would she have turned out? I see that at that moment, that was the decision that I could keep going like this or I could make a real legacy decision. It was at that moment that things began to turn in.

What’s interesting about this trip is because we were being physical, my body did get better. Because at that moment I was making that decision, I was beginning to feel better. I can remember walking out of the Great Pyramid and I love telling you and bragging about being the last girl in the Great Pyramid that day because it took me that long to back myself out. I didn’t climb down, I climbed backward. I was the last girl on the pyramid that day. For a brief shining moment, I had the Great Pyramid all to myself. I remember going back to our hotel and going to the restroom and freshening up and looking in the mirror and I never looked younger. I looked fresh, young, vibrant, and ready to take on the next piece of my life.

I got body chills there. I remember all the other women on the trip because that was a woman’s only journey. When you came to breakfast, everybody was like, “Look at you. You look amazing.” As you came out of the Great Pyramid that day for our final initiation, that was a powerful thing. You reminded me though, when I was with my ex and we were together almost 25 years, and then I met my girlfriend and I came to that crossroads of, “Am I staying or am I going?”

I remember doing a spirit session because as you may remember, he and I used to do the channeling sessions together because he channeled The Great White Brotherhood or The Great White Lodge. I would facilitate all of those sessions. I asked him, “Could we do a spirit session?” Because he knew I was at this crossroads and trying to make this decision. It’s a great compliment to me that he was willing to do this because it could have meant I would get to the end and go, “I’m going to leave now,” which is exactly what happened. I said to them, “Should I stay or should I go?” They said the thing they always say, which is the lesson is in the choosing, it’s your choice that will guide you as you were saying about that woman on the street. What if she had made this decision so that this one would have asked this set of questions instead of this one? It’s brilliant that you said that because I feel that’s where the rubber meets the road.

That day when I asked that question, they gave me a little bit more than that answer. The next thing they said to me was, “You can stay. If you stay you will stay small and that is a choice.” It was at that moment that I decided to leave. I was on the fence. I was hoping to not have to go. I was hoping for some miraculous resolution that it would not involve me giving up my four-bedroom house, my three dogs, and the person that I had loved since I was 23 years old. Moving 3,000 miles across the country and starting my life over again with no money in my pocket.

I was hoping for all of those things and it didn’t happen. I wanted to live in LA my whole life. I didn’t know you then but we were neighbors. I can come over to your house right now for coffee and we could have done this in person but no, I had to move to Miami because I was getting this huge call. Often, we women get it in our heads that it’s not okay for us to make these choices for ourselves. My experience working with women who tend to skew older is, we will also get to a point where we go, “I’m 40, 50, 60, 70,” or whatever the age is where we go, “This isn’t okay anymore. This is my life, for me.” That’s where you get that idea that I say all the time, “You’re a sovereign entity.” That’s where that energy starts to shift.

All kinds of amazing things happen as a result of that. In my life, I’ve taken lots of training since we’ve talked last. Personal development and spiritual work and all of that. There is a world in which I could have tried to stay in my marriage and tried to work on it. I ended up developing a set of skills. I now have a toolbox for better communication and a toolbox for better questions. I got them now and it’s too late. I remember all the times that I requested better communication and, “Let’s try to work this out.” I don’t think that the person that he was and the person I was, we’re meant to be together. Here’s how I know now. He is happy right now. We Facebook message and I mailed him the divorce papers. He never got them. I scan them and sent them. He has a new almost wife. I question the amount of time with which this relationship happened. He has a new baby boy. The timing is a little interesting.

You broke up more than nine months ago, right?

YGA 18 | Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment: Keep growing and ascending into the best version of yourself.


Right. Their relationship, there is some time that could have been overlapped and I don’t even care because more importantly, I’m happy. I found what I didn’t even know I was able or permitted to have. I had what I didn’t realize I was saying to the Universe, God, Goddess, the Creator, however you language it. As Esther would say, “Shooting arrows of desire.” Is that how she says it?

Rockets of desire.

I was shooting rockets, arrows, bullets, and of desire. It was a battlefield of desire because what I asked for I got in spades and abundance. I’m happier. You know how as human beings we make meaning out of things. Maybe I needed to go through that so that I could have this richer, more fulfilling experience, and more importantly, a richer full experience of myself. It all matters. As I said before, what if everything that’s happened to you has happened for you, I’ll take it all if this is part of the journey. As long as learning and ascending and integrating as I go along the way.

I’m now not nearly as afraid of the breakthroughs that come. In fact, there was a breakthrough that happened on the bed, boohooing and weeping. I needed to get it out. One of my issues, and I’ll be transparent, has been money and I’ve made lots and lots of it and yet, I have areas of money that need to be healed and some boundaries need to happen. There was a big boundary that came up and I was like, “I need to let this person know that is not okay.” I had to boohoo it out and take responsibility for my side of it. That felt good even though it felt icky. It felt better than it would have if I continue to put my head in the sand about it. Maybe it’s an age thing. I am going to be 60 in January 2022. I embrace it all because it’s all worth embracing.

That’s beautiful. I’ve seen such a beautiful growth arc in the years that we have known each other and I’m proud of you for all those changes and those shifts. This is your goddess awakened. This is about coming into the goddess of you. I want to talk about what it’s like for you in this world that we’re in now? There have been many shifts. I saw episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19, which are both from Shondaland and that’s Shonda Rhimes.

They’re dealing with the riots, the protests, and the George Floyd murder. There was a sequence with Station 19, which is about a firehouse in Seattle, and you watch the cast sitting together and reacting. They do not show you any footage of George Floyd being murdered but you see them sitting there watching in shock and agony as they go through it. It was a powerful choice. Shondaland has also been in the news a lot because of the casting for Bridgerton, which envisions a world where there are black people who were elevated to royalty.

On the flimsy but from the looks of the paintings is probably pretty accurate evidence that Queen Charlotte was at least part black, it creates a society where black people have been elevated to a status equal to whites are property owners and landed gentry. I remember seeing that first scene of Bridgerton and starting to cry because it felt like somewhere on some plane, a wrong had been righted. I want to know how does this feels for you as a black woman? What advice do you have for the rest of us who need to be treading lightly in this circumstance?

It’s a big moment and a big thing that’s happening. There’s a great awakening even more so to all kinds of injustice. They’ve always been there and sometimes it’s been quieted, and been under the surface and now, it’s in your face. That causes problems for people on all sides. I’ll just speak to the Bridgeton thing for a moment. When I saw Queen Charlotte, I was like, “She went there,” because I have known, heard and wondered about this potential queen who was mixed, mulatto and of African descent. That picture looks like she’s a sister to me.

If you go down that road, it’s incredible. The flower, birds of paradise were created for her. They were named after her, not because she was a bird of paradise, but she wore all those crazy wigs and they were real. If you look up there was a botanist, and she was very much into botany. She had beautiful gardens, and the birds of paradise that we love in our gardens, and there are some in my front yard right now, were created for her. There’s much more.

She was influential in many other ways and I was like, “She went there.” Some people were like, “This is ridiculous. How could there be a black queen?” If you look, it’s available. If you do your homework, it’s available. There have been many stories of accomplishments of people of color that have been squashed. It’s hard for us to learn this. There’s this history that we learned in school, and if you’re a certain age, they’re things that they didn’t talk about in school.

Let’s talk about Egypt. I was taught that there’s Africa and there’s Egypt. If you looked at the map, as a kid, I was like, “But Egypt is in Africa, right?” There’s a whole other thing. That’s another thing. It’s part of all of it and a part of what we know. Some of us processed it in a way where I just go. Unfortunately, I grew up in a household where we were taught not to be angry, or not to show our anger out, or to protest in that way. We were taught to protest by getting educated, by carrying ourselves a certain way and by learning your history.

My mother was a teacher and therefore, we had access to knowledge and information that she made sure that my brother and I knew what we knew from whence we came and to be excellent when I’m out there. My way is not the way of fight or protest in that way. The way I protest is to be excellent and by using my gifts to help elevate other women of color, and other people as well. It’s a swirl of complexities and then comes this conversation of having to decide whether or not we educate our white sisters. We’ve put them into categories. There are allies and people who aren’t allies. By the way, I see you as an ally. Only an ally could say, “Do you want me to cut those extensions out of your head?” Only an ally could offer to do that and I’ll be okay with it. It’s complex and we need to keep talking. We need to keep talking and understanding.

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For those of you who are our allies, and those of us who are not our allies to be willing to have eyes of compassion that you can only imagine what it’s like to walk into a shop. Even though you’ve been on a TV show for years, and for people to follow you around, it has nothing to do with, “By the way, can I take a picture with you?” I’ve had that experience, while I was “Kim Coles,” they know they were following me because I was a black girl. I can’t even explain to you what that wells up. In my case, as I said, I was taught not to protest, just walk out of the store. You don’t get my money, but also a little piece of me dies inside. It’s complex. We have to keep talking, keep having dialogue, and create space and boundaries for when it’s not okay to keep putting us down and expecting the worst from us or whatever list of things people call people of color.

What do you mean when is it? It’s always not okay. Where would there be a world where any level of that should be acceptable?

I worded that wrong, I will stand in correction. I didn’t mean when. You’re right, it’s all the time, but open up dialogue.

For me, the question is always, “If this person were white, would this be okay?” “If this person were not a particular color, but if this person were the majority color, which is the white color, the color of privilege, would this conversation or interaction treatment of them be acceptable?” On that episode of Grey’s Anatomy, they showed one of the black doctors whose fiancé was another black doctor. He’s driving up to meet her, they’re going to be reunited, and he’s moving to Seattle. The police pull him over and proceed to, first, he disappears off the radar, and she tries to get him to stay on the phone and he’s not allowed to by the cop. She goes through 45 minutes of sheer terror until she’s finally able to get ahold of him just like, “Why was it so long?” They pan to the outside of his car. He was moving his entire life in the back of his car and the whole thing is out now in boxes on the side of the road, because the police unpacked everything, and made the dogs sniff. The first thought that I had is that would never happen to a white person in a million years.

That’s your thought and you are awakened. We need more conversations like this, more awakenings, more compassion, and more willing to look at it from that perspective. What would your life be like if all the time? You could argue that black women have it a little bit easier than black men. Their mothers were like, “I send my black boy out into the world and I don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t know if he’s going to come home to me.” The sheer terror in that. I don’t understand how we became the worst of the worst. We didn’t even ask to come here. We can go down all those roads. It’s more than compassion. It’s that, “Would this be happening if that person was white,” and the outrage that would happen? We’re not even allowed to be outraged. People say that Black Lives Matter is a terrorist group. I’m like, “How is it terrorism?”

Also, Antifa stands for anti-fascist, which is people against fascism. How did that become a terrorist group?

I’ve never gotten that either. You were saying you want fascism. Is that what you’re saying?

No, the whole thing is crazy. I realized that the Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter conversation could be solved with one word. Are you ready? I figured it out. We need to say Black Lives Matter too because that’s what the Black Lives Matter movement is. Nobody is saying other lives don’t matter. They’re saying, “And our lives also matter.” Everyone’s life should matter.

People saw that as an attack.

People were educated to see that as an attack. That’s the thing. That’s the same thing with Antifa. The idea that an anti-fascist movement would be seen as fascist. My brain starts to fry at that point.

Is it cognitive dissonance? Is it people not educating themselves?

Is it deliberate misinformation by the people who are in power? I’m not going to say it’s only men. When Trump was president and there was that whole You Can Grab My Pussy Anytime, Mr. President! T-shirt or whatever, and all those women wearing it. I was like, “We’re so against ourselves that we don’t even know that we’re against ourselves.”

YGA 18 | Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment: The power struggle of the ruling class is always to stay relevant and to stay in power.


Those women who are like that and who have been women for Trump, I wonder if there’s a number of them that were doing that so they could keep the protection of their men? In other words, look at me I’m on your side but I’m not. Was that part of it?

I don’t know. Maybe 10% but honestly, it’s the fact that we need to start raising our girls and our boys differently. Because if our girls were raised differently, that wouldn’t be okay with them. If our boys were raised differently, they wouldn’t be treating women the way that we would cause the entire #MeToo Movement to finally happen and things would start to change.

What I was going to say is I remembered years ago, there was time, it was either Time or Life, and Life is gone now. Life Magazine is on the cover. The cover was a picture of a very tan person. The headline was The Darkening of America or something like that. That eventually in this world, because we’re commingling the way we are and I love teasing my brother and saying, “I’ve got a little beige nephew because my sister in law is white and my nephew is beige and he’s beautiful.” Eventually, there will be fewer white people in the world. If you look at the numbers, if you look at the numbers around the world, there are fewer white people than there are people of color if you include Asians, Indians and all Africans. If you added up, the tide already turned. I wonder if there’s a piece that’s like, “Eventually, we’re going to be obsolete one day or something.”

The power struggle of the ruling class is always to stay relevant and to stay in power. Absolutely. This brings us to the Goddess and the concept of the sacred divine feminine and all of this. The fact that the sacred divine feminine has been removed from our society to the detriment, to the demise of that element that says, “We will raise our boys to be better than this. We will raise our girls to value themselves more than this. Our society will not be allowed to go lowest common denominator.” That is all going to come from the infusion back into our society. The Dalai Lama said, “The western woman will save the world.”

The question I have for you is I know that you educate about this and you’re an evangelist for this. What happened? When did it turn? Maybe this is a longer conversation but when was the divine feminine excluded? It’s one of the reasons why and I’m not out about this and I think in the coming years, and maybe even months and weeks, I’m going to come out more about this. I’m quiet about this because it’s the household that I grew up in, “Go ahead and feel how you want to feel but don’t talk too much about it.” It’s one of the reasons why there are certain spiritual texts I’m just not a fan of and I can’t get into it because a lot was taken out of the divine feminine and you cannot have the masculine without the feminine. Do you have a three-sentence answer for why it was removed? Why were we dangerous?

Because we have minds of our own and thoughts of our own, the shortest version of this is that the first episode of Your Goddess Awakened which is called God’s Wife, talks about this exactly. The whole episode is about how the sacred divine feminine was excised, and about the concept that God had a wife at one time. She still appears in the Bible, and her name was Asherah. There are places where Asherah has not been quite excised from the Bible, you can go look at that.

There was a deliberate in the men in charge, the priests were like, “Let’s take the women out.” Now, they didn’t take out Esther and Ruth or whoever, but these were wives and mothers. They took out the women who were in power, so to speak. If everything in the world from babies unbound requires two. Seahorses are capable of mating with themselves, so they are some exceptions, but if the idea behind creation is the masculine and the feminine, the sperm and the egg, the creative power and the executive power. The power of completion, the receiving power with the giving power, the masculine and the feminine are woven through all of creation except for God, and then later, except for Jesus.

I have another episode of the show where I talk about this woman who came into my inbox right after the first episode and said, “You’re wrong.” I’m like, “Let me read this letter,” and she said, “God did have a wife and her name was Mary.” I’m like, “God married Mary? How did I miss that one in the Bible?” If people have their belief and don’t you mess with that belief but it’s from over 2,000 years of having the goddess excised. There are statues of the goddess that date back a couple of 100,000 years and they’ve carbon-dated the Venus of Willendorf piece but they’ve also found one that’s a lot older that they say again is supposedly 200,000 years old that looks exactly like the style of Venus of Willendorf, which is a very voluptuous woman. It’s what we would call a fat woman with this giant dough for breasts and this round little head. You just want to squeeze her in all the places.

Apparently, the goddess was all that was depicted for thousands of years until we got to this idea of civilization and the Bible was written down and all of that. There were a couple of councils, the Council of Chalcedon and the Council of Nicaea. I want to say those are the 4th century and maybe the 6th century AD, but I’m saying this from memory, so I’m not 100% sure about these dates. After the Bible was completed, and remember the Bible was not written in Jesus’s lifetime. The Bible was not even written right after Jesus’s life. They came in within a couple of 100 years and said, “Mary was a whore.”

He is to blame for everything. As a little girl, I was like, “Let me get this straight. You’re blaming everything on her?”

Because God forbid the man should have his own free will and make his own decisions and the woman would have hers and make her own decision. The whole thing has been corrupted but my favorite resource on this topic is Tricia McCannon’s Return of the Divine Sophia and that’s on the Your Goddess Awakened Reading List and Return to the Divine Sophia is extremely well researched. Tricia is a dear friend and that woman knows her stuff. She talked a lot about this evisceration like a deliberate cutting out of the sacred divine feminine.

There are some pieces that took my breath away about men who were Catholic saints canonized and they said one of these saints, and I know I’ve talked about this in another episode, but it frosts my tail. One of these men that became a saint said, “A woman is a beautiful exterior over an open sewer.” I’m like, “What?” They were all saying, “You do not want to be with women except for sex and to bear your children.” Period in the end. It’s like, “No woman’s thoughts should be considered, no woman’s ideas should be considered. No woman should have any place of power anywhere.” Men just walked around that way.

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I went to my first event since COVID, we were all socially distanced, it was a beautiful thing. I sat with four men at a table. One of them was a hedge fund guy, one of them was a lawyer, one of them was a creator of a conscious giveback society on Amazon, but giving you back a lot of the money of it. One guy was moving into Miami for opening up a cellphone distribution by taking cell phones to Europe. I’m sitting in front of these four guys at one point, we were talking about money and cryptocurrency and at one time I said to them, “Did you all know what year women could get their bank accounts without their husbands and their fathers?” They all kind of looked at me and then one of the men goes, “1960 maybe.” I said, “1972.” They were all like, “What?”

I looked at them, and I said, “You guys, you’ve never had to worry about your money or your job or what you were saying or doing in regards to money and whether that was okay.” I said, “Women have a legacy over thousands of years where it wasn’t even okay for us to have our own money let alone be bright enough to spend it ourselves.” All of this to me is the same conversation and I’m getting off my soapbox right now.

No, I love it. It started by you saying the divine feminine is awakening even more, or the idea that it’s required and needed and desired and wanted is coming through more and more. What you’re saying is we need to step into it more and embrace it more. It’s much better when we’re around. When you invite us to the table, it’s always better. It has to be because of who we are and what we bring in. The smarts and wisdom that we bring. That whole experience was Kiva. Wasn’t Kiva the company that makes microloans?

One of them.

The whole theory is that if you educate a woman, or if you let a woman in those spaces have money to buy a cow or money to build something or save something, that it feeds and helps the entire village that she’s going to. I’m not saying that men don’t but we know that if you give a woman an opportunity that way that is more likely that all will benefit in that way. That, to me, is the divine feminine.

That reminds me of something that I tell all of my coaching clients, probably you’ve heard this before as well as the idea that we’re the hub of the wheel instead of the last spoke. A lot of women have such a hard time with the idea of putting themselves first but when I say to a woman, “Tend to your garden first so that you have more harvest for others.” That exactly is what you’re talking about. That self-care and that self-nurturing inside means that you have more to share. The woman’s natural tendency is to nurture for a village, her family, and to see others as a family. I hope that we move more in the direction of the sacred divine feminine, because among other things that will mean we have more of our young men in the world because fewer of them will be killed in wars.

Are we still doing that? That’s another one of those concepts as a little girl, “We’re still killing each other?” We’re still raping and pillaging? Is that what we’re doing? As advanced as we think we are, the newest app, or the newest thing that saves the thing, the newest vaccine and all that doesn’t matter. One of the other things I took when we were in Egypt were the creation stories and some of the other stories that look familiar to what we had been reading in our sacred texts.

There’s some stuff that we still haven’t figured out and it’s right there for us. More of the sacred divine feminine means that there’s an opportunity for us to thrive, last, grow, ascend, and let us have a chance this time. Who knows what will happen? We’ve seen what happened since you had it this long. “Let me in there. Throw me in the game coach.” Don’t you find women are like, “Let me at them.” I’m ready and I’ve been training for this. I’ve been training because I’ve been behind the scenes running things anyway.

The woman who runs her household in this particular way, there’s a reason why my baby brother turned out to be an awesome man. My father and mother divorced when my brother was seven. My mother raised an awesome man. He’s respectful and kind, and a great protector of his family and all those things. It’s because this woman was behind the scenes doing what she had to do. I’m excited about that possibility that let us in the room and it’s going to be a good room.

I’m grateful that you came. I love our conversations under any circumstances. We went everywhere and that’s all good.

I wanted to say something about you. Speaking of the divine woman, I remember watching you handle your business while we were on this trip. You were co-leading a trip but you were the expert on the trip. You were the expert of all things Egypt and moving things. I would watch you and you didn’t know you were being watched. I was watching you move the pieces and make sure that things would happen and do it with such grace and style. After it was over, you have no idea what happened, what we did and what we make and what we moved so that this could happen.

I never saw you sweat and maybe because you had good enough times in your body, get used to it or literally and figuratively, you did it all with grace and never losing your feminine self. You didn’t have to yell because you know that is not going to work and that doesn’t work with guys anyway. You were effective and handled business and made sure that things moved smoothly all while staying in your power. It was fun to watch happen.

YGA 18 | Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment: How you move your body and how you’re moving in your world is a choice up to you.


Thank you so much for saying that. Is now a good time to mention that you’re coming back to Egypt with me?

I’m coming back to Egypt with a new man. I’m so excited. I’ve been craving it since I left. I’ve been talking about it since I left. When they moved all the mummies, I was watching. I’m like, “I know where you’re going,” because we had visited that museum before it even opened. To see some of the treasures before the world sees them was such a privilege. I’m coming back and I’m excited. For me, this is a lesson on letting go of how things will show up and letting go of how they will look.

I thought that my next trip to Egypt would be me leading a trip. I was inspired by you and inspired by Elizabeth and inspired by our guide, that I wanted to lead my trip. I learned so much truth that I wanted to lead my group then. I thought, “The next time I go, it’s going to be me leading my trip.” It’s not happening that way first. What’s happening first is I’m going with you. I’m bringing my man and I think we’re bringing 2 or 3 friends with us. I haven’t even put it out to my community yet which I will do. I may end up being a little side hustler with my people coming to your trip. I’m excited about coming back and seeing it anew. What can you tell me about this trip that will be different from the trip that we took? It’s always different. You’ve been there 21 times, right?

Twenty-seven. This will be trip 28, but this trip is different because it’s called Egypt Awakening Sacred Divine Union. It is a trip for men and women. It’s also is a trip for the unity of ourselves. The idea that we are both 100% masculine and 100% feminine inside of us. Having that balance inside of us of being fully in our divine masculine and fully in our sacred divine feminine at the same time and it’s safe to do that both for men and for women.

I’m super excited about doing that. All the temples and all the chakras and all the things. That trip is from October 14th through the 27th, 2021. I hope you will consider joining us for that. Kim, thank you so much for being here. If this episode has spoken to you and I hope that it has, I hope that you will share it with everyone that you know. Subscribe to the YouTube channel, subscribe to the podcast of your choice on whatever platform you would like. I will see you next time. Thank you again so much, Kim. Blessings, everyone.


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