YGA 31 | Money Mistakes


The best lessons in life are often found in the mistakes we make. In this episode, Halle Eavelyn did not shy away from revisiting her money mistake to help us see the vivid takeaways to push us towards our financial goals. She dives deep into her experience as a victim of a Ponzi scheme and reflects on how she healed from that and forgave herself. Sometimes, we have to realize the ways our beliefs and mistakes keep us stuck from moving forward. Let Halle’s story remind you to break through the limiting stories we tell ourselves and own your power over your money.

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How To Heal Your Money Mistakes

I don’t talk about this very often. However, I feel like we all need to revisit the mistakes that we have made financially for a couple of reasons. The first reason is we can learn from our past. The second reason is we can learn going forward the choices of what we want to do in our future. In my experience, and most of you know that I’m a transformational wealth coach, so I work with women all the time who are looking to increase their pocketbooks, their wallets, their assets, their net worth, and their profits as well. Anything on the external is coming from the internal. What’s getting in the way is the stories that you’re holding onto around money and the beliefs that you have about your own limitations because of those stories.

I’m going to give you an example that is something I don’t normally share, but I think it will help put it into perspective. I was the victim of a Ponzi scheme. This goes back many years ago. I was basically promised something that was too good to be true. I allowed greed to get in my way and ignored my gut instinct, which was saying, “This isn’t right. This doesn’t feel right. This doesn’t seem right.” Those little, tiny things along the way. What I knew was that woman that I had worked with for years, trusted completely and really liked, was bringing people into this particular project. She had invested her own money in it. She, unfortunately, ended up losing everything as well. None of us knew any of that at the time.

Because I knew and trusted her, I went and worked with these people and even met them. My instinct was I had their address, I knew where they were. I can find them if I need to or if something goes wrong. Unfortunately, it was right at the time that everything was going crazy in the financial world. This was around the time of the 2007 and 2008 real estate crash. It was a bunch of bad things happening on top of each other, and I ended up pursuing none of it.

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I believe the expression in the stock market is it’s a falling knife. The way that a knife looks as it’s angled down, in a way a butcher’s knife looks, that’s what it looked like. It looked like that falling knife. Everything was going to hell all at the same time. I ended up abandoning the project and not pursuing the people who had stolen my money, and my friend’s and partner’s money, and all of the other people that lost money in that scheme.

It was galling to me at the time because my life partner and I had gotten into a lot of money, and we had spent most of it. Cashflow was in very serious bumps in those days for us. It was like a rollercoaster, like all the way up and then all the way down. We were almost at the down spot. I think that was one of the things that made me so greedy was, “This will fix everything. In one fell swoop, everything is going to change.” The good news for me was that I felt what it would feel like to have all the money that I was being promised, the big returns that I was being promised.

I felt into that, and I thought that is how I wanted to feel. That was actually a beautiful experience to get to live inside and play inside of the energy of, “I have all of that money.” Unfortunately, I would have had all of that money if I had listened to my gut instinct. In the days that I was writing that check of the day before, I got an energetic a-ha to not put the money into that Ponzi scheme and instead to put the money into a particular stock that was very far down, but it was a bank stock. I knew it was going to go up.

YGA 31 | Money Mistakes

Money Mistakes: Anything on the external is coming from the internal. What’s getting in the way are the stories you’re holding onto around money and the beliefs you have about your own limitations.


Had I put the money in there instead, and this is the very galling part, it would have been 6X inside of something like six weeks. For me, not being an investor in the stock market except peripherally at that time, it would have been a big deal. It would have gone up from there. I would have made many times my investment.

I lived with that for a long time. That was 2007, and now it’s 2022. About thirteen years ago, I started to ask the question, “Is this still on my heart? Is this still something that I have not forgiven myself for? Not forgiven the people who gave me the bad advice, the business partner, or my dad who said, “You’re still young enough. You’ll make it up again. Don’t worry. Go for that thing because it’s so big.” My partner at the time was very mad at me afterward but didn’t participate in saying ‘no’ on my way to making this investment. He was like, “You handle it because it’s your money.” I wanted somebody who said, “I have this opinion, and let’s do this.” He just wasn’t that guy.

Looking back, I waited a long time to come into that awareness of I needed to forgive everybody involved, and of course, forgive myself. Until I did that, I was trapped. I always get that image of the insect in amber. You’re frozen in time at that moment. There’s still a part of you energetically that’s living in that moment where you made that mistake, where you have that regret, where you have that shame, or that blame or that fear or whatever it is that’s holding you back.

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It’s like you’re encased in that amber until you crack it open. Forgiveness is the hammer it isn’t really a hammer because it’s not a hard thing, rather, it’s an explosive thing. When you apply the hammer to the amber, it shatters. That’s what I’m talking about is shattering that stuckness so that you can move forward.

If you’re reading this, you are interested in the future of money. You are interested in moving forward in new ways, on new things, and maybe you’re not doing it. Maybe the reason you’re not doing it is the reason that I didn’t invest in real estate for twenty years despite the fact that I love it because of what happened to me as I was exiting my real estate practice. Maybe you’re not back in stocks or back in crypto because of something that happened to you. Maybe there’s fear that you’re going to lose.

From an energetic perspective, a couple of important reminders. All money is just energy because everything is energy. This chair that I’m sitting in and my shirt, my ring, my hair and my brain, and you listening and the energy that’s translating this over the digital waves and allowing you to hear me, all of it is energy. We forget that. We give money so much power over ourselves, but it is just energy.

YGA 31 | Money Mistakes

Money Mistakes: We give money so much power over ourselves, but it is just energy.


When we remember that, we can help take back our own power around money because money is here to serve us and we have this whole story. There’s probably a whole other episode about the relationship that we have with money. For now, I’ll say that when you want to shift your mistake, really take an inventory of what that error was. You know it, you feel it, it’s the thing where when I asked the question, “What are your biggest regrets around money?” Those are the things that will pop into your head.

I can count 4 or 5 things that I had on my heart that are the right expression for me, and those were weighing me down, not serving me and were keeping me stuck. When I let go of those pieces, everything shifted in my life, having my first six-figure year, my first multi-six-figure year, my first seven-figure year. Those are powerful, energetic shifts first. They did not have to do with me working harder or even me working smarter. They had to do with me allowing myself to accept more money without concerning myself that I was going to squander it or lose it or have it stolen, or have it taken away from me. All of which have happened in the past. That was a beautiful thing.

When you want to own your power over your money, the first thing to do is to let go of all of those past stories. It’s like you’re living inside of that moment where you wrote the check for the Ponzi scheme, or you let the stock drop and didn’t sell on its way down and lost all that money. Then the company went out of business, and then you never got to recover, whatever your story is.

Holding a grudge is like taking poison and expecting the rat to die. That’s one of my favorite expressions. Forgiveness is so powerful. We always forget to forgive ourselves. You’re learning. Ask the question, “What were the lessons for me?” For example, I just realized that getting to play inside of the energy of having more money than I knew what to do was a great exercise for me, and getting to play inside of all of the energies around expansive money. Feelings are never going to do you wrong. Even if it doesn’t happen in your real life right now, you are still expanding your thoughts, expanding the possibilities, and getting to that place where you can welcome in six figures, multi six figures, seven figures. It’s so powerful and beautiful when you realize that.

What are your lessons from your money mistakes? Remember also, and this is so important, I share this with clients all the time. Forgive and forget are not the same thing. We need to erase the ‘and’ between them because we can forgive without forgetting. Of course, we’ll remember, but will we remember the energy attached to it? Will we remember the fear attached to it? Will we remember the story that we have to stay over here because over there isn’t safe? Look what happened the last time you went. This way, we can let go of all of that. It’s such a game changer and a life changer when you do that.

I love getting to share this beautiful money lesson with you. I hope that it’s been helpful. I hope that you will write and comment, and tell me what other money shifts you would like because that is something that I want to make part of these episodes. Please review the show, comment on it, like it, and share it with all of the women in your life, your mothers, your sisters, your daughters, your girlfriends, your wives, and all of the women that you know. I want every woman to know about her birthright of wealth. I’ll see you next time.