Welcome to the captivating world of the Goddess of Crypto, where we celebrate the sacred divine feminine and the future of finance being female. In this week’s blog, we delve into the exciting realm of cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, and the metaverse. Our guest, the incredible Chjango Unchained, shares her empowering journey and expertise in the crypto space. Brace yourself for a witty and insightful conversation that will leave you inspired and educated.


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Hello my reader,  In today’s edition I had an inspiring conversation with Chjango Unchained, a true trailblazer who discovered the power of cryptocurrency after leaving her nine-to-five job at JPL NASA. The name “Chjango Unchained” is a playful homage to her newfound freedom and her remarkable journey into the realm of digital gold.




Bitcoin: The Soundest Money

I asked Chjango about her views on Bitcoin and its distinction from other cryptocurrencies. Chjango eloquently shares her belief that Bitcoin is the soundest form of money and an exceptional store of value. She emphasizes that while she is a fan of other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin stands out for its properties of proof of work and its unparalleled status as digital gold.



The Cosmos of Tokenomics

I asked her to explain complex concepts in plain English, Chjango draws parallels between token mechanics and building a car. As a master of tokenomics, Chjango’s work involves designing the mechanisms that power new tokens, much like building the engine and various components of a car.



Staking: A Security Mechanism

I raise concerns about staking risks in a volatile crypto market. Chjango explains that staking secures proof of stake blockchains against double spending attacks, likening it to depositing money as collateral. She emphasizes the importance of planning and education to navigate unexpected events..



Black Swan Events and Interesting Times

Chjango and I discuss black swan events, rare catastrophic occurrences with major consequences. We reflect on recent global events that shook traditional finance, emphasizing the importance of resilience and adaptability. We delve into the transformative potential of these disruptions in our current landscape.



Educate, Empower, and Embrace the Future

Chjango and I reminded each other  that knowledge is the key to protect ourselves from scams and market volatility. With a shared passion for empowering individuals, we want to inspire  readers to embark on their own crypto journeys, armed with the right information and a thirst for understanding.


Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology has undoubtedly sparked a wave of excitement, innovation, and confusion. Chjango, explained the concept of public and private toll roads in the blockchain ecosystem and the role of government in this dynamic landscape. But beyond the technicalities, this discussion also touches upon personal growth, gender dynamics, and the power of perseverance. 


Unveiling the Cosmos Governance System

Chjango explains on-chain governance in the Cosmos ecosystem. Stakeholders can vote on proposals and decide how community funds are used. Decentralized governance empowers individuals to shape the ecosystem and contribute to public goods funding.



The Journey of Empowerment: Women in the Crypto Space

As the conversation turns personal, I ask Chjango about her experiences as a woman in the crypto space. She shares her unique perspective as an Asian woman, discussing cultural influences on her journey. Chjango highlights the challenges faced by women in a male-dominated industry and the importance of unlearning societal expectations and embracing assertiveness. She emphasizes the need for supportive environments, male advocates, and empowering spaces where women can find their voice and contribute to the crypto revolution.


Imposter Syndrome: Shedding Self-Doubt and Embracing Growth

Chjango’s insightful reflection on imposter syndrome will strike a chord with many readers. She shares her personal battle with feeling inadequate and the realization that shedding self-doubt requires persistent growth and skill development. She encourages to view others as inspirations and embrace discomfort as a catalyst for personal and professional growth.


Embracing the Journey Ahead

As the conversation comes to a close, Chjango emphasizes the importance of learning, evolving, and embracing the journey that lies ahead. We recognize that the blockchain and crypto space is still in its early stages, akin to the early days of the internet. With every conversation, every connection, and every step outside our comfort zones, we contribute to the growth and mass adoption of this transformative technology.




So, let us venture forth with curiosity, perseverance, and the unwavering belief in our own potential. As we navigate the public and private toll roads of blockchain, we can shape a future that is not only technologically advanced but also inclusive and empowering for all. Together, we will continue to unravel the mysteries, break barriers, and pave the way for generations to come.

Chjango Unchained