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“A woman of value does not rely on others to recognize her value. She adds value, no matter what.” – Gift Gugu Mona, Woman of Virtue.

What are the different ways to create high value other than having a lot of money in your bank account? The Goddess of Crypto, Halle Eavelyn, hails this episode with her brilliance to help women generate high value. Relax into the circle of prosperity, wealth, and abundance and allow it to flow. Learn how you become a high-value woman by tuning in to this episode.

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How To Be A High Value Woman

Welcome back to another episode of the show. I talk to a lot of women about wealth and making more money, and about their wealth consciousness. In this episode, I want to talk about what it means to be a high-value woman.

We get confused sometimes. We think that when we say wealth, we mean money. However, being a woman of high value means being wealthy in a lot of different ways. It means first being wealthy in your bank account, and that comes from first being wealthy about your bank account in your mind. I know that some of you are thinking, “She’s crazy. When I have money, then I’ll feel wealthy. Before I have money, then I’m not going to feel wealthy.” It will be a lot faster for you if you look at it in reverse.

When you start to think about the ideas, the thoughts, and the attraction of abundance, then it is going to be easier for abundance to show up. When you begin to think about the way that the money can come to you, you are opening yourself up. A lot of us have the tendency to say, “Have this job. My job is where I’m earning my money, and therefore that’s it.”

YGA 52 | High Value Woman

High Value Woman: When you begin to think about the way that the money can come to you, you are opening yourself up.


Sometimes people say, “I’ll have a side hustle and now there will be more money for me because I have a side hustle.” What I want you to hear is that’s part of it. That can be a big part of it for you, but it doesn’t have to be all of it, and it’s better if it’s not. It’s better if you start thinking in terms of having more money before so that more money can flow in.

You run around thinking about how broke you are all the time, or how you have a ceiling on your income like, “I can only make $100,000 a year or I can only make $500,000 a year.” I’ll give you an example. I worked with a woman for several months. She had never broken six figures. She had always managed to get right up to the edge of it but had never broken through. We went back to her childhood and we saw the belief system that she had, and she wasn’t able to cross the finish line. Once we cleared that up for her, the money came flowing right in. She was able to celebrate having made over six figures for the first time ever.

What was beautiful about that though was we also worked on her mindset. We got her to a place where she believed that it was possible to make more than that to make 6 figures-plus, multiple 6 figures. That was what helped her because first we got her mind across the finish line, and then we got her across the finish line.

What are some other ways that you can create high value other than having a lot of money in your bank account? Think about the law of circulation. It’s not called the law of bring it all in and let it stop. It’s not called the law of letting it all go out and never bringing anything back in. That’s our belief system. We think, “The money comes in. I have to hoard on to it.” We think, “The money comes in and now I have to spend it all.” It’s the law of circulation. We let it out and we let it back in. It creates this beautiful circle.

When we think of ourselves as being in that circle of prosperity, that circle of abundance, and that circle of wealth, we can relax into it and we can allow it to be true for us. We can allow that flow. Another way to be a woman of high value is to choose deliberately where your money is flowing to. Who are you investing that? Is it a family member? Is it a loved one in their business? Is it a charity? Is it several charities? I donate 10% of my profits every year to charities.

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That feels so good to be able to do that. A couple of years ago, I made a donation. It was my quarter four donation, and I was making them to different places. I made a donation of $500, just a little bit of my profit to the Humane Society. I wanted to do that at the end of the year as an extra. They called me to say “Thank you.” Now it was triple matching, which meant that was a $1,500 donation. That’s a good timing thing. It was such a big deal that they called me to say, “Thank you.”

I gave another woman a scholarship of $500 so that she would be able to attend an event that I had been invited to, but I couldn’t attend. I said, “I’ll pay for a ticket and somebody else can go.” They called me to say, “Thank you.” The value that was provided was so big for them that it was worth a phone call. That shocked me because to me it was so little money, but the value that was provided was powerful.

Another way that you can be a high-value woman is to surround yourself with other men and women of equal or higher value. What does that mean? You know what it means going in. It means the people who are going to be in a positive mindset and the people who are going to be powerful advisors or mentors for you. It’s the people who think not necessarily as you do, but what you want to think.

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For example, you have people in your life. Sometimes we call them your parents, spouses, and old friends. If you have somebody in your life who’s not being healthy for you, then maybe you can’t get out of that relationship with them, but you could limit your time with them, or you could make choices like, “If I have to spend two hours with this person. I’m going to spend two hours raising my vibration, being in a space of something that brings me joy, tranquility, or relaxation so that I can compensate for that.” Those are things to think about. What can I do to negate or counterbalance the thing that is bringing me down, or the thing that is making me feel negative?

I have a wonderful woman in my life who is in a very bad relationship. She’s a friend, but she’s in a very bad relationship. She’s not somebody that I know well. She’s not like a dear friend. She’s somebody that I care about. I’ll try to coach her whenever I can. I recognize that she feels tied to this bad relationship. She feels like she can’t leave it, but what she can do inside the relationship is that counterbalancing. She can begin to do more to bring joy into her life.

Whenever I see her, she’s singing. I always think that’s so beautiful because music is in her head. Music is something that’s in her heart. Music is something that no one can take away from her, and that helps to counterbalance the negative energy or the feeling of needing a raincoat when somebody wants to energetically barf all over you.

Another way that you can be a high-value woman is to not gossip. That means don’t talk badly about the people around you. True confessions, the Kardashians are now hawking vaginal pills of some kind. I’m not sure whether they cure dryness. I’m not sure whether they help you as you approach a certain time of life or postpartum. I don’t even know. I don’t know because I didn’t find this out except through somebody mentioning it to me. When they mentioned it to me, my first thought was as much as I don’t think about the Kardashians, I want to think about the vaginas even less. However, when that came out of my mouth, I realized that was unkind.

The Kardashians have a platform. Like it or not, they affect a lot of women. They affect a lot of people. Specifically, the shows about women. We’re talking about women, so let’s talk about women. They affect a lot of women. Women follow them. Women like them. Women like to hate them. No matter what camp you fit into, or maybe you’re like me and you fit into trying not to think about them camp, they have a platform. That platform is powerful and they’re trying to use that platform for good. We should be encouraging them even if we don’t buy their vagina pills.

Think about the words that are coming out of your mouth. Are you being kind? Are you supporting people? There was an African American woman who I know of on LinkedIn. She’s super fierce, like one of the fiercest human beings I’ve ever come across. Whenever she writes something, she drops a bomb in the middle of LinkedIn and it’s so powerful. She has a ton of followers. She’s also a very thick woman.

She’s very strongly built. She’s very thick throughout her entire body. She posted a picture of herself that she had put on Instagram saying that she was working out. All the haters came out of the woodwork, telling her how fat she was. I don’t think this woman is fat. I just think she’s built in a very strong way, but whatever.

Maybe she is fat. So what? Fat people go to the gym too. If fat people don’t go to the gym, they’re going to have a hard time losing weight, relatively speaking. A great way for a fat person to lose weight is to work out. Why wouldn’t we encourage that? Why would we point fingers? Why would we shame people? Why would we shame people for their bodies? I couldn’t look like that woman if I lifted weights 24/7. She’s never going to look like a little twig because that’s not how she’s built.

We all have our different way of showing up. We are all made in the image and likeness of the creator. The creator looks like a rainbow. The creator is everywhere, everything, and we all look like some aspect of that. We’re all unique and we all get to show up in a unique way. What if we as women began to celebrate that? Do you want to be a woman of high value? Celebrate that. Celebrate your uniqueness, and then celebrate other women’s uniqueness as well.

Remember what Marianne Williamson said, “When we shine our light, we unconsciously give other women and other people permission to shine theirs.”I say, “And so on until the whole world is illuminated.” Be part of that illumination. When we raise our vibration, we are raising the vibration of the world. If everyone thought and spoke with kindness, we would go a long way toward fixing all of the planet’s problems. If we spoke from a place of an abundance of joy, happiness, power, and an abundance of yes, we would help everyone in the world. Make that choice for yourself.

YGA 52 | High Value Woman

High Value Woman: When we raise our vibration, we are raising the vibration of the world. If everyone thought and spoke with kindness, we would go a long way towards fixing all of the planet’s problems


To me, if you want to be a woman of high value, that’s the number one thing that you could do because your thoughts are going to lead to actions. Actions are going to lead to the result. You’re going to have your choices in there as well. Your thoughts are going to create choices. You want those choices to be choices of power, love, and lifting others up. That is what will make you feel so good inside. That is what will make you feel like a woman of high value.

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