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Everyone wants to be wealthy, and most go to great lengths to achieve their financial goals- even at the expense of sleep, meals, and taking care of oneself. But what if we tell you that wealth is directly related to your health? In this episode, Dr. Natalya Fazylova shares her knowledge, experience, and tips on how to be healthy while accomplishing your dream wealth and reaching your ambitions. Dr. Fazylova is ANCC Board Certified in Adult Health as a Holistic Health Practitioner by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She opened ReBalance, a premium, one-stop holistic wellness and beauty center focused on the prevention of diseases, anti-aging, and promoting longevity. Tune in and learn how sex and health affect your wealth and how you can achieve the best state in all these aspects of life!

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How Sex And Health Are Affecting Your Money With Dr. Natalya Fazylova

Welcome back to another episode of the show. I have with me Dr. Natalya Fazylova. She believes that women’s wealth is directly connected to women’s health. I want to talk to her and hear all about this. We had an amazing conversation when we first met, and I couldn’t wait to get her on the show. I am very excited to kick off the health and Wellness part of your money with Dr. Natalya.

Welcome. We’re super happy to have you here.

It’s a pleasure and an honor to be here. I hope I will be able to share a lot of insights on how you could be wealthy, but you have to be healthy as well.

Why don’t you tell us a little bit about what caused you to make this connection between wealth and health? What caused you to decide that this was something that you wanted to make into your life’s work? 

First, let me tell you a little bit about what I do. We’ll click and connect on what I try to share with people about what my message is in life with my clients, patients, and my whole family. My background is I’m a doctor. We have a clinic in Manhattan, New York City. Our clinic is focused on wellness. It is focused on anti-aging and beauty. I’ve been doing it for the past couple of years. Patients come in, especially in New York. We are busy. Everybody’s striving and has a lot of ambitions. We are running and trying to achieve what we want in life. Our health seems to be put on the back burner. Especially if you have family and kids, you’re trying to get your career rolling.

I was that type of person myself. I was going to school, taking care of the family, and working at the same time. I had a busy lifestyle. I had a lot to learn myself. First, it was, “How do I keep balance? How do I make sure that my health remains and I’m upbeat and able to accomplish what I’m trying to accomplish?” That’s what made me think, “How do I implement it in my own lifestyle?” which I did.

Eventually, I wrote a book about it. I have a book called Health and Wellness for Busy Women where I share my knowledge and my experience. I have gifts, tips, and tricks on how to be healthy while you’re trying to accomplish your wealth or trying to get to the point in life where you’re going to reach your goals and ambitions. That’s how it all started. It became a mission.

With a lot of my clients that come to the clinic, that’s what I help them to do. They come in because they start having different symptoms. Maybe they’re tired, exhausted, upset, depressed, or whatever it is. We go through different stages in life and our hormonal changes come into play as well. I teach them how they maintain that balance.

It was Steve Jobs who said, “I got so much in life. I achieved so much, but in the end, my health unfortunately suffered.” Unfortunately, he passed away. It’s a good example. We need to take care of our health. Our health is our biggest wealth that we cannot buy. We cannot change that. We cannot do anything about it if we don’t have it. That’s what I try to help my patients to achieve. We have different ambitions. We have our careers. We have our family, but we need to take care of and love ourselves first before we are able to do things for other people.

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That is very true. I always say you’re not the last spoke on the wheel of all the things that you have to do. You’re the center hub. When the center of the wheel is wobbly, nothing else works. In my coaching practice, if I ask a client, “Let’s create a wheel. I want you to put everything that you do, like your family, work, pets, kids, aging parents, and all the different pieces. Put all of that onto a wheel,” the last spoke of the wheel will be self-care. It’s never self-care first. Nobody says, “I’m the center of the wheel.” They think in terms of the spokes.

People are like, “It’s my kids. I’m working super hard for my kids.” We know from generations of kids who felt neglected that children pick up on their parents’ stresses. They’re picking up on their parents’ work ethics. They’re picking up on that constant push or what we call the American Dream. When they get to the other side of that, they’re recreating those situations over and over.

I’m sure you can speak to this further, but I know that a lot of women are told that they have autoimmune diseases. They have diseases that don’t make any sense. The doctors have no reason, diagnosis, and cure. I have often made that connection energetically to the amount of stress that people are going through and the idea that it is not acceptable for us to take time off to be healthy. We have to get sick in order to take time off.

It bothers me that insurance doesn’t cover a lot of wellness treatment, which is preventative. They mostly cover when something goes wrong. If I’m going to the doctor for a checkup or to have an annual exam, they’ll cover it. If I want to go to the doctor to maintain or improve my existing good health, that’s not covered in any way. It’s why it’s so hard to get people to cover chiropractic, acupuncture, or any of the other holistic treatments because those are wellness treatments more than they are illness treatments. What do you think about that?

You nailed it. That’s a big part of my practice. I’m out of network. I don’t accept insurance because, at the beginning when I did, I had a lot of restrictions. They don’t cover this. They don’t cover that. It’s not the way I want to practice medicine. I would like to prevent diseases from happening, and a lot of them are preventable.

We do functional and integrative medicine. We do preventative medicine or what we call anti-aging. There are so many words that are being used. The goal is, why would you want to wait until something is broken to try to fix it? If you know or can prevent something, isn’t it going to be better to do it beforehand? It’s always easier to prevent than fix something that’s already broken. That’s what we do in our practice. That’s the whole goal.

The name of our clinic is Rebalance, which is an interesting name. We do rebalance hormones and sugars. It’s interesting. It came out. I know you’re very spiritual. I, myself, am too. It was the name that spoke to me. That’s why I chose it. I know that we chose the right name because, in most of the things that we do, we try to rebalance things, so it works harmoniously. It works in tandem with everything that you do. We’re talking about spirituality. We’re talking about mental health or mental well-being, which is mind and body connection as well.

One thing that you mentioned that plays a huge role is stress. People think about stress as emotional stress. It’s not only emotional stress. It is all the physical stress and chemical stress that we, unfortunately, are exposed to. Even all the radiation that comes from our cell phones is a type of stress, too. Our body usually tries to fight it to protect us. If we don’t sleep enough and eat healthy food, all of it eventually accumulates and starts affecting our bodies in different ways.

We have to release a stress hormone called cortisol because it affects our female hormones like estrogen and progesterone. In males, it starts affecting their testosterone. Sexual wellness is a big part of our practice. A lot of patients that have come in have already developed issues with their hormones, whether they’re females or males. It’s affecting their life. Part of it is the multiple stresses that they are exposed to.

The first thing we usually do is a test to check your cortisol levels and stress levels. We’ll check it first, and then we will check all the other hormones. We check cholesterol and all other stuff. We do a full panel of multiple tests to see where things are coming from. Once we start balancing things out, people feel less anxious. We teach them how to deal with stress. We do IV drips, supplements, and individualized-based protocols. We help them to center themselves with their mind and body, so everything is connected. They get centered. They get relaxed. They choose what’s more important for them in life, which should be me first and then everybody else.

Based on that, we are able to build them and not give them a quick fix. We’re not like, “Here’s the peel. You take it. It’s going to fix all the problems and then everything’s going to go away.” We teach them how they change their lifestyles, so they don’t only start feeling better but maintain that feeling. You continue to be healthy and work on getting the wealth that you’re trying to achieve. It’s a whole set.

Let’s talk about how you feel health affects money. How do you feel that trickle-down works? I have my own opinion, so I want to hear yours first.

Think about it. If you are not feeling well, what kind of energy are you giving to the universe or putting to the universe? It all comes back. I don’t know whatever you believe in, whether it’s a god, a universe, or whatever it is. It is whatever higher power that we have there. I know someone is there or something is there. How much negative you output, that’s how much negative you, unfortunately, get back.

YGA 46 | Health And Wealth Connection

Health And Wealth Connection: If you are not feeling well, what kind of energy are you putting out to the universe? It all comes back.


I feel like a lot of things are going to come back, reciprocate, and mirror what you output. That’s going to come back. At least, that’s what’s in my experience. The more giving I am and the more positive I am, it usually comes back. It may not be immediately or on the same day, but eventually, I do get all the positivity back from what I send out. If you are healthy, feel the energy, or feel that you could accomplish a lot and give it to the world, it’s all going to come back to you. You’re going to be more successful.

We have a lot of clients that come from Wall Street. We are in a neighborhood where we have a lot of law and financial offices. People who work in high-paying or wealthy environments are so stressed that they don’t even appreciate what they have and what they’re getting back. They’re so depressed or maybe not in a good mood. Whatever they’re trying to achieve, they do not even enjoy the achievements that they get in life. That’s the main part. If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, that is extra stress that you add to yourself as well compared to someone who is healthy, feels good, and is able to enjoy and achieve what they’re trying to do.

When you start researching money in regard to humanity, one of the things that you’ll see pretty quickly is that we have a very poor attitude when it comes to money. We have a skewed attitude about the value of money. Money is elevated to the point of religious fervor. Money is elevated to the point where people will steal for it or commit murder for it. Honestly, there are entire countries that have been murdered over money and, certainly, individuals. There are a ton of examples in our history about that. I’m probably not telling you anything new.

When you start looking at it from that lens of how we treat our money, how it becomes worshipped, and how it becomes the thing we give our power to, it has power over us. This happened during the stock market crash. It happened in 1939. It happened during the internet stock market crash. It happened again during the crypto stock market crash of this past year, 2022. People commit suicide because they lose their fortune. To me, that is the worst travesty because the money that came to you belongs to you. You can get it back. Money that came to you can be returned to you. It’s just not going to necessarily come through the same path.

Let’s back up. You’re right. I’m very spiritual. You know this and so do my audience, I hope, at this point. Let’s revisit money from spiritual principles. Money is energy. That is it. Everything is energy. This conversation is energy. What Dr. Natalia and I are wearing is energy. The TV behind her is energy. Everything in my room, like my orange chair, is energy. When you get down into the molecules, beyond the molecules, and the atoms, which are the building blocks of everything, they are energy. Money is no different than that. Isn’t it one of the laws of physics that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transmuted?


I was going to give the credit to Einstein, but it is a physical law. The idea of that means that what this chair is can be your money. What this conversation is can be your money. It just depends on how we see it. We see the chair as solid. It is not solid, not when you get down into its building blocks of it. When you think of money as an energy that can be transmuted into something else, it can also be transmuted into money. When it comes to our connection to that, we are energy, too. Everything at the highest levels is all one.

What we tend to do is go, “This is our everything bucket. My bucket is good. I have a lot of luck. I’m a good person. I have this relationship. I have this business, and then over here is our money bucket.” What I tell people a lot when I coach is, “That’s an illusion. Your money bucket is your everything bucket. The truth is there is no bucket because everything is energy, even the bucket itself.” We tend to give the power to, “This is my money and there’s something wrong with it. This is my health and there’s something wrong with it. These two things aren’t equal.” That’s not true. They are the same.

One of the mentors that I studied under is T. Harv Eker. We could call him Harv. Harv says, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” That’s true at the higher level that how we are is how we are because it’s all one thing. I love the name of your clinic, which is Rebalance. When your health is out of balance, it affects everything else in your life. When you are worshiping money, your energy is taken not just by the acquisition of money but by the lack of money.

You have energy going towards this belief system that you don’t have enough, that you are not sourced from within, and that your enoughness will come from the outside. When we start telling that story, we are telling the story of how we are not enough inside. Instead of being sourced from that center, we become sourced from how much our bank account says. When our bank account balance goes down or when our crypto stocks fall, or whatever, we have the story that we aren’t good enough. We’re in this place where we have a lack and we continue to perpetuate that story of lack. How can healing our wellness help heal our sense of lack and help rebalance and re-center us?

I notice it a lot in New York. You don’t see it that much when you travel outside. I might be wrong, but I’m talking from experience. It is how much value you put into what you have. What is the value of money in your life? What is more valuable to you? Is it your family? Is it your health? Is it the money that you’re making? That is often, unfortunately, here.

I traveled to Israel. My sister lives there and my niece was getting married. I went to a wedding. It is something that made me realize that they live different lives. Their values are different. They don’t have that much wealth. They don’t have such luxuries we have here, but they are still happy. I look at them as, “They don’t have half of the things that I have.” I’m looking even at my relatives. They’re very close. The values that matter in their life is different from the values that matter to us. That made me think back, “How come they are happy without even having the luxuries, and what money could bring to them as compared to us?” We’re constantly striving to get more, but I see miserable people. I’m like, “What’s going on?” It’s the value that you put in money that makes a big difference.

Plus, you said, “How do we center it all back?” I notice it a lot. When I talk to people who are successful or people who achieve money, people think, “They’re so lucky.” I hear it. They’re like, “You’re so lucky. You have this.” There is a saying. The rich person is not the one that has a lot. The rich person is the one that thinks that he has enough. That was my grandma’s saying. It made me think, “When am I going to stop and think that I have enough?” I’m not saying that I’m not ambitious.

Our clinic is a 6,000 square feet clinic. It’s a huge place. We have multiple things in it. It’s considered successful. We’re considering going and offering. I’m like, “Was my goal to get that much of a big space, or is it something that I could achieve, give more, and give back? How do I help myself to get centered? Where do I put my values? Is my goal to get the clinic, be successful, and get more money, or is my goal to achieve something in my life that I could give back? Am I valuing my knowledge and the help that I could give people, or am I valuing the steps and how much money and income my clinic makes every month, every year, or whatever it is?” It helped me to shift my goal.

When I started, I was driven. I was like, “I need to make enough money to pay the rent. I need to make enough money to pay my employees.” My goal was, “How do I make more money without what that money represents to me?” Is it the value that I was trying to achieve?   In the first year of my business, I was struggling a lot. I met a person who told me, “You’re doing something wrong. You need to think about what the goal was when you opened the clinic.”

Since I do functional integrative medicine, my goal was to help people be healthy and give them the knowledge that I have to help them live happier and healthier lives. That goal got lost in the process of acquiring money, being ambitious, being successful, and everything that we had to do. I had to step back. I had to rethink what I was trying to achieve. When I achieved that, that’s when things changed. All of a sudden, when I knew the goal and what I was trying to achieve, money started getting back to me. It’s interesting to notice now that I’m reflecting back.

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The energy that I was putting out was negative energy. I was very stressed in the first year. I remember myself. It helped me once I re-centered it. It was a different message that I was sending out. The money started coming back on its own, but I shouldn’t say on its own. We still work. We still did a lot of things, but I felt the shift.

I am much calmer. When we had the pandemic and we had COVID going on, it was crazy. We didn’t know where to be. We were declaring bankruptcy and not declaring bankruptcy. We were like, “Are we moving forward?” Once that shift happened, when I had a positive outlook and when I calmed down, relaxed, and got centered, things started working out much better.

O feel like what you do and why you are trying to acquire the wealth and money makes a big difference, too. At least that was my experience, and I’ve seen it so many times. You need to feel good about your health and what’s going on in your life. Have a positive energy going out and you’re going to get it all back. It’s going to be much easier to get it back than when you’re trying, struggling, stressed, or not feeling well.

Thank you so much for sharing your personal story. What you’re talking about is often referred to, at least in coaching circles but also in corporate development circles, as your big why. You want to find out why you want to do this. What is the purpose from a spiritual perspective? I’ve worked with a lot of people who channel. The questions that they want to ask when you’re getting information from the other side or the universe is, “What have I come here to be?” The spirit’s answer is always, “You have come here just to be. That’s why you’re here. It is to be. When possible, it is to be in joy.” Those are your real purposes.

People get confused. The question that they’re asking is, “What have I come here to do?” To do is a choice. Can you be a janitor? Can you be a CEO? Yes. As long as you’re the best janitor or the best CEO, that’s what is most important because then, you are being and you are being in joy. That’s powerful to realize your big why. I believe that. This is something that I’ve studied a lot.

It wasn’t that you put out positive energy. It was that you shifted your focus. Your focus was, “I don’t have enough money and I need to make more.” Think about the law of attraction. In the law of attraction, you don’t get what you ask for. You get what you are in vibration with. You get what you are in alignment with. You were not in alignment with lots of money. You were in alignment with the fact that you didn’t have a lot and you needed more. That was the message that you were sending out to the universe all the time. You were like, “I don’t have and I need more.” The universe was like, “That’s what we’ll keep bringing her, not enough.”

People get confused about what the law of attraction does. I know that I did, for a very long time. When you want to shift that energetically, you want to say, “I have all that I desire already,” and then you have to feel that is true. When you moved to the place of, “This is my big why. I am here to help as many people as possible,” that energetically shifted into a positive. It took the energy away from your money.

You started thinking about the abundance of helping people and then monetary abundance because that was the path that you chose. You’re like, “As I help you, you’re going to pay me.” You’ve written a book to explain to women who are busy about what to do. Tell everybody about the new book that you have coming out because you want to help people in a new way as well, right?

YGA 46 | Health And Wealth Connection

Health and Wellness for Busy Women: A Guide to Balance Heal and Transform Your Life

Yes. Part of our practice also deals with sexual wellness. It’s a big part of life as well. It’s a relationship. It’s having sexual activities and getting together.

I can see your sexual health affecting your money as well as your mental health. Talk about that a little bit as well. 

When you are not happy in a relationship and you have issues with your sexual health, it causes more stress. It affects life as well. At the same time, when you are overly stressed or you’re not feeling well, that will affect your sexual wellness as well. I’ve seen it a lot in the practice. In my past experience, I used to work in a gynecologist setting. I would deal with a lot of patients coming in. They are either the younger generation coming in. They’re having polycystic ovary syndrome, a lot of hormonal discomforts, acne, hair loss, a lot of issues at the younger age, or they’re getting into pre-menopausal years. We are talking about the 30s and 40s.

We’re getting menopause shifts in hormones. Stress affects the shift in those hormones and decreases libido. They have no desire for sexual activity. We’re talking about decreased sensation in the genital area. There are a lot of other things that get affected, unfortunately, by stress as well. We launched our sexual wellness program in 2021. We are treating men with erectile dysfunction or even improving it. You don’t have to have a problem. There are always ways to improve it.

I see a lot of females that have decreased libido, decreased sensation, and other issues that they develop. There are certain treatments for that, too. Our book is coming. We wrote a book called Sex in the City. It’s a great book. We have fictional characters there. It’s not a medical textbook anymore. It’s more of giving people a way to realize that they don’t have to live and suffer in silence.

Sexual health is a big taboo and people feel ashamed to talk about it. They might consider, “I don’t want to have sex anymore. I have decreased sensation. It’s part of aging. I’m getting old. That’s why I have an issue.” It doesn’t have to be. There is no limit to when you should stop having sexual activity or enjoying sex life. There is no limitation. I have patients coming in that are in their 80s and 90s. They’re still having partnerships and looking and experimenting. It’s great. Why not?

Statistically, the STDs or the transmitted disease go on the rise after menopause. It is because you don’t worry about getting pregnant anymore. You don’t use protection. It means that the activity is there. We would like people to enjoy getting a relationship. If you are done with your career, you don’t have to worry about things. You enjoy the relationship. We want people to enjoy it. The message that we are trying to send to people with the book that we wrote is that it’s okay to talk about it. That’s the biggest hurdle for patients. It is to come in and acknowledge that they have a problem and they’re trying to find a solution. That’s the first and the hardest step.

People, when they come in, it’s like, “I need to talk to you about something.” I’d be like, “What would you like?” It takes them time to tell, “I don’t feel well,” or, “I don’t enjoy sex anymore. I don’t have the sex drive.” It could be both. It could be men or women. There are different issues that happen in our life and part of it is hormonal. We need to address their hormones.

A lot of stress affects our hormones, so we might need to address stress first before dealing with hormones, sex life, and everything else. If you’re not happy at home or you are not happy in your relationship, what kind of energy do you think you are putting out? It will affect your money as well as your wealth. It’s energy. It’s not separate from one another. Everything is connected. The book is coming out. We’re very excited. We put a lot of thought and effort into it. I hope it will help people to acknowledge that they need to get help if they need it. Don’t suffer in silence

I’m going to mention that by the time this episode is out, Sex in the City will have come out. I know that you’ll be able to get it. I want to ask. I always thought that the amount of sensation you get is based on how you are built physically. Is that something you can change? That’s crazy.

Yes. Part of it is physiological. There are different things that come into play. Let me explain what we can do to help. What happens naturally as we age or as we go through different stages in life is our hormone production decreases. I’m talking about females. I will talk about men as well. Our hormone production declines. That’s normal. It’s part of aging. You’re getting to perimenopause or menopause. For females, our hormones regulate the lubrication in the vaginal area. With how much you get lubricated, estrogen is responsible for it. There is less blood flow to the vaginal area, the genital area, and the clitoris. That’s what usually causes the dryness that comes with menopause.

There are a lot of other symptoms that people might experience. Childbirth, especially if it was vaginal childbirth, has some effect on it. The vaginal wall gets laxer. There are certain treatments that could be done. I mentioned to you the OShot or Orgasm Shot we talked about. It is one thing that could be done to enhance or bring more circulation to the area. We’re talking about the clitoral area or the vaginal area.

If you have more blood supply, you will have more cells being regenerated. You rejuvenate the genital area. Once you have more blood supply, it builds more nerve endings that are responsible for sensation. That’s what improves sensation, orgasm, and enjoyment of sexual activity. It’s not that I’m changing someone’s anatomy or physiology, but I’m helping a person to regenerate the tissues and bring more sensation to the area by building new nerve engines in that area. That’s the whole process. I know it’s a little complicated.

It blows my mind. I feel like it’s like micro-needling for your face but in your vagina. That’s crazy.

It is a similar process or similar analogy. We could do the same for men as well. As we age, our blood vessels that supply blood flow to the genital area or the penis in men also start getting destroyed. That’s how Viagra works. How does Viagra help? It helps dilate the vessels, brings more blood flow, helps with erection, and helps keep an erection longer. What we try to do with our treatments is we try to help the person build vessels naturally so they don’t have to rely on Viagra. It happens. We build vessels.

It’s the same thing. The more blood vessels, more blood flow, and more nerve endings in the area, the better sensation and better erection. We help the person improve what they have. If they don’t have erectile dysfunction yet, you don’t have to wait until the problem occurs. For someone who has issues with erection, we help them to return to the direction that they had before.

It blows my mind. That leads me to ask. If somebody wanted to work with you, are they flying into New York to do it or do you work remotely as well? 

For a consultation, we could do it remotely, but because it’s a physical procedure, they have to visit the clinic and get the treatment. We do have people who travel. We treated a couple. They traveled almost three hours, back and forth, to get the treatment because they didn’t have anybody doing it in their hometown. What was interesting about that couple, which made me rethink values, is this couple uses silent language. They’re not able to talk. They have four kids.

Were they both deaf?


They speak ASL or American Sign Language.

They were happy. Let me step back. They have four kids. The kids are in college. They’re successful. Both of them are employed. What was interesting is sexual wellness was a big part of their life. They’ve been together for over 25 years. We helped both of them to achieve what they needed help with. They were very happy and thankful that we were able to return to them their sex life back. The values in life make a big difference.

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I forgot to say this earlier, but I want to mention this. I got back from my 28th trip to Egypt. It was my 27th tour that I’ve led there. Egypt is a great example. Bali is another example. The average income in Egypt monthly is $500. It’s $400 a month in Bali. That is in US dollars. In Cuba, the average income there is $20 a month because it’s all paid by the government.

Supposedly, the government subsidizes everything else. To me, the Cuban people are poorer than the Balinese and the Egyptians because they’re limited in how much money they can make. The government is paying you to be a doctor. The government is paying you to be a shop owner. It is being subsidized. They’re saying, “We’re taking care of all of your needs,” which they don’t do well at all.

Cuba, especially during the pandemic, was heartbreaking to me. My partner’s Cuban, so I got to hear some of the firsthand stories. It was a desperate situation. In general, when things aren’t terrible and you go to Cuba, you see happy, smiling faces. When you go to Bali, you see happy, smiling faces. When you go to Egypt, you see happy, smiling faces.

I have been in the homes of people who barely live in huts in Egypt. They’ll come in from the field and are so happy you’re there. All they want is for you to share tea with them. They’ll make tea for you. They don’t care that this is their monthly supply of tea. We always offer money and much more than the tea costs, but it’s done as an offering. It’s not to pay them, but rather to give back in the only way that we can because they’re sharing their only things.

I’ve crashed weddings in Egypt multiple times. I know an Egyptian, a dear friend of mine, who went to Bali and crashed a Balinese wedding. Everyone was like, “Welcome. Come in. We want to share with you.” I cannot imagine in Miami having even somebody who is from Miami, let alone some foreign stranger be like, “I showed up at your wedding,” and they’re like, “Come on in.” People would be more like, “Get out. You weren’t invited.”

For weddings here in Miami, you’re spending $100,000 on flowers. You could feed a small country or put all the children in a Balinese village through college with the amount you’re spending on a wedding in a single day. The leftovers are going in the garbage. The flowers are being trashed. They’re not even being donated. We see this with all the buffets that we have here. I’m starting to see it for the very first time, but there’s rarely a time when that is being repurposed where the leftover food is going to feed the homeless. Instead, it’s just being thrown out.

We are inside of a culture that will waste when we already have so much. If you are the poorest person in America, you’re richer than 50% of the world. We have huge numbers that are disparate compared to what everybody else has. We have this skewed idea. When you start thinking about the wellness of our world and the wellness of our planet in regard to money, there are big differences there as well. I wanted a chance to share that. Thank you. 

I used to live in Uzbekistan. I grew up in Uzbekistan. What you shared was exactly the custom. We didn’t have tables at the weddings. There weren’t numbered guests that would come in and we would like, “This is your place.” It wasn’t like this. We used to have huge backyards, so we used to do weddings in the backyards as well. It was a whoever comes in, comes in the type of wedding. My wedding had 650 people. It was a big wedding. I have a big family. My mom had 9 siblings and my dad has 7 siblings. Considering all the cousins, the families, all the in-laws, and everything else, we had big families. Everybody was welcome.

You’re right. Anybody who could come through the door would be given a seat and would be able to share the festivities. People will come with presents, but the value system was different. The value was different. The way we lived life was different. When you enter the house of someone on the poorest scale than we have here, they were still willing to give the last thing they have to share with you. They are happy that they have a guest over. I witnessed it. I grew up in that culture. We try to keep that up still here as much as we can. Even though our values have changed a little bit, we still have that background and that upbringing. We try to live the same life.

The more you give, the more the universe will send back to you. That’s what I’ve at least seen and what I’ve at least done all my life. I’m usually a giving person. That’s my personality. That’s how I’ve been raised. I never had a lack of the right people entering my life. I always had great mentors. I always had great employees working for me that has the same values. It happens that those people come into my life by themselves. I can’t even explain it. I could meet people on the train, and that person accidentally becomes a vital part of my life. It’s interesting.

There are no coincidences. That is what I believe. What is one more thing that you want the audience of this show to know?

We spoke a lot about values and about being positive. I feel like it comes from within. You cannot make someone else happy. The person has to be happy from the inside. Your happiness inside comes from balance. The balance of health is the first thing. You need to feel good to be able to look good. It comes from the balance of values that you have in life. It also comes from the balance of having that positive energy to give and receive. You cannot acquire wealth without giving something back. That’s something that I’ve been raised with.

YGA 46 | Health And Wealth Connection

Health And Wealth Connection: You cannot acquire wealth without giving something back.


My grandfather had a great saying. He said, “When you have an open hand that could give back, there would always be something that could be put on that hand. When you have a fist that’s tight-closed and keeps to yourself, in the closed box or closed fist, nothing else will enter back.” I think about it all the time. The more I receive, I try to give more back. It always returns back.

If you are trying to acquire wealth, you need to give back something to get it in return. That’s, at least, my idea. Your health is part of it. If you’re healthy and you produce positive energy, you will get positive energy back. You will have positive people coming into your life. You will have luck and success coming into your life. If it’s money that you want as wealth, then the wealth will come back. It doesn’t matter if it’s in cryptocurrencies, dollars, or whatever else people consider as wealth. It’s all going to return back to you.

I agree. Thank you so much for coming and for bringing your wisdom to the show. If you liked this episode, please like it, comment on it, and review it. We would love some more reviews, especially on Apple Podcasts and YouTube. Please share this with your women friends, daughters, mothers, wives, or sisters. We want every woman in the world to know that the future of finance is female. I will see you next time.

Thank you for having me here. It’s a pleasure and an honor. I hope I was able to share something that people are going to benefit from. Thank you.


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