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It is already devastating to live life as a broke and unhappy person. What does it take to achieve a wealthy woman lifestyle, where every aspect of your life grows and shines? You just need the right energy, strategies, and mindset. Our Goddess of Crypto, Halle Eavelyn, shares her own experience of being unhappy and broke – a life she struggled with for almost 20 years. Today, she shares how she transitioned into a lifestyle of prosperity and abundance in just two years. Halle also talks all about the transference concept, a special sneak peek from her book NutriGlamorous: How to Feel Beautiful Inside and Out, which became the key to unlocking the path towards richness and happiness.

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How I Manifested My Wealthy Woman Lifestyle In 2 Years (After 20 Years Of Struggling!)

I am going to share something that I haven’t talked about very much so far on the show, and I probably should be talking about it in the world more. That is what took from the lifestyle of a broke and unhappy person into the lifestyle of a wealthy woman in just a few years after having been broke for over many years.

In order to share the story, I want to tell you that it isn’t about me specifically, but it is about some of the choices that I made and some of the choices that I was making. I would say that my life was good in the sense of being middle class and running my own business. I had a decent amount of money most of the time. It was always that I was living on the edge of not having enough for groceries and not being able to pay the credit cards. I had terrible credit. I had ruined my credit.

This was after 9/11. All the work dried up, and bad things happened in our industry. A couple of years earlier, there had been this huge crash in our whole industry. It was nascent internet stuff, and it had all gone away. I was depressed for the first time in my life. I was also struggling from moment to moment. I was struggling paycheck to paycheck, except there weren’t any. I had been running my own business for so long.

I didn’t even think I was employable at this point. Nobody was hiring because the whole country was mourning and feeling devastated. There are lots of layoffs. It is a bad situation. It happened again several years later as well. I got to a point where I was like, “I’m making money.” It then fell off again. I had this belief for a long time. I can’t even believe I’m saying this out loud. It is pitiful, but it is how I felt.

YGA 54 | Wealthy Woman Lifestyle

Wealthy Woman Lifestyle: After 9/11, nobody was hiring because the whole country was mourning and feeling devastated.

I thought that I was the common denominator. I was like, “I caused the internet to crash. I also caused the real estate industry to crash.” Clearly, I had picked these two industries. That one went all the way up and all the way back down. The other one went all the way up and all the way back down. It is something that I had done energetically because I was doing energy work, but I hadn’t started my coaching practice.

I didn’t know what I was doing. I thought, “I could have control over this whole thing.” It sounds silly saying it now, but at the time, there were fear, doubt, and lack. It was a hard time. I had started studying the principles of wealth, but I didn’t understand them. More importantly, I didn’t see how to get from there to where I wanted to go.

A couple of things happened for me that changed me. The first one was what I call now in my coaching practice, making a definite decision. I drew a line in the sand and crossed over it. I made a decision at that moment that I was going to live on a planet that I call Planet Halle. On Planet Halle, there was always enough for me. I made that decision first with no evidence that it was true. I had all this evidence to the contrary, but I had no evidence that it was true. That was my decision. That was the first thing that I did.

I began to study religion, all of the different money principles, abundance principles, and manifestation principles. I began to study like crazy. Before I was even coaching, I was doing this work myself to pull these tools out of my toolbox and to begin to align myself with the things of my desire. I began to do something powerful that I recommend to you.

If you are smart, you probably are less coachable than if you are not smart. Here is why. I know this from working with hundreds of people now. The smarter we are, the more we get in our own way. The smarter we are, the more likely we are to say, “I know that. I have done that. That won’t work without even trying it.” We will say, “I know, or I know that.” Those are the three most dangerous words in the English language.

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What we can do to get out of that is to go into what the Buddhist call beginner’s mind. That means you show up like it is your first day of kindergarten, and you don’t know anything. You show up like it is your first day of walking class, and you have never stood up before. When you get that fundamental, it is refreshing. You can hear stuff you wouldn’t have otherwise heard. You have given your brain this instruction, and your brain is now like, “Let me help you with that.” Instead of, “Let me tell you all the reasons this thing is stupid.” All it is trying to do is protect you.

I went into this mindset where I began to do saturation bombing. Give me all of it. A lot of the books on the shelf are from that time or period when I was reading, learning, and absorbing a lot. I stopped saying, “I know this. I know how to do this.” I started saying, “Let’s pretend I don’t know anything.” The results I was getting were not good. I wanted those results to be better.

I will tell you one thing that I did that helped immensely. I had this story and belief that I was great at all of these things, but I had a leaky bucket when it came to my money. That is why the money kept falling out because my bucket had leaks. What I realized was there is only one bucket. The truth is there is no bucket. At that time, the place that I could get to was only one bucket. All of my great energy in these other areas and all of my money energy, I was saying it was two different things, and it wasn’t.

Once I realized that, I said, “What if I could transfer my energy from my great bucket over here into my leaky money bucket? What if I could merge the buckets and do what I call now transference so I could transfer the energy of the thing that wasn’t working into the energy of the thing that was working?” That was what I did.

YGA 54 | Wealthy Woman Lifestyle

NutriGlamorous: How to Feel Beautiful Inside and Out

It was probably one of the first spiritual exercises that I ever downloaded where I would transfer this one energy over onto this other energy. Whenever something that I saw was good and that I was doing well, I would say like, “I’m claiming that energy for my money energy.” I wrote about this in my book, NutriGlamorous: How to Feel Beautiful Inside and Out. I want to share the details of the story here because it is important.

I realized that I had what I called great parking karma. I could get a perfect parking space. I remember I was visiting Santa Monica. This was a couple of years after I had moved to Miami. I was going to Sunday brunch with a friend at 12:30. Do not go to Santa Monica on a Sunday for brunch at 12:30. There is no parking. As I’m driving past the restaurant, I’m like, “There is the restaurant. There is no parking anywhere.” I’m like, “Let me make the block.” As I make the block, I set my intention for my great parking karma that my perfect parking spot is going to appear. As I pull towards the restaurant, somebody backs out in front of the door, and I pull in my rental car.

It was amazing, but not that much of a surprise because I have such great parking karma. That was the energy that I had taken on. I said, “This is my money karma too. My parking karma is my money karma.” That transference concept was everything to me. It was such a key to unlocking my own ability to have the lifestyle of a wealthy woman.

I feel like I can have, be, or do anything because I’m no longer afraid of not having enough. I know that I have enough, no matter what. You find something in your own life. If you feel like you don’t have all you desire, find something in your own life where you are like, “I nailed this one.” Every single time, this thing works for me. It works. Take that on as your own money karma, and watch how your life changes.

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You don’t have to be broke to read this. This works at every level. Remember beginner’s mind is hugely helpful if you want to manifest the lifestyle of a wealthy woman. This has been another episode. If you liked this and there is somebody you are thinking of that could use this episode, why not share it with them? Please like, comment, share, and review this and all of the episodes so we can grow because we know that the future of finance is female. I will see you next time.

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