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What if you were told that God had a wife? The mere suggestion can be strange, discomfiting or even blasphemous to the majority but behind it is a reality that hides in plain sight – a truth that has been hidden from us throughout millennia. It is a truth that has been excised from the Bible and expunged from history, to the detriment of the human race. Transformational coach Halle Eavelyn devotes her career in helping people see this and other divine truths for themselves and experience the kind of spiritual awakening that has changed her life one fateful day in Egypt. Come and share a moment with her as she takes this message even further in Your Goddess Awakened – the podcast that will guide you on your own journey to discover the sacred divine feminine within you and let its receiving power manifest abundance and happiness in your life.

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God’s Wife

I call this episode, God’s Wife, because I feel like there are some things that are hidden in plain sight that we don’t know about. I was explaining about the concept of God’s wife to somebody and her jaw dropped. She said, “I’ve never thought about that before. I’ve never considered that that would be possible.” I can’t wait to share this concept with you, and many of the concepts that I’ve learned. I feel like we’re going to need to start a little ways back because my personal experience, my personal story explains so much of why I’m here, why I do the work that I do and why I believe that I’m here to help you.  

I’m here to help you live your very best life and to get so much more out of it than you ever thought was possible. All of that happens by expansion. We have these stories that we tell ourselves. We call them habits or beliefs. I call them limiting. Those stories that we tell ourselves are, “Because this is true, because this happened in my life prior to now, because I had a business that went south, because I had an experience that wasn’t healthy for me that I can’t do X right now. I had a love relationshiphe turned out to cheat on me and he was a total jerk, so I can’t have a healthy relationship. Those are the stories that we tell ourselves. Those things to me are what I call the ugly lie.  

The Spiritual Awakening

We’re lying to ourselves. We’re telling ourselves the story of what isn’t possible. Without understanding what’s possible, we limit ourselves to what we know and that keeps us small. I feel like if I share my personal journey with you, you’ll understand a little bit more about it. You’ll also understand why it is that this is so important to me and how I feel that it can help you. Indulge me for a few minutes while we go back in time. I was in my mid-30s and I have been living what I will call a pretty normal life, a pretty good life, a life that I felt like had a trajectory. I was in love and I had a great relationship, and I had a business that I was running. I was enjoying my life.  

I’m one of those people that has been gifted. Every breath is a beautiful thing and I’m very present to that on a daytoday and momenttomoment basis. There are very few days where I go, “The whole day passed by. I don’t remember what happened. It was very few of those days. Sometimes I get busy, and then it happens anyway. There’s this throughline that I have of feeling so lucky to be alive all the time. That’s been the case for as long as I can remember. I remember feeling that way at ten years old. However, I had no spiritual life and I had been raised an atheist, so no spiritual life whatsoever.  

YGA 1 | God’s Wife

Red Goddess Rising: A Spiritual Travel Memoir

then went to Egypt for the first time and I had been seeking. I would have described myself as a seeker, but I was seeking from this place of desperation. I was seeking from this place of, “Please let me find the thing that I needotherwise I’m so screwed because I’m in big trouble here.” Underneath the surface, there was this constant hum of I’m going to die someday and I’m not going to be me anymore. That is horrifying to me. When I was ten, I asked my dad, “Where do you go when you die?” My dad was trying to be super helpful. He said to me, “You go in the ground and the worms eat you.” When I asked him later, he was like, “I got told some fairy tale of heaven, and I didn’t want you to have to go through that fairytale only to be bitterly disappointed later.” Thanks, dad. What he did for me was he shared with me something that gave me panic attacks. I had these panic attacks my whole life until I went to Egypt the first time. I would wake up in the middle of the night and I would be like, “I’m going to die someday. It would be pitch black.” All I could think of is I’m not going to be me anymore. It terrified me.  

When I was in Egypt, I met people through a series of marvelous coincidences. I ended up at the dining table on the cruise ship that we were on sailing the Nile about halfway through the trip. I would love to say that my spiritual awakening happened in the middle of the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. I lead tours now all over the world. I love Egypt. I finished my 26th tour of Egypt earlier in 2020. I take people for spiritual awakening. I take people for initiation in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. However, I was not lucky enough to have that happen to me there. Instead, it happened on a cruise ship in the dining room. When they say God is everywhere, God is everywhere.  

I’m on this cruise ship and I’m in the middle of this dinner. A woman that I’ve met says to me, “What are you afraid of?” I said, “I’m not afraid of anything.” I’m thinking, “I run my own business and I could kick much booty about anything. I don’t suffer fools gladly.” All of a sudden, I remember, “I’m terrified of death.” She grabs my hands and she walks me through this guided meditation. The upshot of this guided meditation is I hear that I have a soul and I will never die. I cannot explain to you what happened. I can only share with you at this moment that it happened, that I got it on a cellular level. This is the best explanation I’ve ever come up with. I have a soul and I would never die. My body may die but I will never die. I burst into tears at the table and I cried for what could have been ten seconds or ten minutes. To this day, I have no idea. As I’m recovering and she said to me, “What am I telling you?” That’s what I heard. I get it out like, “I will never die,” just crying my eyes out.  

After this happened, I went up the stairs in the dining room on the cruise ship to tell my beloved what happened. I slipped in my shoes and I looked down because I’m like, “Why am I slipping on the stairs?” My shoes were full of water. That water was sweat that had been pouring. I looked down and realized my hands were wet. The soles of my feet were wet. I didn’t know this then but I know it now. When something big happens, we move energy through our body so fast that it can cause a great deal of heat to be experienced, and rush through our bodies. We are literally generating our own heat at that moment. That was what happened to me. I had generated so much heat from the energy moving through me that I was literally so wet that I slipped on the stairs.  

That was one of the tells, one of the ways that I knew that what had happened to me was real. You’ll learn this throughout these episodes. I’m one of those people who is so skeptical. I will take nothing on faith. I simply want you to prove it to me. If you can’t prove it to me, I want to prove it to myself. However, at this moment, in that time, I knew that my slipping in my shoes said, “This physically happened to me.” I can tell a story about how it didn’t. However, I cannot explain what just happened, neither mentally, nor emotionally, nor physically. That was one of my moments where I went, “This really happened.”  

If you were interested in the full story and you’re interested in more information about this, please go on to Amazon. You can order my book, Red Goddess Rising, which tells the story of the spiritual awakening and what led up to it. It also tells wonderful stories about the trips that I’ve taken on the Nile, and how I have helped people wake up on these trips, and the beautiful lessons that I’ve learned. If you’re interested in diving deeper, please feel free to do that. In this time when none of us can travel, it was designed to be like an armchair experience of you being there. It’s a great opportunity to visit Egypt without leaving your house.

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I’m sharing this story with you so that you understand that I came to this place that I’m in now many years later very organically. I came to this place from a place of healthy skepticism. I wasn’t even a coach after that. I was in the software business when all of this happened to me. It took me a long time after that to get to coaching because it took me a long time to stop hiding my light under a bushel. It took me a long time to understand that my work in the world is to help women wake up to their full potential, to the fact that they have voices, that they have the right to their voices. Those voices can help make the world a better place. That’s a theme that we’re going to be revisiting again and again throughout these episodes.  

The Sacred Divine Feminine

How did I get from that place of that moment of spiritual awakening to where I am now and this idea of God’s wife? I didn’t like the feminine for a long time. In that software business that I was telling you about, I was one of five female executives in the industry. I think about that meme of Kamala Harris where it shows the 48 vice presidents that have come before her as emojis of white men, then you have this emoji of a black woman at the end. That to me says everything. You’re in such a boy’s club until the day that you change it. It was such a gift to me to get to be a woman in business and a wayshower at that time in my twenties and into my early thirties.  

However, what I learned about myself was that I didn’t care for the feminine. I believed that there was something I’ll say weak about being feminine. That was a big surprise for me. I eschewed the idea of being feminine, not being female. I had long, red hair, the way that I have now. I wore makeup. I wore dresses. It wasn’t that. It was my way of being and walking through the world. I believed that that needed to be more of a masculine experience because here I was in a boy’s club in a masculine world. It was all about doing, and I worked those 100-hour weeks because I was doing it all the time. For a long time, that served me.  

However, it also exhausted the Christmas out of me. I stayed in that space of, “I don’t like the feminine and the idea of the sacred divine feminine. I was like, “What’s that? That doesn’t have anything to do with me.” I stayed in that space for a long time. Eventually, many years later, I got to this place where I had a new awakening around what the sacred divine feminine was. Let’s define the concept of the sacred divine feminine. The idea is that there is a sacred divine masculine and feminine, and that those two things come together. The masculine is the implementer and the feminine is the creator. Why is the feminine the creator? Women are the only ones that can give birth to life. The feminine principle is the creative principle, the creative source. It’s not that men can’t be creative.  

However, I want you to remember that men and women have the masculine and the feminine inside of them both. There is a balancing act between the masculine and the feminine. Some men identify more with the feminine. Some women identify more with the masculine, and there’s so much gender fluidity right now. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but on LinkedIn, a lot of people on their profiles say she and her or they and their because they’re identifying as nonbinary, binary being either masculine or feminine. I don’t take it that far. I know that the pendulum that swings all the way to one direction has to swing all the way back in the other direction before it can come somewhere in the middle. That’s one of the spiritual principles that I live by. I believe that we’re swinging over a little bit further to the other side of the pendulum.  

YGA 1 | God’s Wife

God’s Wife: Whenever we squeeze the feminine in around the edges, we are denying tools that have been gifted by God to us.


For me, that’s not a question. If you want to identify as anything from non-binary to transgender or whatever, that’s got nothing to do with whether you have masculine or feminine inside of you. It’s a human thing. We all have it. I’m not talking at all about how you identify sexually or how you identify as gender. I want to be clear about that. We’re taking that part of the conversation off the table. You do you and it’s none of my business as far as I’m concerned. I celebrate whatever it is that you would like to feel inside of yourself. Whether that you could identify as bisexual, pansexual or whatever, it’s a totally different conversation that we’re not having now. We all do have the masculine and the feminine inside of us, and identifying gender-wise has nothing to do with this concept.  

When we identify the feminine parts of ourselves, we’re talking about the parts of ourselves that receive. This is why it has nothing to do with sex or gender. It’s about the receiving. It’s also about the creating. When you’re identifying the masculine parts of you, that’s about the implementation, the doing. We have the creator, the feminine and the doer, the implementer, the masculine. For most of uwomen, being raised in a patriarchy, being raised in a masculine space, being raised in what is literally a man’s world, we are always looking for a place where we can squeeze the feminine in around the edges.  

I will never forget the story that was told to me by one of my business partners, a woman who had been in the corporate world for 30 years. She was in a meeting one time with her boss. It was a team meeting or a board meeting, that kind of thing. She said, “My intuition tells me,” whatever. Hemale boss said to her, “Never say that againNever talk about your intuition again,” and completely shut her down. What are we doing but denying tools that we have been gifted by God, gifted by the universe? This is another good time to pause and say I know you know that the title of this show is Awakening the Goddess.  

However, please feel free to substitute any G-word that you would like for some other word. For me, God is everything everywhere. That’s the experience that I have personally gotten to have. However, after it happened, I still couldn’t say the word God for a long time. I literally called it the G-word. You can call it whatever you like, the universe, spirit, unseen forces, the shadow of the turning. Pick your favorite phrase. Make sure that it’s one that resonates with you, and make sure that when I say a word, you say, “I’m going to run over that like a little speed bump. As opposed to allowing it to derail me into a tree, I should turn this episode off.” You’ll miss a lot of cool stuff if you allow your brain to get in the way instead of substituting your favorite word for God. 

That said, we’re going to move back into this idea of the masculine, the feminine and this balance. I was denying myself so much by not allowing the receiving and the creating, by insisting that I had to do it the hard work way. I like to say, “If hard work were the solution, then all those single moms with three jobs would have $1 million. All the politicians who only work 36 weeks a year and spend part of that time playing golf would be on welfare.” It’s not hard work that’s going to get us the results that we desire. A lot of what I talk about throughout these shows is going to be specific to how can you get out of your own way so that you can have more yes in your life. I love this concept of the energy of yes because momentum builds, because like begets like. This is an invitation to you to receive this information and grow because of it.  

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The idea of God’s wife is something that never had occurred to me. The God of the Hebrews, I’ll call it. This is an ancient God. However, not the most ancient God, but the God that existed around the time of Jesus was named Yahweh. Depending on the esoteric information that you study, it’s either the God that we know now or the God that we know now in most religions, interpreted a little bit. For the most part, the God that we know now. When I say most religions, I mean most Western religions. It’s different from worshiping Muhammad or Buddha as the prophet. It’s about the idea of an overlord God, the one who sees all, knows all, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent. That God of Yahweh, in some esoteric circles is considered something called the demiurge, which means it isn’t the highest God.  

It’s a slightly lesser God, which explains all the smiting and the wars that happened because of the angry vengeful parts of God. That is where our patriarchal ideas come from. God created the world and everything flowed from that. That’s what the Western Bible tells us. You may be reading this and not believe in that and that’s perfectly fine. However, a lot of people do. What I’ve discovered for myself is that all of these things have trickled down into our society. I’ll talk about that. That’s what our next episode is about, the historical ways in which God trickled down into things that are bad for our society as a whole. You won’t have to take my word for it. It’ll be pretty obvious when I share this information with you. 

Originally, Yahweh had a consortand the consort was his partner. His partner’s name was Asherah. Asherah was worshiped through these particular kinds of trees that I believe are called the Asheroth, and the trees were the symbol. I believe that that is where the symbol of the Tree of Life comes from. It is from the idea of Asherah and God had a wife. God had a partner, and the world was not created by a male. The world was created by a male and a female. The idea of the virgin birth isn’t actually new. When I say new, I mean it’s not limited to Jesus. There are pieces of ancient myths. For example, there’s stunning ancient carving on the wall of one of the pieces of the Temple at Abydos in Egypt. The temple of Seti the First in Abydos. It shows Isis with her beloved Osiris 

Only Osiris has been killed. He has been reformed and he is basically dead. He has been given a wooden phallus, a wooden penis because it’s the only part of Osiris that Isis was not able to find. She has turned herself into a kite, which is a bird, and she is hovering over Osiris. When they described this image, which was done in this beautiful relief on a wall, it’s very large. She hovers over him in the form of a kite and they say“Take his essence inside of her. She takes his essence inside of her. That is what creates the son, Horus. This myth or concept of a virgin birth takes place in other cultures as well. However, notice that you still have a masculine aspect and a feminine aspect working together to create the thing, whether that’s Horus or Jesus. They say that the Virgin Mary was impregnated. She was impregnated by God. God is a masculine concept.  

What if the original Earth though wasn’t created by God? What if the Earth was created by the divine masculine and feminine coming together because God had a wife? If not, it would be the singularity, the only time when something was created without both of the creator concepts, the masculine and the feminine. From having discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls in Qumranwhich is also in Egypt, and all of those ancient versions, Aramaic, Greek and Hebrew versions of the Bible, which are very old, we know that there have been pieces of the Bible that have been excised.  

Those pieces of the Bible have been removed from modern culture. Most of what has been removed is any concept of the sacred divine feminine, the idea of women being a priest or the idea of women preaching the gospel. There is a gospel of Mary Magdalene, for example. What’s Mary Magdalene doing writing a gospel? What’s Mary Magdalene saying anything that is deserving of being written down as a gospel? Isn’t Mary Magdalene a prostitute? Wasn’t she a penitent sinner? No. I was shocked to discover the Catholic church even disavowed that story, which was created in the late Middle Ages. Prior to that, it was created in the 4th Century AD where they first started taking everything out of the Bible. There was an emperor named Justinian who was like, “I don’t like all this female stuff.”  

They had curators who went through the Bible and they were looking specifically for this stuff. When they found it, they would take it out. They took out a lot of information about the sacred divine feminine, and also about women’s rights, women’s place, women’s ability to stand next to and do all of the things that a man could do. That’s what we’ve been left with because the idea of Asherah was excised from the Bible at that time. You can still find her name in the Bible in a few small places. However, in general, she has been removed. The power that she had, the power as co-creator, is what was taken away. I want to leave you with this question. What if God had a wife? Consider that. How might that change things? In our next episode, we’re going to be talking about exactly what changed because of it, and what those effects are in our modern world. I’m glad that you read this. I hope you will come back to each and every episode. Blessings.


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