YGA 1 | God’s Wife


What if you were told that God had a wife? The mere suggestion can be strange, discomfiting or even blasphemous to the majority but behind it is a reality that hides in plain sight – a truth that has been hidden from us throughout millennia. It is a truth that has been excised from the Bible and expunged from history, to the detriment of the human race. Transformational coach Halle Eavelyn devotes her career in helping people see this and other divine truths for themselves and experience the kind of spiritual awakening that has changed her life one fateful day in Egypt. Come and share a moment with her as she takes this message even further in Your Goddess Awakened – the podcast that will guide you on your own journey to discover the sacred divine feminine within you and let its receiving power manifest abundance and happiness in your life.

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In this episode, I talk about

  • God’s Wife
  • Stories we tell ourselves that are actually ugly lies
  • My Spiritual Awakening
  • Connecting with your fears and how that could lead to massive breakthroughs
  • The Sacred Divine Feminine


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