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A new energy of money now arises. Your Goddess Awakened, Halle Eavelyn, harnesses the power of cryptocurrency as she transforms into Goddess of Crypto! Join her every week as she sits down with women in this nascent industry while also delving into topics about feminine energy. Discover how to surf the rising waves of this exciting financial evolution and gear up on navigating the world that’s now going mainstream. Subscribe to Goddess of Crypto today and satiate the thirst of your crypto-curious self.

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Goddess Of Crypto: Surfing The Waves Of Financial And Feminine Energies

Hi, I’m Halle Eavelyn. I am so thrilled to share the evolution of the Your Goddess Awakened podcast. We are being called to something greater, and I want you to be the first invited on this life-changing journey. After launching Your Goddess Awakened podcast, I got called to something that is simply the biggest thing that is happening on this planet right now, at least the biggest positive thing. We are moving for the first time in hundreds of years to a new energy of money. We aren’t at the very beginning of this movement. We are at the very beginning of it becoming mainstream. We have reached what Malcolm Gladwell calls The Tipping Point.

It is with profound joy and anticipation that Your Goddess Awakened becomes Goddess of Crypto. This show is going to be partly about crypto, partly about the energy of the sacred, divine feminine, and all about the new energy of how money will affect you.

This is going to explain the new energy of money in ways you can understand. Breaking concepts down, speaking plain English and having guests who are women in the field, and who support women in this nascent industry, people who are part of the front lines of what is, make no mistake, a financial evolution happening right in front of our eyes.

Join me each week from my thoughts about the new energy of money, and my wonderful guests who will be sharing their expertise and helping women to become financially empowered. There is a tsunami gathering energy right now. You can learn to surf or get knocked over by the wave. I am here to help you get up on the board. Please subscribe to Goddess of Crypto on your favorite platform, if you have not already, and share Goddess of Crypto with people who are crypto-curious and who are ready for a wonderful change in their lives. I’ll see you next week. Blessings.


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