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When you operate on the masculine linear timeline, you’re always thinking of what you should do at this hour, but this is a very slow way of accomplishing things. What if you were to discover that you can accomplish all things using the feminine time management? Today’s guest is Solera, a channeler of spiritual guides who help create abundance in every area of your life.

In this episode, we discuss tapping into the feminine model of time represented as a circle. The circular model of time not only allows you to accomplish all things right now, but it also allows you to travel to any point in time – past or future. If you want to learn more on how to manage your time, balance your masculine and feminine energy, and manifest your desires, then this episode is for you.

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Feminine Time Management And Time Travel With Solera

Welcome everyone to another episode. We are excited to have you here. I want to introduce my partner in crime, the lovely Solera.

It’s nice to be here with you all. We’re excited to do this again.

It’s going to be fun. We’re talking about the Sacred Divine Feminine and how that’s going to affect your life. I’m excited to talk about this because I’ve done a session with Solera since the last time we had this conversation. It deeply shifted around my own work. Solera, before we get started, talk about your crown.

I had commissioned this crown. It was made by one of my students. She is a gifted jeweler. She can channel different designs that are custom-made for your blueprint and your sole purpose. The crown has a diamond in the front. The diamonds symbolize prosperity and wealth, which is what I teach in my work through channeling. There’s two diamonds shape at the front. It means connecting heaven and earth, which is also what I do because I channel the divine messages from the guides and bring it down to earth. She put a lot of thought. This whole thing was handmade and hand-selected. I was happy. It flew all the way to Thailand from Australia. She’s super gifted with jewelry making. She can make a design that’s completely your own. She never does something that’s a copycat of somebody else. I highly recommend her. Her name is Traci Chambers.

It looks to me like there’s a lot of sacred geometry, which is the geometry that’s found in nature and also the geometry that we can tap into to awaken ourselves and to uplift ourselves. I’m looking at that and I’m like, “That’s a beacon for the divine.” It looks amazing. It’s beautiful. It’s lovely.

I can channel with the elementals. I could talk to all the rocks. The diamond was like, “You have to wear me whenever you channel.”

I’ve been working with Solera for a while and I always love all the cool stuff she talks about like channeling elementals, which are what we would call non-sentient beings. Everything has an awareness. She had a post about her orchids talking to her and her orchids were fussing at her. I wanted to name them after The Golden Girls because they were all feisty and fussing at you. I thought that was fun.

It’s a surprise to me because I didn’t know plans could talk and I certainly didn’t know rocks could talk either.

I’ve been talking to my plants for years. They’ve done studies. They say that playing Mozart for your plants makes them grow faster and talking to tomatoes and telling them how sweet they are will make them sweeter. That’s delightful and true. I had a beloved dog years ago. I was friends with this man. This was back when I was in real estate. He was a Born Again Christian. He was one of those Born Again Christians that has this much bandwidth and nothing else is acceptable to him. He said to me, “Your dog is getting older. Unfortunately, he won’t go to heaven because he doesn’t have a soul.” At that moment, I was like, “That’s wrong.” It was way before I had started coaching. It was after my spiritual awakening. I was still very much in exploration mode. I wanted to hear what everyone had to say and all of the beliefs. I was like, “Yes, this is not okay with me.” Laura has posted, “There’s a passage in the Bible that says, “Even the stones will cry out.’” Isn’t that amazing? There’s so much hidden stuff in the Bible when you look for it. Thank you, Laura, for adding that. That’s beautiful.

[bctt tweet=”You can access the future just as much as you can access the past; you can access yourself at any timeline. ” via=”no”]

Solera, I want to talk about this idea of balancing the sacred divine masculine and feminine. You were wonderful with me when we did the session. You talked to me about that need for balance and about the idea that time is masculine. The linear time that we consider our main construct is masculine. Being in the feminine is being outside of time and also allowing time to collapse. Would you talk more about that? I found that fascinating.

Time was one of those things I had to learn at the beginning of my channeling. The way they show me is time is not horizontal the way we think about it. Time is more like a straight line. With some of my more advanced students, they would teach them how to jump through time and access either your past self or access your future self. For example, I do counsel billionaires and in one of the sessions, one of the students is like, “We want you to access the part of you that’s already a billionaire.” She is there. The way you think about it, it’s like, “That’s not possible.” I’m barely making that much. That part of you is already there. You need to access it and think of it as a present moment.

The way they described it is she’s your next-door neighbor. You can walk over there and talk to your neighbor. You can access the future as much as you can access the past. Let’s say you have some traumas when you were younger, you can access your inner child from a long time ago and communicate with her and give her therapy. Time is not the way we think that it has to be today, tomorrow, or the next day. It’s vertical. The way they had shown me when I was channeling, it’s a straight line. It’s on the same axis. In a graph, there’s an X-axis and Y-axis. It’s on the same X-axis. It’s a straight line. You can access yourself pretty much at any timeline.

It’s funny because a lot of the work that I do with clients is about that past regression therapy, but regression being a child, regression to even a past life for the purposes of healing it and also moving into the future self. I have a meditation that I call meeting your goddess where you tap into that future self-energy. I’ve seen other healers and coaches work along similar lines. The most fascinating thing is the idea of accepting it as real. For many of us, we’re indoctrinated into that idea of linear time. When you take that X-axis and you turn it on its end, that makes it the Y-axis.

In math, if it’s a straight line, that means all the dots have the same X coordinate.

The X would be horizontal. They’re appearing on the Y-axis because there’s no width to them. I’ve been told by a mage that’s a phenomenally talented channel talked to me about the fact that we have multiple lifetimes that we were experiencing at the same time, which made the top of my head come off. That was fun. He was like, “I’m a baker in 17th Century France.” The cool thing about him was that he could tap into that. He could feel those other lifetimes happening simultaneously. I thought that was fascinating. How do we utilize that to experience our own sacred divine feminine more? The whole concept of time travel is beginning to feel feminine to me.

It’s interesting because when we operate on that linear timeline, we’re always thinking about, “What do I do at this hour?” It’s almost like a circle. When we operate in that masculine model, we expect things to unfold in a certain way. The way the guides have explained it to me is that’s a slow way of accomplishing things. If you tap into that feminine model thinking of time as a circle, all the things you want can be accomplished. You don’t have to do this and then wait and then do the second thing. They can be done and accomplished right now.

What you said about the circle, somehow it feels like from Point A to Point B. If I start here and I want to get here, that’s a journey I have to take. It feels like if it’s a circle, it’s accessible to me at all times. I love that concept.

You can jump to any point in the circle. You don’t have to follow that straight line. Sometimes we think, “I have to get this done and then I’m going to get this done.” It has to unfold in a certain order, but there is no order.

When I was a kid, I read this amazing book by Madeleine L’Engle called A Wrinkle in Time. While it’s been made into a film a couple of times, even the Oprah Winfrey version wasn’t great, the concepts of it are science-based. In it, they talk about a tesseract. A tesseract is a collapse of time. I’ll never forget this because this was the first time I ever saw an illustration in a book. They showed a line and they showed an ant walking on the line. They showed the line collapsing into a circle so that the ant could jump over. In our session, you used a napkin to show me that same thing. It was about collapsing time, but it was also about using these feminine principles of being outside of time. It brought back that whole memory as a child. I didn’t study any of this stuff until I was well into being an adult. I remember being transported at that moment to the idea that time travel could be real. I was 10 or 11 but I remember wanting the desire to be able to create a tesseract and now I understand that I can every single day.

Other races outside of earth travel quantumly. They travel like that because time is more like a location. They can spot the location in their consciousness and move there. All of a sudden, the sky is showing up from their perspective because they can fold that napkin. That’s exactly what it is.

My next embodiment in this lifetime is learning to fold the napkin. I’m super excited about that. Nancy asks, “As we become more evolved in this lifetime, does it help our other lives?”

The guides have said that. They almost never do past life work with the students. Sometimes I’m annoyed. It’s like, “Why don’t you do that?” They always say, “No. You need to focus on the lifetime you have right now because this is when you can change and affect all these other lifetimes.” Time is not linear. We think, “There’s no way we can affect the past.” As you shift yourself in your own consciousness, you can also shift the consciousness of wherever you are elsewhere. It doesn’t matter what the time is, it doesn’t matter if it’s in that past life, you can shift that. That’s why they almost never work on a past life with the student. They’re like, “You need to focus on this life. This is the one that you’ve been given so work on this one.”

I’ve worked with a lot of people who channel well before I met you. I find your guides to be the most straightforward. You talk about everything being easy. You talk about everything being super graceful with the experience. They’re like, “Not just channel $1 million, why not channel $1 billion?” That la-di-da attitude would show up in, “We’re not going to work on any of these past lifetimes. The present moment is the only thing you need.” I also suspect that it has to do with your personality. I’ve only ever seen the guides come through and marry with the channel’s personality. The Chanel bags and the constant cake meals is the woman where the guys are like, “We’re going to make this super straightforward and easy because Solera has other things to do.” That’s my theory.

I’m such a practical person. I had a lot of resistance being a channel because I was like, “I don’t want to say anything that’s fluffy.” No one needs to hear about, like, “Here’s time for awakening, ascension.” I’m like, “How does that have to do with real life?” I will always ask them. It’s like, “Don’t tell me things that are not practical. Don’t tell me things that have nothing to do with real life. Tell me how to create these things that I want.” Make it practical. Maybe that’s probably why it comes out that way. They are practical. If you want to have certain things in your life, you can ask them and they’ll tell you, “Here’s the five-step plan.”

One of our audience knows that I talk about the idea of the big, beautiful brain. Your big, beautiful brain is the piece of you that you want to get out of the way to do the work so that you can tap into your higher self, for example. I’m always saying, “Hi, big, beautiful brain. Let’s go have a nap right now because we’re going to work with this other part of you.” Her question is, how do we know it’s not our big, beautiful brains that create what we think is another place in time?

Your consciousness is here right now. It’s okay to work with the ego. You don’t have to reject the big, beautiful brain. That’s how the guides teach us as well. They always say, “You don’t have to reject this part of you. Bring it along.” Engage the ego and ask for your ego’s assistance. You can talk to yourself, like, “Is it okay if we do this together? It may be a little bit scary, but it’s okay. Let us move forward in this way.” It’s about gathering all the fragmented aspects of who you are and not think that’s somehow the bad part of you.

In my book, NutriGlamorous, I said somebody wrote this book called Kill Your Ego and I wanted to kill the author. I was strongly feeling that you have to work with the ego. The idea of bringing those fragmented pieces of you and allowing that to become whole is important. That was what we talked about. You gave me the image of the figure skater. We were talking about the figure skating couple. We were talking about the idea of tango for a moment. There’s a measured quality where everyone is a quarter step away but they’re moving completely in sync the entire time. That figure, that image of those highly coordinated and flowing dancers or ice skaters is what you were talking about as having the masculine and feminine inside of you. To me, that’s the cohesion of the whole working together is having that beautiful flow of the sacred divine masculine and feminine all at the same time as if you were an Olympic ice-skating pair. Can you talk a little bit more about that?

Especially when I was younger and going to school, we’re taught that being masculine is better somehow. It’s almost like that’s how the school educates people. You judge the feminine, feminine being a bit too weak, wishy-washy, indirect or whatever it is. The feminine is like a big container. Let’s talk about money. You have to have a big container to receive money. If you have a wounded feminine and you don’t even connect with your feminine, you don’t have the ability to receive. You become lopsided. You only use one arm but not the other arm. When you combine those, the feminine receives the inspiration and the ideas and then the masculine can execute on it. A masculine can help you take action on the inspirations.

When you’re off balance on either end, if you’re too feminine, you’re connecting with the divine but you don’t do anything. You don’t take action on the ideas or the inspiration that the universe gives you. You live in a three-dimensional world. Our action is what propels us forward. It helps us create things. It’s important that you do something, but the action is based on your inspiration and not based on you’re thinking. It’s like, “I have to do this. I’m going to force myself to do this.” You end up not being able to create the life that you want because you’re pushing it. That’s a hard way to go about it.

I worked with a new client and within two sentences, I said, “You don’t have a lot of joy in your work, do you?” It was clear because of the language that she was using. What I find fascinating is we feel like we’re managed by our to-do lists or we’re run by our businesses and yet I’m starting to almost collect stories from women who are doing less, receiving more, allowing more and getting better results faster. I was sharing with somebody about our session and that conversation that we had about that and she said, “I took off a week and then all the money started coming in.” Somebody else was saying, “I took off a month. It was the highest gross that I’d ever had while I wasn’t working. I couldn’t be working for a month.” We have a tendency to say, “I can’t work.” This is why women often get sick because it’s the only time that we can give ourselves permission to take that time off.

My mother used to be like the do or go all the time. She lives in London. She lives on the fifth floor of a Victorian walkup. You’re talking about an old lady who’ does the five flight stairs seven times a day. She would get sick clockwork. Every January, it was bronchitis and there was nothing to do about it. We started having a little routine that we would do every day, “Mother, how many things are you doing today? You’re only allowed to do two things.” She would be like, “I am doing five.” If there were enough of those five-day things, bronchitis. It was because her body was asking for permission to be quiet and to rest. As women, we tend to believe that’s the only time we have the right to rest when the truth is you plug your cell phone in every single night to recharge the batteries. Why don’t we do this for ourselves? Why don’t we do this for ourselves?

As soon as I feel I’m too tired, I would go take a nap. I’m like, “I need to go and take a nap right now.” 30 minutes later or 40 minutes later, I feel better. It’s almost like waking up a second time. I was like, “I’ve got the whole day ahead of me.” I then can do other fun things. In terms of work, I focus on one thing a day. I do one main thing that I know is going to move the needle for my business. The rest is like, “It would be nice to get those done, but I’m not obligated.” That’s how I feel.

I teach a method called the empowered to-do list where you take your regular to-do list and you put the three things that you can get accomplished that day. To create a cycle of success, you reward yourself at the end of every one of those things. It’s super simple. It gives people relief because the to-do list is never-ending. I love your idea of doing one thing.

That one thing allows me to focus on it and allows me to do it well. Manifestation is about the concentration of energy and not holding onto the idea tightly. Let’s say I want to write a marketing post and I focus on that. Once that’s done for the day, I’m good. I’ve already finished my whole marketing plan. That’s how I run my business. I write one post a day and then that’s my marketing. That’s the extent of my work, ten minutes. It takes longer for me to find a picture to go with the post than it is to write a post. My work is simple. If there are bigger things that I need to do, the bigger thing is my one thing and the rest of the day, I’m free. I’ll spend the rest of the day reading vampire books and eating chocolate cake.

I’m going to Chanel to see what your next bag is. Nikki says, “I always go to the beach to recharge.” I’ve done future meditation and I call it the perfect day. I’ve done this with clients for years. I also do it on all of my discovery calls because we want people to feel what it’s going to be like after you’ve done the things that you desire. I’m going to say maybe 95% of every woman I’ve ever done this with, when I say to her, “Visualize your perfect day,” she starts talking about the beach. She starts talking about being near water. She starts talking about her experience at the beach. We’ll have an occasional woodsy thing or a mountain cabin. I started noticing the pattern and I was like, “What is it about beaches?” We all want to be there.

The energy of water is feminine. As women, we naturally gravitate towards the feminine power that nature provides to be in the relaxing mode. I live in a city here in Bangkok, it’s not that convenient to go to the beach. I have a rooftop garden here in the condo. At 5:00, I’m done. I go and play. I’ll bring my yoga mat and I’ll stress there. I’ll bring my vampire book with me and I’ll read it. I spend two hours there for fun.

Nancy says, “You can relax at the beach. I do feel it dials us down.” Solera, you have a permanent invitation to come to Miami and hang out with me because I live close to the beach. I could go anytime that I want. I know we have enough time left to invite you to bring the guides in and to see what they have to say about our topics, time travel and balancing.

Thank you so much for giving us an opportunity. We’re going to help you understand how to balance the feminine with the masculine energy because there’s a lot of misconception. It’s not that you want 50/50. You want 100%. This is how we want you to think about masculine energy and feminine energy. It’s not half and half. You’re trying to squish half of you and squish the other half of you and then you make a whole. We want you to develop your masculine energy 100% and develop your feminine energy 100%. What does that mean? Each energy has its advantages. Once you’re skilled in masculine, you’ll be able to execute well, do things well, accomplish well. The masculine tends to be running in linear order. It can do A, B, C, D, E, F, G quickly once you’ve mastered this level, this energy.

The feminine energy is the same but slightly different in the sense that it’s not about accomplishing, but it’s about being fluid and connected with your intuition and tapping into your intuition at all times. You’re walking around, you receive a download. When you are munching on chips, you receive a download. When you’re in the shower, you’re receiving a download. It’s being able to access that and receive that. Once you develop your feminine 100%, you’re always connected with the divine because you’re always receiving it. This is how we want you to think about it and not 50/50. It’s like a marriage. People talk about 50/50. It’s better to approach a marriage thinking about 100% committed and 100% committed on the other end as well. It’s not 50/50. You have to start that within yourself, “I’m 100% committed to my masculine and I’m 100% committed to my feminine.” Developing them, that’s how you’re going to be able to create a relationship.

In the beginning, when you’re not used to it, let’s say you focus on your masculine energy for a period of time and you work and then you feel out of balance. The pendulum might swing to the other side, to the feminine. You tap into the feminine because you work over here and you tap into the feminine on this other side. The idea is to eventually have the pendulum swing slightly in the middle. It doesn’t have to pause in the middle. It can move slightly to the right and slightly to the left where you’re dancing with the masculine energy and dancing with the feminine energy.

When you relax, reading a book, or outside walking, you can tap into your feminine energy. You don’t have to do anything. You’re relaxing and allowing the feminine to receive whatever information she’s ready to receive. Connect with nature and connect with the divine. When you have to do work, you sit down and you’re focused. You’re able to concentrate your masculine energy and make that into a laser beam. This is how you manifest. The feminine says, “Yes, I am open to all the riches and happiness in the world.” It receives it. If you push it with the masculine and your container is not big enough or your receiving muscle is not strong enough, you’re not going to be able to receive a lot.

Sometimes you would see couples. Let’s see the guy is good at working and he seizes out there. He’s the bread-winner. Let’s say the woman is the homemaker and she’s taking care of the children. They each are strong in one area. When they come together, they might be a successful couple. Not necessarily successful emotionally, but they could be successful in terms of wealth. You don’t want to rely on someone to fill that gap. You’re feminine. You don’t want to be looking for someone to fill the hole that’s in you. We want you to have a mentality. The masculine is missing or the feminine is missing, you’re going to go develop that. Fill the hole within yourself. Develop both sides to 100% and then you’re going to feel like you are complete. When you go into a relationship, you’re going to feel complete because you already feel complete on the inside.

It’s not just money that we’re talking about but it’s also the interpersonal relationships with other people. Sometimes you’re seeking for people to complete you. That could be a romantic relationship. That could be a relationship with a boss. That could be a relationship with a friend. You’re always seeking other people to fill your holes. If you develop both aspects, masculine and feminine, you are whole. All the relationships that come into your life, they’re bonuses. It’s nice that you have an extra person to hang out with, play with, and go out with. You’re not asking them to fill the hole that’s within you. When we talk about the feminine and masculine, it’s about balancing your own energy until you feel like, “I’m happy. I can swing to the left and right easily. I can always come back to that sense of balance in the middle.” That’s when everything feels it’s in the right place. Is there any question for us regarding the information that we’ve shared?

You said getting downloads in the shower and everything. I was talking about this on my show on one of the episodes on Your Goddess Awakened. The idea that spirit is subtle and what we are getting as a download when we’re connected to that intuition is super subtle to the point where we might overlook it or miss it. How subtle does the spirit get? How subtle does our intuition get? How do we know that it isn’t a random thought as opposed to inspiration?

We can clarify it for you. In the beginning, when you’re not used to listening to your intuition, you can ask the universe for more obvious signs. Before Solera develop her channeling ability, she would say, “Please show me what I need to know in a movie.” That’s clear because then you watch a movie and you get the lesson. Sometimes she would have a clear idea of a movie that she has no interest in watching but she’s like, “I need to watch this movie.” She watches the movie and she’s like, “I needed to watch it for this reason.” She was asking for signs. She was asking for help. She might see a billboard that has a new movie out. She’s like, “I need to go watch that one.”

We are explaining this way to you because you can ask the universe to deliver signs to you in a way that you can understand. Initially, maybe you’re not good at listening to intuition. Tell the universe, “Please show it to me in a way that I’m going to be able to process.” Maybe you can recommend a book to me. Maybe you can tell a friend to call me. Solera learned to channel because she had this feeling that she should call this friend. We were nudging her to call this friend. We asked her to call this friend because this long-lost friend of hers ended up learning how to read the Akashic records. The first thing that this friend said is like, “I haven’t talked to you in ages. I’m studying spirituality. I’m learning how to read the Akashic records. It’s easy. You can do it, too.”

She usually does not like to listen to us. We would gently nudge her to go talk to her various friends of hers because we know she would listen to their friends but not always listening to us. We say, “Go talk to this friend.” We know we would pass the information to the friend and the friend would tell her the same thing as we would tell her. That’s one way of getting the signs and information that you’re looking for. It doesn’t have to be some subtle thoughts. Solera is used to it. She’s used to receiving intuitive thoughts usually in the shower. She expects that she’s standing there in the shower. She’s expecting it and having fun with it. Usually, an idea will come to her, “This is exactly what I need to do.”

You can practice having a dialogue with your intuition. Over time, as you practice with it, which is the equivalent of her standing in the shower, you get used to it. You can have inspiration on demand. Inspiration is always trying to get through to you. You’re not listening to it. If you shift your perspective and say, “I’m ready for inspiration on demand, which means anytime I need inspiration, I’m going to have one.” You’re open to receiving it and that’s where the feminine energy comes in. You’re open to receiving it.

It doesn’t have to be in the shower if you’re not a shower person. If you go to the beach, you can ask, “I’m going to go take a walk along the beach and I’m ready for inspiration anytime.” Treat the universe as your friend. Ask the universe for stuff like you would ask your BFF, “Can you do me a favor? I want this.” Usually, your friend would nicely comply and it would be like, “Not a problem.” The universe is your friend, it’s just that you haven’t developed that relationship with it. Therefore, maybe inspiration is not coming quickly.

You’re the first guide I’ve ever heard to say inspiration is your BFF. It’s all the Solera energy. Laura asked this question and maybe it’s already been answered. I want to spotlight this. She says, “I’m beginning my journey with developing and embracing my feminine energy. Are there any specific actions or exercises I can do to develop my feminine?” Isn’t that interesting because she’s asking this question from a masculine standpoint, specific actions, exercises? I got to tell you, Laura, this is where I went the first time I started with this. I was like, “Tell me what to do. I’ll accomplish it and I will do it. It’s going to be an exercise. I’m sure it will be some brilliant thing. Once I do it, it’ll be done and then I’ll have access to all the feminine stuff.” I’ve already learned that it doesn’t work like that.

However, it’s interesting because we do when we are in that place of coming from the masculine all the time. That’s what we’re invited to do by our workplace, business in general, the way that society is run. It is all super masculine. We’re moving in a different direction and that’s why many women are getting the call of that desire for more balance. We are moving into more of a feminine planet and more of a receiving and allowing planet and less of an aggressive doing planet. Guides, we would love any other insight that you have there.

We would give you an exercise to make you feel better. This is an exercise we commonly give to a lot of Solera’s students. When you first start out, you have no idea how to embrace the feminine. We would say block out a time on your calendar. You normally block out time because you have client calls or you want to do stuff or you have dental appointments or whatever it is. You block it on your calendar. You schedule that.

Feminine is about space. It’s almost like the negative space. When we say negative space, we don’t mean negative as in bad. If you think about photography, there’s negative space. The feminine is about empty and open space. You have to make that, create that. Your masculine can come and help you, “We’re going to block it off on the calendar.” You can block it off on your calendar. Let’s say one hour a day, you block off some time. At this one hour, I’m not obligated to do anything. I can read a book. I can listen to music. I can go outside for a walk. That’s your time for your feminine. You block it off. The masculine comes to help you to schedule that onto your calendar. You always have that one hour a day where you’re not obligated to do anything other than be happy, try some new things, go outside, walk around, whatever it is that you feel you want to do.

This could be an exercise to work with the masculine to help you to create that empty space in your life. Over time, once you’ve done this enough, you would naturally make space for yourself. You wouldn’t need to schedule it on the calendar. Let’s say you don’t have the habit of having that feminine energy in your life, then you can block it off. It’s like, “This is my feminine time. I’m not obligated for anything other than what pleases me.”

Laura, I don’t know about you, I feel better knowing that I can use my masculine to help my feminine. I appreciated the language of that question. Thank you again so much. We’re almost out of time for our show with the beautiful Solera and the guides. Is there anything else that the guides would like to offer before we thank them for their time?

The way to move forward in your life instead of looking at all the to-do lists is to ask yourself constantly, “How do I want to feel when I finished that to-do list?” You think that when you accomplish a to-do list, you’re going to feel better. It’s better before you do the to-do lists, to do the items, you ask yourself, “How do I want to feel at the end?” The problem with most people with a to-do list is you have more of it. That’s endless. You never get to a point where you can feel good and relaxed because there are a million things to do.

Instead of approaching the to-do list like this, before you even start on item number one, center yourself and ask, “How do I want to feel at the end?” In the end, I want to feel everything’s wrapped up. I feel happy. I feel balanced. I don’t feel like there’s anything that’s going to be dragging me down or I’m going to be worried about anything. I’m going to allow the to-do list to complete for the day. Sometimes you have more. You finish that list and then you add two more onto it at the end.

Let’s say your to-do list is five items and you can feel like, “I can finish the five.” That’s fine. You’re going to say to yourself before you even start on the number one, “I’m going to complete the five and no more. You have to be a bit disciplined about it. Don’t add two more things. Even if there’s a demand from your client, from your spouse, from your children, you say, “This is it. I have the five things. I’m not going to do anymore. My goal is to feel peaceful and relaxed and at ease once I’m done with it.” That next two items can go to tomorrow’s to-do list and it’s not going to be a big deal. You can always feel like there’s a sense of completion at the end of the day. It’s like, “I did such a good job.” This is what you want to feel like. That’s why you have a to-do list to keep track. You want to feel like, “By the end of it, I want to feel I’ve done a great job. I’m happy. I’m proud of myself.” That should be the feeling that you tap into before you even start.

Once you tap into that feeling and then you start, you’ll be able to cross the list out quickly and easily. You know you’re going to be done at number five and then there’s going to be no more. You’re done for the day and then you’re free to do whatever you want. This is how we would approach your life in a way that allows you to have a sense of ease and allow the feminine to come and play, allow the feminine to express. You cannot stuff your calendar with 10, 20 things because then there’s no space. Remember, schedule 1 or 2 hours, however much time you have, even if it’s ten minutes, “This is my time to relax.” Over time, you will get into the habit of connecting to that feminine while allowing the masculine aspect of you to assist you. With that, we would complete our reading.

Thank you so much. They’re such a delight to get to hang out with. Solera, I also want to acknowledge you. This happens to me a lot in my work as well as I get to experience the person and the learning that the person needs. I get that, too. I have that and I can tell how much of the guides’ downloads you have embodied. Even before they came in, you have so much wisdom and so much experience from being in harmony with their teachings. I feel like that’s something that we can all honor and strive for in our own experience. Letting that inspiration, letting that intuition, letting that creative, feminine energy guide us to have those downloads and then be able to embody that information.

Thank you so much. I appreciate it. It takes some practice to implement. Practice it every day. I don’t think there’s ever going to be a state of perfection until you die and then you’ll be perfect once again. Every day is a practice. I used to be a pianist. Every day was a practice. I see it as the same. I treat it like I’m practicing and I don’t have to be perfect. I’m not obligated to have everything lined up in a roll. I’m practicing, that takes the pressure off.

Thank you again so much. I’ve enjoyed this conversation. I can’t wait for our next episode. We are doing this as a series. If you haven’t signed up yet, there is a monthly series that you can sign up for.

Thank you.

Thank you so much, Solera. Blessings, everybody. I’m glad to have you.


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About Solera

The name “Solera” means “A Being of Light.” It was given to me by the Spiritual Guides.

In the past, I was either completely goal-oriented and chasing success or totally “spiritual” and scrubbing toilets in an ashram.

I hit rock bottom when I went back home to stay with my parents. I felt shameful. How could I, a Northwestern University graduate, coveted by companies like Google, former I.T. consultant, and business owner, be so lost that I had to run home to my mom and dad? You should see the number of trophies I got at home!

That was the problem. That was all I had — the plastic trophies.

I knew I needed some drastic clearing. So, I bought a one-way ticket to Iceland. It was during those dark winter months that I hibernated, I reflected, I healed, and I woke up.

I started connecting to the Spiritual Guides who led me to Thailand (The word “Thai” means “free”), to my love, to my calling as a channel, to my creative expression as an artist, and to my purpose to wake up other people who were also asleep like me.

Now I always know what my next step is. The Spiritual Guides tell me!
I found my joy. I found my peace. I found my purpose.
And So Can You.