The Empowered Entrepreneurs Program

Are you in a business you started from love, that now makes you feel like you’re drowning? Is it never getting done? Do you feel successful yet empty? Are you tired of being all things to all people? If you want your business to be the center of your financial abundance, while allowing everything else to blossom instead of wither, then... this program is for you.

You’ve been in business long enough to see it grow, and what it could be if you could only get the time and head space to start over, knowing what you know now. It’s a daunting feeling, like you’re pushing the rock up the hill by yourself, no matter how much “help” you have.

During the Empowered Entrepreneurs Program, you will receive both the accountability and the support you have been missing to create your vision, along with the tools, skills and deep business understanding for you to implement it. You will also be encouraged and further empowered by the other entrepreneurial women in this small, sacred group.

As women, we are taught to work in a "man's world" - that we need to be strong, and stand on our own two feet. Yet as women, we also have the power to reach out to others and connect on a deeper level, as well as to receive support. This is your opportunity, your birthright. And... this is your time.

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Already know you want to apply? Smart decision.

Why should I join this Program?

I created Empowered Entrepreneurs because I saw too many of my private clients — smart, savvy, and successful businesswomen — tired of going it alone. Sometimes, they’d feel like... they hadn’t started or run their business right. In fact, deep down, many of them were waiting for someone to rescue them, because they weren’t “real businesswomen” and someday, their “fraud” could be exposed.

The truth is, these women were – and are – amazing, capable, and powerful. Just like you. It’s time for you to stand in your own abilities and, with the right team in place, blossom into the Empowered Entrepreneur you were born to be.

You’ve been putting yourself last in your business and your life long enough. This is the opportunity for you to step into knowing that you deserve better, even if you aren’t sure that you do. This is the chance for you to prove to yourself, once and for all, that what you came into this world to co-create isn’t an accident, it isn’t something that’s going to slip through your fingers. It’s the truth of you, and all you have to do now is say YES.

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When you decide to change your actions and follow the steps to become an Empowered Entrepreneur, you will receive:

  • √ Intuitive AND business coaching to lock in permanent shifts
  • √ Tools and simple, easy-to-follow blueprints that will maximize your efforts and minimize your time
  • √ The ability to finally get out of your own way with whatever’s been blocking you (even if it’s lasted your whole life)
  • √ A stable, structured business that can provide for you, instead of you pouring yourself into it until there’s nothing left
  • √ Improved health, family relationships, and “Personal Me Time!”
  • √ An Accountability and Support Mentor with over 25 years of experience running small businesses
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How Do I Apply?

First, please make sure you read this whole page, even if you normally just skim. Share it with your business or life partner if they are going to be part of your decision to invest, and make sure they’re on board with this special opportunity.

Then fill out the online application fully HERE. If you have questions or a concern, please email to and someone from my team will get back to you.

So am I in? I’m not sure I’m ready!

Filling out this application doesn’t obligate you to join the program. In fact, it doesn’t at all guarantee you’ll be right for it. I’ll be looking for... the matched women for the deep dive of this content, that this is your perfect next step, and that you are a good fit with the other Empowered Entrepreneurs . So please be totally honest in all your answers, and leave your fear behind. In fact, just the application process alone may give you some "aha" moments.

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"Working with Halle Eavelyn has been one of the best decisions and investments I’ve made as a small business owner. I hired Halle at a critical time of growth and change in my company. She’s given me tools, resources and actionable tasks to help my business function better, allowing me to focus on the big picture. More importantly, in moments of doubt, she provides calm reassurance and a pragmatic voice to keep me track. She taught me that many of the answers I’ve searched for are inside, giving me the confidence to problem solve and move ahead. I deeply appreciate Halle’s kind yet forthright manner, keeping me accountable and nudging me when I need it. Halle is my go-to strategic partner in all aspects of my business. "

- Lisa Kohl, Nob Hill Style

Seattle, WA

"Halle is not only a wonderful, spirited, strong, wise and brilliant coach, she is pretty damn financially savvy, too...saved me $12,500 in one phone call. Now, THAT's something!! She helped me save my heart and that's even better."


Premiere Pallative Care Coach

Austin, TX

So what amazing things do I get?

Well, every month, you’re going to get both a business strategy and an intuitive solution that will work together to help shift your business from feeling like an uncontrollable and ill-mannered octopus into a well-trained puma – powerful, but on a leash that you can hold comfortably.

Here are the specifics of the program:

  • √ Empowered Entrepreneurs Essential, the core content for that month.
  • √ Written content to support the Empowered Entrepreneurs Essential
  • √ 2 monthly EE Coaching Calls (2 hours ea.) to dive into the Empowered Entrepreneurs Essential so you understand how to implement it in your business. This will include live Q & A with me to address your questions.
  • √ Monthly private and confidential one-on-one call with me (1 hour ea.) to discuss anything specific to your business and help you get unstuck from whatever may be holding you back, personal OR professional.
  • √ Secret FB group where you and the other women in this program will be in a sacred, supportive space together, helping each other on a day-to-day basis, with additional support from me and my team.
  • √ Recordings of private and group coaching calls
  • √ Transformational/intuitive writings to enhance and support your journey into becoming an Empowered Entrepreneur
  • √ Homework that will set your new choices and actions concretely, so that you can develop life-long habits that support you long after the program is complete
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Why shouldn’t I wait to apply?

This program will close Friday September 29 at 11:59PM EST, and begin Monday, Oct 2 so that you can make this next year the one where you finally reach your goals: And… when you take FAST ACTION by getting your application in now, when you’re selected to join the program, you’ll also receive:

  • √ Tools to allow you to start taking action NOW, before the program even begins!
  • √ A bonus book that will literally change your life
  • √ A special lower investment opportunity to reward you for stepping up!
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"I came to Halle because I was feeling stuck in my business and I didn’t know how to fix it. It was incredibly frustrating because I had hired an expensive coach and was working hard, but just wasn’t getting any results. Halle helped me see where I was blocked and went fast and deep to release and heal the patterns that were keeping me stuck.

What we did in just a few sessions blew my mind and completely transformed my life and business. I was finally able to tap into and trust my intuition and feel calm and confident about making new decisions. Halle also gave me extremely smart and creative ideas about how to make my business model more lucrative and perfectly suited to leverage my strengths. As a result, I now feel happy and completely in my zone. Halle has a unique and rare gift of being divinely loving, insightful and extremely savvy and strategic in her thinking.

A true spiritual business sage!"

- Heather

Brand Strategist, Massachusetts

Don’t you want to stop getting the results you’ve been getting? Aren’t you tired of living in overwhelm and chaos, always running to catch up? Isn’t it a struggle to be so busy (but still much smaller than you want), or worse, uncomfortable or unhappy?

PS. How’s what you’re doing now working for you?

If you’ve been waiting for the right program… this is it! Whether you’ve worked with other coaches in the past but not had success, or you just know you need real help from the top down, this is the program you’ve been waiting for.

But wait… (you guessed it) there’s MORE!

Bonuses? YES, PLEASE! When I join today, I’ll get...

√ Empowered Entrepreneurs VIP Kickstart

We are going to kick things off with a Virtual VIP Day! October 2 is the official date for your VIP experience! This will help you to get a handle on where everything is in your business now, better than you already think you know, and get some high level goals set for our time together, including one that may surprise you. You will walk away empowered and excited to streamline your business and to start taming that beast!

√ BONUS Private Coaching call with Halle!

You also get an additional 2-hour private session with me at any point during the program, on either a business or life issue you want to clear permanently. This is a deep, lasered session that will serve you on all levels. I’ve had clients use this session to clear life-long money blocks or traumas, and it’s so powerful!

√ Empowered Action Savings

When you invest in full in this program up front, you will receive significant “I’m all in” savings!

√ Vetted Partnerships

Additional support of “done for you” and “done with you” vetted partners available in every business area

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It sounds empowering, but what will my results be?

  • √ Bid Overwhelm Farewell FOREVER – this is the thing that’s clouding your brain and stopping you from visualizing or taking bigger or more streamlined action. It’s also making you a little bit crazy, and it’s got to go first.
  • √ Create Powerful Blueprints - Replace your “management by putting out fires” approach with simple processes that support you and your business.
  • √ Clear the Path To Triumph – Remove long-term or even life-long blocks to earning, being successful, or being happy. I believe our issues are like onions, with layers and layers built up over our lives. It’s time to get to the core.
  • √ Nurtured Success Development – You’ve planted plenty of seeds, but how many have you taken the time to nurture so they can really grow? Becoming an Empowered Entrepreneur means choosing where to place your energy so that those seeed can strongly take root and grow into the amazing results you have envisioned.
  • √ Future Visioning – Learn the true corollary between thoughts and things and how to manifest – to bridge the gap between what you want and making it real, and how to create a future that is better than you have even imagined.

"Halle helped me ‘rewire’ my brain. I was coming out of a grueling 18 months and had some serious misconceptions about myself. I gained clarity fast! Halle’s who I call when I need MY ass kicked!"


Small Business Coach, Delaware

When you apply before the deadline, you’ll receive special bonuses and delightful gifts to round out the program, including a book that will literally change your life (and is so short, you can read it in the loo if you like!)

Is this program right for me?

Great question! Because we only can take a small number of women, and they all have to be the right fit! This program may be right for you if:

  • √ You own your own business, either by yourself or with a partner
  • √ You remember a time when you loved your business, but now you feel like you’re drowning
  • √ Your business is financially stable (sorry, this is not a program for start-up entrepreneurs or if you need to take giant leaps in income just to pay the bills)
  • √ You’ve been through other programs and haven’t gotten the results you need or deserve
  • √ Something’s blocking you and you just don’t know what the hell it is
  • √ You’re not a drama queen
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To be accepted into the Empowered Entrepreneurs, you must:

  • √ Be ready to really change
  • √ Be willing to erase the words “I know that” from your vocabulary
  • √ Bring your best work and intentions to the sessions and participate ALL OUT in the program
  • √ Be sick and tired of being sick and tired, and totally over whining, complaining, or fussing about it – this is a program to fix, not coddle
  • √ Be willing to hear the hard parts about the things that are entrenched in your business that no longer serve you
  • √ Be done struggling or swimming upstream
  • √ Open your mind, your ears, and most importantly, your heart, to success

“I am honestly not even sure how I found Halle but I do know that it was out of sheer desperation after working with 2 very well-known, nationally acclaimed coaches and getting nowhere, I was at the end of my rope… From our very first introductory meeting, I knew that I loved her “lovingly straight shooter” way.

Halle has a gift for being able to strongly yet lovingly pinpoint where certain behaviors begin and then assist in transforming some of life’s pains into something else. She’s like a jujitsu master for the soul. If you are ready to shift your life into a meaningful one and truly feel your own power, I could not think of a better guide.”


Yoga Instructor, Texas

About Halle

Halle Eavelyn is a dynamic and powerful transformational coach, speaker, and writer who helps people break out of their old patterns so they can live their best lives, the ones they always yearned for. Drawing on her 25 years of business experience in software, real estate, the movie business and travel, and a variety of intuitive modalities, Halle’s work is deep and extremely fast, with clients experiencing powerful shifts easily. Halle takes on private and group clients when they are ready for extraordinary growth.

She is also the Transformational Business Strategist for Core Digital Marketing, the premiere experts in using LinkedIn for strategic lead generation.

Her acclaimed spiritual travel memoir, Red Goddess Rising, tells the story of her spiritual awakening in Egypt and the trips she has led up the Nile for the past several years. Halle also blogs for Huffington Post on personal transformation and the intersection of spirituality & travel. Her forthcoming book is called 100 Ways To Be In Joy.

Halle has been interviewed by Time Magazine, USA Today, Good Morning America, Wealth TV and many of the major newspapers in the world. She has spoken all over the country as well, for institutes such as Vanderbilt University to bookstores like Barnes & Noble.

Wow, I would like to do this… I don’t know… I think I…

You know the old joke about the guy who wouldn’t evacuate in the flood, despite everyone’s efforts to rescue him, who kept saying “God will save me” and then drowned. He gets to heaven and asks God why he was allowed to drown, and God says, “But I sent you 2 boats and a helicopter!”

You don’t have to know HOW this will work. We've got this.

To stop drowning, you just have to get in the boat.

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