With the power of blockchain and NFTs, social issues and topics can get across and be heard faster. Communities are more connected than ever and are being heard by everyone. People are hearing what is needed and they are coming together to find a solution. This is the power of blockchain, and Katie Chonacas is utilizing it for the greater good. Join Halle Eavelyn as she talks to the Renaissance goddess, Katie, about how you can use the blockchain to help make an impact on the world. Learn more about her NFT podcast and how people from around the world can be a part of it. Discover how Hollywood is taking notice of big issues like sex trafficking. And find out how people can come together to reach a solution to some of the world’s biggest problems. Be a part of the blockchain today!

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Being A Renaissance Goddess In The Age Of Blockchain With Katie Chonacas

I have with me here an unusual guest, Katie Chonacas. She is a pioneer and a Renaissance woman. I asked her to come up with a title for me to share with all of you. She’s an artist, actress, women’s empowerment person, fashion designer, NFT creator, and futurist. All of those things are possibilities.

Without further ado, Katie, I’m glad that you’re here and talking to us. We met at Podfest, if I recall. Correct?


You were at Podfest talking about turning your own podcast into an NFT. You’re the first person to ever do that. Is that right?

I’m the first female to ever do it. I wanted to do it a few years ago. I found out December 2021, Buster beat me to it. Buster has a popular podcast on sports. He did it on December 2021. I’m the second person and the first female to release my podcast as NFTs. It was cool meeting you at Podfest. I speak at podcast conferences and summits. I’ve been on seven stages in 2022 alone. Since I’m a podcaster like you, I was speaking to podcasters how they could strategize and pivot their podcast for NFTs as well. It was exciting to talk with my fellow podcasters about the future.

That’s incredible. It’s an idea that I had as well of turning this show into an NFT. That’s powerful to be able to do that and to be able to have those multiple platforms. What made you want to make your podcast into an NFT?

It would be an NFT project. It’s a Non-Fungible Token. You would have each episode as an NFT. In addition, strategizing, you could have multiple pieces of the episode, different NFTs. When you give people promos and you want certain sound bites, you can make those NFTs. In addition, instead of selling a one-off to an NFT, you can fractionalize it like a Bitcoin, and have multiple people purchasing and being a part of that one specific NFT if more than one person wants to be a part of it. That’s how you can engage your community. I want to clarify that in regards to turning a podcast into an NFT project.

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Age Of Blockchain: When your podcast is an NFT, each episode can become one. So instead of just selling it as a one-off to someone, you can fractionalize it and have multiple people being a part of that one specific NFT.


That’s a lot of good information about it. I’ve talked a lot about the idea that we are going to soon be able to fractionalize a lot of things like real estate into NFTs. I hope that if you are reading, that you already have enough of a background so that when Katie said that an NFT was a Non-Fungible Token, that was not your first time learning that, and it was not your first time understanding what an NFT is. If it is, I urge you to go back to the earlier episodes where we talk about that and where we’ve talked to other NFT creators.

Katie, what you’re doing that’s so special is that you are pioneering this in a new area. We’ve had NFTs as art. We’ve had NFTs as real estate. We are starting to have NFTs as other things. The idea of having an NFT as a podcast, if you’re the first woman to do it, that’s still new. You’re still a total pioneer. That’s amazing.

I saw the top ten fashion brands. Nike is number one. They’ve already made over $44 million in Nike. There’s a whole fashion ecosystem that’s thriving. There’s music NFT. Now, NFTs has become a buzzword. There’s the film side of NFTs, there’s the art, there are people who have generated projects like those PFP 10,000 collections that you hear about where you can take an NFT like my friend, SABET, has Tokyo Punks. It’s a limited edition. This is my NFT. I named this NFT, Cartoon Katie, because I do voiceovers every single day for my work. I promo commercial animations. I do voiceovers. In voiceovers, you have a branded name like a logo. Mine is Cartoon Katie because I’m like a walking, talking cartoon. I love my voice. You utilize what you have.

I took this NFT. It’s the logo of my popular podcast called She’s All Over the Place, which is the NFT podcast. I made a fashion line. If you go to Chonacas.com, my last name, you can see that I have seven lines. I did collaborations with other artists who are NFT artists as well. We took this IP because there’s utility, which is love. If you intentionally do something with this NFT that you own from this collection, like I decided to do a fashion line, I decided to make it my logo. My PFP is half my punk and then the other half is the profile on my face.

There’s a number of things that you can do in regards to NFTs and with your community. Specifically, it’s going off the deep end, but you have a community wallet. People in your community can see everything that’s transparent with code on the blockchain. They can see like, “This person is into this. I’m into this. We have these allotted funds in the community wallet. This happened in Florida. This happened in Miami. We want to take some of those allotted funds and contribute, and be a part of what’s happening in the planet on the world.” It’s making an impact. Knowing our voices matter because we’re connecting and hearing people. It’s reciprocated and transparent, which is exciting about not only NFTs, but connecting with the people and who they are and what they want.

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The people who listen to our shows, a lot of times, I don’t connect with them unless they email or call in or send in something like that or write me on a DM. How can I hear those voices now on a regular? How can the communities all be chit-chatting with each other and then going to the team to say, “We’re interested in this?” Hearing them and applying those actions and fulfilling their needs because they’re our own needs. We all want the same thing. We can connect with those people as we’re going here.

When you say we all want the same things, you’re saying we all want community.

Community is a buzzword as well. What I’m saying is when we first came here, there are certain things that we were taught. We all want to be heard, to play, to have fun. The number one emotion is curiosity. We want to engage with one another. We want to connect. We want unconditional love. We don’t want to be judged. All the stuff is the ego and all the things we’ve been taught dumbed down. If we can dismantle and shape shift on an energetic level, which we’re doing now, because podcasts are free and you’re listening and you’re tuning to what’s going on, we can demystify and shape shift the stuff that’s not serving us to get more in gratitude and love in our heart center, and to explore the gift of nature of why we are here, living this miraculous life and get to that.

Many people are distracted by the hurt and the pain and the ego and all the other stuff that it’s cloudy. If we connect with people who are saying the things that I’m saying, when we inspire, motivate, and ethically engage and entertain and show ways to be prosperous together, that’s what we all want on a higher dimension on a basic level.

You’re talking about the heart of the work that I do when I do transformational wealth coaching with women. It isn’t about making more money. It’s about what you can do with that money. It’s about having the freedom that comes from that. It’s about giving back to the world and caring about the larger buzzword, community, the larger community of humanity, and realizing that we are all interconnected. We are all one. That’s powerful. I love the idea that you’re connecting the sense of what most people feel is a disconnect.

An NFT is a thing. It’s technology. It doesn’t feel like there’s a human element to it for a lot of people, especially as you learn. The words Non-Fungible Token are super unsexy. When you connect it the way that you did into this beautiful idea of building community, building an environment, and building a world where we care about each other, to me, that’s powerful. That’s everything. Good for you. I love that you’re doing this.

I love you. Thank you. Two quick things. One, She’s All Over the Place, I finished my women empowerment series. You can binge and listen to epic episodes of international women all around the world doing what you said to make a difference, to impact, to inspire, to educate, to learn, to talk about our ups and downs and challenges and all that. That’s number one.

The other thing is think about this, over a decade ago, we could have a digital asset, an NFT, a Non-Fungible Token. Simplistic is a digital asset. It can come in a JPEG, a photo, an MP3, an MP4. There’s video, music, whatever you want to put, sound, video, visceral, whatever. The thing is people who fly around the world many years ago, instead of printing out the toxicity from the paper, you could have a wallet and have a QR code and you scan it. That’s your one-time NFT to get onto a flight to go somewhere.

It’s not like, “This QR code is the magical thing.” You get to experience from that QR code that you’re going to get. You purchased it for an experience to go visit a friend, a family member, to see a loved one, to go for a holiday, to go for the experience. That QR code is the access for you to go have that experience, but you don’t think about it. You throw it away or it’s a onetime use, you can’t have it. What if you have a pass that’s an NFT that gets you on flights all the time? You show your QR code and that gets you access to going on flights all the time. That would be miraculous.

You can apply that same principle to the other things, like being involved in your community. The people who are going to learn, share, educate, and find hacks and tips and tricks to talk to certain people. You’re going to have access to this by having this NFT. You’re going to always have a lifetime access to this and get discounts, first to know, and merch, and everything that comes along. If we do meetups in Nicaragua or wherever we’re doing meetup, you’re going to have that full-time access from that QR code of that NFT or that visual logo, label, visceral, whatever, however you make your NFT until you sell it. You can sell it on secondary. There’s a smart contract, which changes the game for everything. It doesn’t matter if you’re Snoop Dogg or just starting, you have the same smart contract on the blockchain in secondary. You can put whatever number, but normally it’s around 10%. That’s how you make a residual income.

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We have to back up a little. When you’re talking about secondary, what you’re saying is a secondary market. In other words, it’s like if we compare this to network marketing, for example, if you bring somebody into the community, you’re getting X percentage, but the person that was in charge of bringing you in is getting a little tiny cut of that. That would be an example. In this case, I like to think of it as royalties. Imagine that you’re getting a royalty for something the first time you’re getting paid, but then you’re getting royalties every time that thing transacts again. It would be like if I sold my house and I made the money, but the next time the house was sold, I got another little tiny chunk of that. That’s what you’re talking about when you say a secondary. It’s like a secondary market.

You’re right that there’s going to be that secondary royalty model gives you a lot more. Especially when you’re an artist or something, up until now, it’s been like, “That painting sold for $10,” but later the artist became famous, “That painting sold for $10,000, $1 million, $10 million.” The artist sold it once. The artist is not getting paid over and over again. This idea of art becoming an NFT or music or anything else means that you can have a built-in royalty model to allow that secondary payment where by the time that famous artist’s painting was selling for $10 million, the artist would still be getting a cut. That’s powerful. It’s a gamechanger. Do you agree with all of that? Did I get any of it wrong?

I basically say it’s like being a union and a non-union actor. The paint analogy is amazing. If you have a piece of art and you have an art dealer or a gallery, they take a cut. They take a percent of it and it’s a one-off for the painter. Now, it’s selling. It’s called a fidgital if I’m giving you the physical.

That’s so cool. I’ve never heard that word before.

If I make a piece of art or I have a piece of clothing, I can give you the physical, but it comes with the NFT for the digital asset. However, some people are not just digital, but some people will just have the digital. You get the royalties. That’s being a union actor. When you’re a union actor, you get paid in the cycles.

The most important thing because it can be confusing because there are a lot of different currencies and marketplaces, the best thing to be a sovereign being that you were saying earlier is to have your own smart contract. Have your own smart contract. How do you do it? There are multiple ways to do it, like a tech team, things of that nature who can build a smart contract. You find someone who can build a smart contract and you have your own smart contract.

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Age Of Blockchain: If you’re a sovereign being, you have to have your own smart contract. With a smart contract, you can bring people to your website and bring traffic to you.


You bring them to your website. You bring the traffic to you instead of lazy minting on OpenSea where that could be the secondary market. It’s like the Christie’s and Sotheby’s. You can do your own smart contract. A lot of artists for the last few years have been using NiftyKit and Manifold.xyz. You can go there. Their teams are amazing. You, as a sovereign being, can have your own smart contract where everyone’s coming to your own IP, your own website. That’s where they’re minting.

The people who want to do secondary when they want to sell the vintage thing or not travel anymore or rent out their home that they own a piece of real estate or they’re done with these things, or they’re a collector and they want to sell it, they can do it on secondary, which could be like an OpenSea or one of the big marketplaces.

Katie is wearing a piece of her art, that is also an NFT. You’ve got your own fashion line.

This is my Tokyo Punk Cartoon Katie. I made a whole fashion line. It’s on my website. If you put in your email, I have an automation. It sends you, and you can do your own research, a list of people I respect and admire in the space that you can follow on Twitter and listen and get education and follow on Instagram and go on rabbit holes. I have a film sector. I’m developing a fashion sector. There are all these different areas to still learn about the OGs and pioneers in the space. They are ethical good people because they’re the heart of the ecosystem.

In addition, I support people with more so of strategy. I share information and there’s do-your-own research, but I take people when they’ve done their research, and they’re in it for good intentions. I help them with strategy, left, right, in between, “Do this first.” I support with strategy. People can email me from my website as well if they’re interested to learn more about strategy and things of that nature.

I’m going to take you up on some of that strategy stuff. I know you can help me grow the show because you are doing such incredible things. You said your own podcast is one of the most popular ones.

It’s in the top 1.5% out of almost 3 million podcasts. I started mine in the 2019. I built it from the ground up. Season 2, we became top 5%. We held top 5% until the middle of Season 4, and then we became in the top 1.5%.

That’s incredible.

Thank you. I’m on hiatus right now. When we do Season 5, it’s focused strictly on Hollywood and NFT. I’m excited about that.

I know that Hollywood is one area where there’s going to be a lot of movement. It’s funny because I have a screenwriting background as well. I pioneered interactive movies back in the day. I played in that space for a long time. I’ve always had a great deal of interest in the film world. I know that Hollywood goes where the money goes. There’s so much money to be made in crypto. It boggles the mind.

This is a little bit more of a spiritual concept, but you went there first, so I’m going there with you. I feel like time is speeding up. I feel like this distance between how long it would take to make $1 million or to launch something or to make it popular, it can happen so much faster because conceptually, there’s this ability right now for time to collapse and to have things happen on a much faster basis. Are you finding that as well?

People are finding out. We don’t have to do all these steps to get to what we need to go to. We can directly go to what we want to, the solution. We’re working smarter together. We’re coming together, we’re communicating better. We’re showing up in such a way. I’m going to go somewhere right now, which is totally off the cusp. I went to the Director’s Guild. My friend, Isaac Singleton Jr., is the lead in this new film called Wake Up. It’s about sex trafficking. By the next day, I was at the iHollywood Film Festival, which has an NFT category. It’s the first NFT category out of thousands of film festivals. It’s called Couples Therapy. It’s the first actor comedy web series affiliated with the blockchain.

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One of the films I saw the next day was on trafficking. India, who is the leading scientist at the Kinsey Institute, was on my podcast, She’s All Over the Place, speaking about sex workers, OnlyFans, human trafficking. In Hollywood, I’ve been to two red carpets two days in a row. Both of the films I saw was on sex trafficking. The world is waking up. Hollywood, they’re talking about sex trafficking. We’re communicating. It’s a major thing.

There’s a lot of work to do, but it’s going to move at the speed of light and go a lot faster because we’re shining lights on these subjects and we’re having the courage to be on red carpets, to be here now to speak up about the injustices about dismantling the sickness in the dysfunctions in the world. When we get to the root level and we go from the bottom up, then we’re going to have some powerful transformations for humanity and for the world. I’m excited about all the things we’re touching on right now.

One thing that I want to make sure that if you’re reading this episode, you know sex trafficking exists. I didn’t know we were going to talk about this at all, but it happens to be something that my girlfriend and I contribute to regularly. I love Operation Underground Railroad, which helps with that with people who have to get them out of sex trafficking and being trafficked in general, which is any kind of slavery. That exists in every single country. In the United States, it’s in every single state. It is basically everywhere. I live in Miami, which is in Florida. Places like Disney World are some of the worst spots. No offense to Disney, but it’s where the kids gather.

I’ve read firsthand accounts of people who have been trafficked. It’s awful because sometimes its parents participating in trafficking their own children, but often, it’s the separation of parents and kids. The kids get picked up and basically taken away. A lot of the kidnappings, the victims have ended up being trafficked. It is important that you hear and realize if you don’t that it is literally everywhere. It’s under our nose, it’s everywhere. Katie, the fact that that Hollywood is finally paying attention and waking up to that concept is important. From what I see in Web3 and in crypto, there are often causes behind projects. We see that a lot in crypto.

I have seen several projects where trafficking is a recipient of the profits that are coming in from that coin or in that token or from that particular project that’s been developed. That’s going to help. That’s where crypto makes a difference because it’s like the carbon offsetting of your money, “We’re making all this money, but we’re giving it back. We’re giving it to good causes.” It’s being donated quickly into those spaces. I hope we see a lot of change in that regard.

I’m glad we’re talking about this. Two quick things, one, it’s 51555, you text that and you say, “Wake up.” They have an automation. I learned that when I was there. The third day, there’s this legendary OC Fashion Week that I’ve heard about. As a kid, I went to New York Fashion Week growing up, red carpets, all that jazz, sitting front row. I’ve been to Paris Fashion Week. I love fashion obviously. I was there.

OC Fashion Week, which is Orange County.

The president met me. I told her the vision that I had about the metaverses and how I curate over 200 international artists, showing their NFTs on the screen, the people that could come and speak and move the needle and educate people and things of that nature. Anyway, I told them the vision and they said, “Come.” I pioneered the first NFT OC Fashion Week. I invited about seven different people from different areas of the ecosystem, fashion, sustainability, carbon footprint, inclusivity, taking your own IP with an another NFT like I did with the one I’m wearing, my Tokyo Punk, and then how you could do it with your own PFP project through storytelling and innovation.

With all that being said, I’m proud and happy. It was amazing. I’m going to make a video about it and stuff. One of the questions at the end, an Asian woman raised her hand and she said, “How does that associate and affiliate with the blockchain?” Three days in a row. She came and told me afterwards that she is a victim of sex trafficking.

What happens is people like her and like you and me and the people who are interested in this topic, and you can apply this principle to any topic, if it’s not me, I can introduce you to brush strokes of people who are involved in that, like people who are doing things for people in the Bronx. I’m from Detroit. I want to do things for the inner-city kids in Detroit. When the whole thing happened with abortions, Eminem posted something. He’s like, “This is where you can donate money for girls in Michigan for abortions.” That’s major.

There are many things we can do to come together. In a world where we’re not heard, in a world where we want to seek and help and yearn to do things and it’s not happening, it’s happening on Twitter spaces and in the blockchain community. The people are taking the power and their voices are getting heard. Any idea you have, it’s the Wild, Wild West right now. It’s not too much. It’s not too big. It’s totally needed. The voice is needed because it starts from the ground, the root, the bottom up. We want to hear from you.

I am a vessel at serving on this planet to support and say, “You’re into yoga, podcasting, whatever it is.” I’m the nucleus that connects people to their communities. I take communities and I cross-pollinate them. That’s one of my gifts. It’s my honor. It’s why I serve. It’s one of the reasons why I get to wake up every day and be here with you now because I’m passionate about connecting and dismantling and bringing justice.

When I did the podcast with India and put it in the show notes, it’s amazing. She’s the Lead Scientist at the Kinsey Institute. She talks about OnlyFans and sex workers. The sex workers, they’re God’s angels. The thing is, they’re out there in the trenches on the ground doing the work. They see what’s going on. Some of them speak up, but a lot of them don’t. They’re scared. They’re in fear that they’re going to go to jail, they’re going to get caught, they’re not going to be able to feed their themselves, their family, their children. They turn a blind eye. They don’t say anything because they don’t want to be arrested, or other things that could be happening.

India was telling me how when the pandemic happened, it helped a lot of people too because they could do OnlyFans in such a way, but if anything went wrong, they could just close the laptop. Their lives weren’t at stake. They didn’t have to be touched or physically abused in such a way. We could go into things. This topic and any topic that someone attunes to who’s reading, whether it be this traumatic and dynamic, or even something lighter, a different community, even if it’s comedy, it’s happening on the blockchain, it’s happening with NFT technology. I’m excited to be a part of it and to honor and share the world with everyone.

I can feel your passion about it. That’s important. I want to share with you, because I’m a spiritual person first and foremost, when you get that hit three days in a row, it’s telling you something. It’s drawing you there for a purpose and for a reason. You’ve already got such a voice and platform that you are going to be capable of creating change by utilizing your platform and your voice more in that direction. I don’t know where that’s going to lead you, but I can definitely feel like that’s part of your future is helping to dismantle those structures. Those structures to me are patriarchal structures because they’re structures of power. It’s a nurturing environment.

It’s funny, I was being interviewed right before this. We were having a similar conversation about the structures of power. Women will be implicitly involved in an environment like this, but it is based on fear, not based on a desire to take power from other people. Whereas with men, it is more inherent. I know this is not a realistic thing, but if the world were populated only by women, I don’t think we’d have those kinds of power struggles that involve sex trafficking. Obviously, that’s not going to happen, but it’s because the nature of the feminine energy versus masculine energy is creative, not destructive. The whole way that women show up is creative and not destructive.

There’s so much power there. The more women’s voices can be heard, I tend to quote this on almost every episode, Dalai Lama said, “The world will be saved by the Western woman.” He did not mean Western women. He meant actual you, actual me, actual you if you’re reading this episode. This is your call. If you’re being called to have your voice heard, look at what Katie has done. Katie did not say, “I am satisfied to be a famous actress who has done all this work with all these cool people.” She said, “How much bigger can I be? How much more can I explore?” That’s leading to all the other things that you’ve been doing. By the way, we haven’t even talked about your film career, but maybe you want to share a little bit about that as well.

Before I do, I want to say you touched my heart. Thank you. I would like to highlight something that you said. I did an album called Dreamland 1111. I released it on the blockchain. I became one of the first females to sell music NFTs, which is great. Blake Jamieson became the collector. I released it on Web2 and Web3. It’s all about divine femininity, exploring divine femininity in all genders and claiming and reclaiming one’s power.

When you were speaking about the divine feminine and the masculine, moving the needle a little bit for me personally, it’s the yin and the yang of the divine feminine and the masculine. It’s not like one is wrong and one is not, but it’s about taking the yin and the yang and dismantling the false powers and the injustices and bringing that healthy aspect to it all. That’s important. I wanted to share that part.

I love my yang. I love my power. I love that stability and how men show up in the way. I want it to be authentic. I want it to be not false power. I don’t want it to be abrasive power. I had that too. I was bullied and I bullied, but I didn’t know what I was doing, but I did it. I would show up and I would be in such a way. If people weren’t giving me what I wanted, I would be right in such a way, be right myself and other people because people are like, “Here you go.” They want to give you what they want so you’re out of their energy. You never hear from them again. You think you’re getting one over on person by taking the cake, but you’re blind siding and short siding yourself of the authentic experience that you’re supposed to have.

Now, I’m leaning into things. Instead of forcing things, I’m allowing things to flow more because when I’m forcing things, it’s not the makeup of how it’s supposed to be. When I surrender to it and allow nature to take its course literally, and nature does, it’s more beautiful. Will Smith did this six-part series on Netflix called The Rock. In the first two episodes, if you watch him, we’re not supposed to have this kumbaya, everything is sacred and grace. This universe was here before us. It’s going to be here long after us. There’s supposed to be chaotic nature. It’s the makeup of the beast.

YGA 32 | Age Of Blockchain

Age Of Blockchain: You’re not supposed to just kumbaya everything. This universe was here before you and it’s going to be here long after you. Chaotic nature will happen, it’s the makeup of the beast.


When you go see the ocean, the serenity, the breath, and the waves, it’s so beautiful. Also, those waves are crashing. You can’t be there during certain hours. It’s not taking that outside of us. It’s all within, but it’s how we respond to it and how we attune to it and how we lean into it and how we dance with it. It’s not getting rid of certain things. We have to eradicate certain things. Taking those false powers off and that energy that’s abrasive, that’s unhealthy, that’s painful, that hurt our spirits, that hurt us. It’s attuning to those kinds of things.

You said about the yin and yang. I want to add something. Everything you said is gorgeous. One thing that I never realized until recently, when you have the yin and yang symbols, they are usually different colors. One’s black and one’s white. Often, it’s two different colors than that. In the black curved tear drop, there’s a dot of white. In the white curved tear drop, there’s a dot of black. It is the balance and also the shared energy. Everyone has the masculine and the feminine inside of them. Everyone has that blend and that drop even in the other sides. That’s beautiful.

To me, that made the yin and yang symbol itself even more perfect. It also speaks to who we are inside of ourselves. It’s creating that balance inside ourselves. The work that we are all doing in the world, we’re being called to bigger work. The more we can balance those energies, the more we can hold the container for us to do that big work in the world and allow it to come in without overwhelming us or harming us in any way.

I loved what you said. What came up for me before and it’s coming up again is I want to clearly communicate. There’s mindfulness, healthy communication, toxic communication, quantum detoxification, and psychological detoxification. Just because you don’t talk to someone doesn’t mean they’re not playing scripts and living in your head all the time. It’s like all these scripts going on. There’s mindfulness of being on a human garbage disposal, what food we eat, the level of nutrients of the food we’re eating, our environments, the products that we use.

There are landmines where our trash goes. It goes somewhere. There are these mountains and they burn it, and then plastic. When moving and shape shifting into blockchain technology, and we’re putting things on the blockchain, do not just put everything on the blockchain like a human garbage disposal. Be aware of the legacy that we’re leaving with intention of keeping a clean carbon footprint on the blockchain. Don’t mint everything and have everything there like a deteriorated closet. You don’t want everything in your closet. Be mindful of what we put on the blockchain, what we’re sharing on the blockchain. Be specific about that. It’s important.

YGA 32 | Age Of Blockchain

Age Of Blockchain: Do not just put everything on the blockchain like a human garbage disposal. Be very aware of the legacy that you’re leaving with the intention of keeping a clean carbon footprint on the blockchain.


I always ask at the end of every episode, what is one more thing that you want our readers to know?

Thank you. I appreciate you. The one more thing I would like to say that I normally say at the beginning that I didn’t say is I appreciate you being here. I went to a WORLDZ event in 2018. Gary Vaynerchuk was a keynote. He said, “In 2018, when one person and another person has an idea, it’s worth $4 million,” and now we’re in 2022. Imagine what it could be now. The number one form of currency more than money is our attention. In this moment right now, we choose to be here. I honor you for being here and showing up for yourself and the person tuning in, us being here right now. It’s the ripple effect. We can only focus on one thing at a time.

I honor you being here right now. Being here is important. Remember what we are focusing on. We’re hacking and checking with ourselves multiple times a day, “I’m done thinking about that.” We look in 30 minutes later, “I’m still thinking about that.” To take the energetic attention that we don’t see and feel, and that’s unconscious and it’s running our lives and we’re doing things, remember to check in with ourselves and see what we’re focusing on. If we don’t like it and it’s not making us feel good to shape shift, pivot that attention and that energy of where we’re growing to, what we’re running towards.

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Make sure to check in with ourselves to see if it’s what we want or not. If it’s not, it’s not going to be all the solutions or it could be, but one step at a time, one thought at a time, start messy and start getting away from what we don’t want, and start putting one step at a time of more of what we do want. That’s what I leave you with. I have almost 100 episodes on She’s All Over the Place. Check out all the episodes. It’s streaming everywhere. Connect with me more. I would love that. If you need help with strategy, I’m here for you.

Thank you so much, Katie. I’m happy to have had you on the show. I loved where this conversation went, which was, “She’s all over the place.” It went all over the place in such a good way. If you liked this episode, please comment, like, and review it. More than anything, share it with the women in your life, your mothers, your daughters, your sisters, your girlfriends, your friends, and everybody that you know so that we can all get on board with the fact that the future of finance is female. I’ll see you again soon.


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About Katie Chonacas

“Katie Chonacas aka Saint Kyriaki is a globally outstanding Greek-American actor with over two decades of experience in the Hollywood entertainment industry. She began her career as a classically trained actor, model, poet, painter, and philanthropist at an early age.

As an actor, Chonacas made her first appearance on a network TV show. She has been on shows like CSI: NY, Cold Case, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Law & Order SVU. She has also appeared in films with Al Pacino, Milla Jovovich, and Nicolas Cage, to name a few. Chonacas is a leading top talent as a Voice Over artist who loves animations, playing in video games, etc… and her branded vo name is “Cartoon Katie”

Chonacas is a Renaissance person, Quantum thinker, a multi-disciplinary artist & blockchain trailblazer who is thriving to empower women. The Hey Layer platform released her NFT collections, 11 Pillars of Katie Chonacas, A Lover’s Fairytale Poetry Pieces, and a Women Empowerment collaboration curated by Saint Kyriaki. On 11.11 , she released her EDM musical  “Dreamland 1111” Album on Opensea and sold two of the NFTs at Art Basel Miami 2021 to  Blake Jamieson, a fellow artist, collector, and curator. Kyriaki’s genesis NFT made her the very first person to have minted a “love poem” on the blockchain.

In addition, Katie is a host of a popular podcast titled “She’s All Over the Place” and an entertainment industry coach that empowers others to improve their lives and reach their full potential. She is an artist who uses her profession and the arts to spread hope and love.